Sunday, August 28, 2011

Missing Ramadan with the family

OMG!!! I can't believe it's nearly the end of ramadhan. I'm missing every moment of it. Having the opportunity to spend the whole fasting month with my family is truly something worthwhile. I mean its been years since I last fast with the family. What I recalled last time was when I was in secondary school before I pursue to boarding school, matriculation and college life. but I'm pretty sure some of you guys experienced longer than me (boarding school since form 1). So u guys must be really grateful right..I know I do. ok I made a list bout the best things of ramadhan at home compared to ramadhan during semester period:

1)  SAVE MONEY: yeah sure you do!!u know why?all u have to do is cook your favorite dish. No need to go to bazaar, just go to 'pasar'. I've alreaday made calculations and yet cooking is way money saving than buying at bazaar. This doesn't really mean that I don't go to bazar, I do but rarely go because I know there would definitely be leftovers hence will be dumped to trash by the next morning.

2) TARAWIH AT MOSQUE/MUSOLLA: Since you're on semester break, don't by any chances find a reason for not going to perform tarawih prayers at nearby mosque/musolla. No need to worry bout incomplete assignments or tests that usually are conducted at night or what so ever student things. It's definitely an opportunity to grab. I'm grateful that my house and the musolla is just a less 5 min walking distance. Usually around 8:20-8:25 me along with sis and bro will be walking our way there (mom arrives a little early than us cause she prefers driving) but I like taking a little walk and fresh air and maybe might burn some fat :D

3) IFTAR WITH OLD FRIENDS: this is something I like. Ramadhan totally brings out the togetherness. Alumni of smk bandar putra held an iftar at kulai. They invited me but sadly I can't go. Yeah me the nomad one, rarely go JB, not to mention lack of expenses right now. But I'm so happy that I got to attend iftar with my matriculation peeps.

well, I guess thats it..I'll be going back to mom's hometown at rembau,negeri sembilan.Will be staying there from 21 till 26 august then we'll be staying at bangi till 4th september..

iftar with kmph  facilitators. this was taken at tanjung lumpur,kuantan

All ready up heading to musolla  for its annual iftar event with the bukit istana residents 

with ateh,my gossip buddy and ex-neighbour.Had steak for iftar with her Love sharing problems with her as we have that something in common
mom's special caserol. Special request from me :)

can't take my eyes of those large prawns. this was taken at bukit istana's musolla

home made moreh. This is called scones. served with whipped creme and strawberry jam..yummy!!!
happy eid mubarak!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

comparison between medical,science,management and engineering students

when Newton asked: How to write 4 in between 5?

1) Medicine students said: Joke!!

2) Science students said: Impossible

3) Management students said: Not found on internet

4) Engineering students said: F (IV) E


Saturday, August 20, 2011

well said kak maria!!

ok this post slightly refers to my previous post, bout how to attract viewers by posting ur pretty gorgeous pictures by the hope gaining compliments such as "oh dear I love ur dress" and bla bla bla..for hijabers out there, whats your purpose on wearing hijab?to create video hijab tutorials by how lovely u wrap ur scarf?after the attention u get modelling jobs and then continue to inspire people about fashion...honestly don't kill people with fashion. People are racing just to be as fashionable as u are. there goes their savings for college or other important stuff. ok i did it again..the babbling stuff...all of u probably know maria elena the famous female hijab blogger. I first got a little 'menyampah' about how she is so into fashion stuff. but not until i got to know the scarflets, their dress up is way more daring than her. the scarflets, is a hijabers group and most of them blog about the way they style up. from my observation most of them bought their clothes from forever 21, cotton on, zara, the poplook, and it ain't that cheap I tell ya. I know its your money but like I said " don't kill people"...its ok to shop in modest. the scarflets also got the media's attention, so they were invited for special events,premier tickets to watch transformers sponsored by chevrolet, chelsea vs harimau malaya games sponsered by Naza and much more. I know it is an advantage for the media to promote by sponsoring them,coz they will write about it.(nampak permainan disitu)
I took this picture from one of the scarflets. u see how beautiful-rainbow they are

just to be honest, I dont hate u scarflets, it's ur blog u can do anything with it. Its just not fair to other bloggers out there who doesn't post about fashion but still inspires people a lot..dont push it too hard to be beautiful because whats important is inner beauty

oh ya, click here to read maria elena's latest post

Friday, August 19, 2011

how to get your blog more viewers and followers?

