Sunday, May 20, 2012

13 going on 30

have you ever watch that movie? What makes me wanna watch again this movie at first I just wanna see Mark Ruffolo's acting when he was a bit younger..he's not that old la sekarang. I watched him at 'The Avengers' and his character still remains the same..sempoi2 camtu. But after watching the movie, suddenly it struck me..if you haven't watched it yet please check out the trailer at youtube at least you would know something. You dream of having something during your youth days but in the end when you have it all you realized that you lost something that is just right in front of you.

Let me take an example, Jenna Rink (played by Jennifer Garner) always wanted to be the famous six chick, be a magazine editor and having the glamorous life. In the end she realized that she lost her best friend, seldomly contact her parents, made out with a guy whose married, and have friends that aren't really her real friends. Yet she was lucky enough to repeat her life after going back again being 13 again. But that doesn't happen in reality guys. Life happens only once. We decided how to go through it.

The same goes for me. I didn't think much or I was scared at that time when someone really dear to me ask me to marry him. What I see before is that marriage comes after graduation, after you get a secured and decent job but marriage while still studying?I didn't think much of that. I wasn't really fully mentally prepared. But when the time comes when I'm fully prepare to hold a responsibility as a wife, that person is going to marry someone else. Pretty frustrating right. tapi bukan jodoh nak buat camne. If I got the chance like Jenna does, I'm sure I won't let him go for reasons utterly unacceptable.

Life is fair, Allah gave us only one chance to live, you can't get back in time, but you can take your mistakes as a lesson for your future actions

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