Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Who is he?

Since I just got over a bad relationship, these visions, dreams and real situations keep haunting me. Firstly I dreamt about someone who I never met before asking me to meet his mom(strictly speaking, nak ajak kawen ). I still remember his chinese look face and straight hair. The weird thing is, he was wearing my faculty lab jacket with a black shirt underneath it. I figure he was a senior because he wore an old version of it which I don't have it by the way. The thing is, I never met him. Not even bumped into him. At some point, is he the one that my sister was talking about. Ok talk about my sister, not to be superstitious but she has the mind reading/character reading ability. Maybe it runs in the family coz my mom has that too. It's kinda like a powerful instinct, I know I don't have them. Mom knows the best partner for her friends and sis knows what kind of guy matches her friends. The thing is, they say its hard to read ur close family. I mean come on la, my sis well predicted that my cousin will find her husband when she reaches 25, and yes my cousin met her future husband when she was 25 and now she's 28 and happily married and expecting for their first child. Damn..but how come she can't predict me?

I kinda have this fetish thing over dark tall guys rather than the jambu look ones, and seriously I don't like buncit guys..minta maaf hehe.. but my sister kinda have that slight prediction that I will meet my future husband this year. She told me that my future husband is not dark and chinese look and I haven't met him yet. She told me bout this last year. I'm so freaking out this year..lebih2 lagi when I convinced myself that mr SH was the guy for me..eventhough I know the fact that I knew Mr SH for two years before we decide to have that 'serious' relationship and ended up in disastrous.

Last week my roommate back in matriculation called me. We had a 1hour and 40 minutes full conversation..wehuu I missed that..then we start talking bout my first love mr K..I heard that he's already engaged...a few days after I suddenly bumped into mr K at the train station..seriously?yeah until now I still can't believed that it actually happen. The last time I saw him was about 2 years ago. Masa jumpa tu tak nak nervous pulak kan..haih..

So, it that mr dreamguy is really my husband? For the record, point 1: dia muncul after several istikharah prayers I performed, point 2: He's not dark, height maybe lower than 180 and not that skinny/lean..maybe a little berisi la...senang cite langsung bukan taste saya..point 3: I bumped in to my first love, what coincidence or perkaitan that has do to with that? point 4: my sis said that I never met him..and yes the guy in my dreams is someone I never met..hmm..weird..if I could draw a picture of him I would.. tapi saya memang xpandai melukis.

I guess thats it...I'm nearly 23 and most of my post focuses on marriage..da gatal sangat ke?Honestly, thinking about marriage makes me  a little scared. I remembered that Tasya once said that marriage is not something that we can take it easy, we have to be fully prepare, devoted, I mean we're talking about spending the rest of your life with him right
I hope this doesn't happen :p


hakimhardcore said...

kak hang ada six sense kn
boleh suh dia tilik2 sket x dkt aku..

adlin said...

haha..dia kne tgk dlu ko bru dia leh tlik2 ni haha