hi!!!!i know its 2011 already and I've been leaving this blog dusty and spider webs all over the place. ok so I have been busy with college and stuff. furthermore, too LAZY to update my blog. I mean whose gonna read this crappy blog anyway? so after blog hopping and surfing, I've found a solution!!!u wanna get more viewers?u wanna have more followers?u wanna connect more to readers apart from just being silent readers?well I have something for ya!! but firstly u gonna read this post till the end if not seriously you are gonna hate me as much as people already feel just by clicking my link. ok stop with the babbling, here are the tips:

1) THE LOOKS= firstly, u gotta have the looks man. Physically white,skinny, knows how to do the 'duck' post and of course, a cam whore!! If u're ugly th
en SCREW YOU!!no one is gonna read your blog

2)SOF= Sense Of Fashion. when u have the looks of course u wanna preserve them and cherish the beauty that God has given. so u always wanna look beautiful when u post pictures in ur blog. put up a fancy dress,nice heels and BAM!!waiting for people to say " gosh u look gorgeous in this" and that

3)MONEY!!= speaking of fashion, u gotta have money to
be fashionable. ZARA,TOPSHOP,CHANEL,LADY DIOR,PRADA I mean its not something u can earn with rm10. cuisine,usually 10% bloggers i found post about eating at stalls and cheap restaurants. the rest is all from high class dines that I can afford to go like once every two months.

4)BRAINS= last but not least. If u're studying overseas or taking critical courses, generally people will be attracted to read ur blog. if u pass ur exams with flying colors than that's an extra credit for u. if u're dumb or always flunk in exams than BOO YOU!!but face it why would bloggers wanna say that their dumb,lazypants and spoilbrat who just likes to spend their parents money?

to sum that up:

ugly but smart= less viewers
ugly but high sense of fashion= its a "so so" for viewers
ugly, smart and rich= good!!
good looking,rich,high sense of fashion and

I'm pretty sure people envied her,gorgeous,loads of money(she's a Hilton duh!!) kinda beau-tante type coz she's just popular being the heir of hilton hotels

so do you have what it takes to attract viewers? I'll ask myself this question and the answer: NO!!

I mean what I'm thinking?I don't have the looks, I came from an average family, I like to buy bundle/rejected/preloved clothes and I never get dean list throughout my past semester. it's proven by how poor my english proficiency are. can I just say bye2 to blogging since i have less viewers and followers?

Enough with the drama. seriously what I wrote is just a bunch of crap. I mean do we really need to satisfy those needs just to get more viewers?just be confident of yourself and write for passion.take criticism in a positive way,live your life to the fullest, and always remember to satisfy HIM first before satisfying people. I've seen inspiring people out there blogging not to get viewers attention,but mostly they just love to write. who knows, in 10 years they'll be laughing reading what they wrote. I know I wanna do that :D

I have a list of bloggers that I wanna share with but the thing is I have to many bookmarks and now I'm confused. Maybe I'll post them later..if I remember hehe...

oh ya, we're down to 10 days before ramadhan ends, so to Muslims out there, lets embrace it cherish this month

Sempena 10 malam Ramadhan terakhir yang bakal menjelang,marilah kita tingkatkan ketaqwaan kepada Allah swt,Insya Allah. Janganlah menyibukkan diri kita dengan persiapan Aidilfitri yang melampaui batas sedangkan Ramadhan kita masih belum pasti kemenangannya. Sama2 kita renungkan prioriti kita sebagai HAMBA Allah swt,bukan hamba dunia. -sham kamikaze-