Sunday, April 22, 2012

Thanx Tasya and Abby for coming

I should have made this post a month ago..coz these picture was taken around 23-25 march if I'm not mistaken.

So briefly here's the thing:

Day 1:  Tasya and Abby arrived Malacca around 5pm..then at night we drove to town for dinner..tak tahu nak makan ape so McD is the last choice we had. After that we went sight seeing around the lightly nights of malacca

oh forgot to mention..the pictures for day 1 was taken by  our phones so quality rendah sikit

Day 2:  Had a little breakfast that I made..carbonara je...then I brought them for horse riding since yesterday tasya mentioned that she never hops on a horse...after a very hot day we went for coconut shake at batu far as I know coconut shake situ memang sodap..bila malam menjelma we had dinner at tash-ma-tash, an arabic restaurant pastu sambung jalan2 lagi..

ini nama dia chestnut..habit dia suka gigit besi..I ain't lying

with tito..bukan kuda padi..species  miniature

bisnes tepi jalan tapi untung ribu-riban..sentiasa penuh

at tash-ma-tash

manaqeesh..kinda like roti nan with toppings

chicken chop

around eye on melaka

homeless :p

Day 3: We pretty much hang out at my room while doing our assignment yang tertunggak..pas zohor baru terfikir nak g we went to Aeon mall...sorry no pictures  ^_^

So far we had a great time...UkM students memang sporting..or maybe botanist la yg se'geng' ngan saya hehe..

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