Monday, March 26, 2012


"Belajarlah menghargai orang yang menyayangi kita sementara dia masih ada...sekiranya perasaan itu sudah hilang dalam dirinya atau Allah menarik dirinya balik dalam hidupmu, Bersyukurlah kerana kamu insan terpilih untuk merasai kemanisan kebahagiaan itu walaupun sekejap dan kehadirannya bisa mengubah kita menjadi orang yang baru, yang lebih kuat dan tabah, Cinta tidak semestinya memiliki"

cinta tak kejam, cuma manusia tak tahu menghargainya

mood minggu ini: berjiwangan~

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Surat Cinta Versi Lelaki

If you had read my previous post about 'A Letter To My Husband'..that was something I wrote to my future husband and all the words are originally from me..terasa nak bermadah kan masa tu..

Then one of my classmates posted a link at facebook about 'Surat Cinta untuk My future Wife(s)" part yg tambah 's' tu memang xleh bla...just nak share jela blog dia yg punya banyak followers itu..his writings pon sempoi je..macam member saya itu zakba mohamad basuki itu

This article is 100% written by me. Tak ada edit-edit atau inspired dari blog lain.

Kehadapan my future wife(s)

I menulis article ini bukan lah kerana di cabar oleh seorang member yang ingin melihat keromantikan I. Tapi.. err.. I ...menulis ini adalah kerana kehendak I. So, sila baca entri ni perlahan-lahan. Tak perlu laju-laju.

So, wahai my future wife(s)

I don't know who the hell are you and I have no idea where you are right now. But one day, bila kita dah berjumpa, I harap you mampu terima I seadanya seperti mana I akan terima you dan diri you sebenarnya. Lagi pun, I tahu yang you ni memang comel. Dan baik. Dan rajin. Dan alim. Dan cun.

I berharap bila I check facebook you nanti, you tidak letak banyak gambar you yang daring-daring kat facebook. Sebab, setahu I, kalau perempuan tu comel, mesti nak tunjukkan ke seluruh dunia. Macam lah dia sorang je yang comel. I comel tak ada pun letak gambar kat facebook tunjuk ke seluruh dunia. Boleh je hidup. Ehem.

Serta, gambar di facebook tu, jangan lah nak dedah sana dedah sini. Malu I. You pun tau kan, perempuan ni ibarat cokelat Ferrero Rocher. Bila berbalut dengan pembalut, even cokelat tu jatuh kelantai pun orang still nak. Tapi kalau dah tak berbalut, bila jatuh ke lantai, semua buat dono. Ada tu, kalau boleh, ada yang nak pijak lagi. You pun tak nak kena pijak kan?

Lagi pun, you tahu, tak ada lelaki di dunia ni yang nak kahwin dengan perempuan yang seksi meksi.

My future wife(s),

I tak tahu pasal masa depan I. I tak tahu berapa banyak duit yang I akan ada. So, dengan kata lain, I mungkin tak akan mampu kasi rumah 10 tingkat kat you. I juga mungkin tak mampu kasi you 10 emas intan berlian. Harap you tak kisah dengan diri I yang tak beharta ni. Tapi kalau setakat kasi you 20 hingga 30 anak tu, I okay je. Dalam tiga tahun, kita mungkin akan ada 2 anak. Tapi tu tak termasuk yang kembar tau.

Bila kita ada rumah nanti, I tak kisah kalau you nak bekerja. Tapi lagi bagus kalau you duduk je rumah jaga I. I bukan mintak di layan bagai raja. Tapi kalau I balik dari kerja tu, apa salahnya tanggalkan stokin I, urut bahu I, sediakan minum-minum I. Tapi kalau you tak nak buat, tak apa. I boleh tambah lagi 1 (cukup 2). Lagi pun, bila I tambah lagi 1, kurang la sikit beban you. See? I memang prihatin.

Hmm. You tau, I tak mengharapkan yang you adalah gadis lemah lembut dan ikut semua kata I. Kalau you boyish sikit pun apa salahnya. Aggressive itu menarik. Kalau boleh, lebihkan kat bahagian mengada-ngada dan keras kepala you tu. I suka. Senang la I nak ajak bergaduh kalau macam tu. Sebab kalau di ikutkan, I tak suka perempuan yang lemah lembut sangat. Nanti tak meriah rumah tangga. So kalau skali skala bergaduh, best juga kan? Lagi pun, kita gaduh siang-siang je, bila dah nampak katil di malam Jumaat, kita berbaik lah. Tambahan pula, bagi kita, setiap malam kan malam Jumaat.

My future wife (s), 

You, I harap you reti memasak. You mesti reti memasak. Apa? Tak salah kalau perempuan tak reti masak? Ya. Memang tak salah. I tak kata pun salah. Tapi jangan salahkan I kalau I tambah lagi 1 isteri (cukup 3) sebab yang satu dan dua tak reti masak nak buat macam mana kan? Okay tak-tak. I tak nak bini 2,3,4. Banyak sangat. bukan tak mampu. Tapi... Ehem.

Actually, I bukan mintak you masak macam makan kat hotel. Asalkan you reti masak yang simple-simple sudah lah. You tau, air tangan masakan isteri lah yang buat si suami setia. Lagi pun, tak akan setiap hari kita nak makan kat restoran kan? Kalau setiap hari makan kat restoran, baik I kahwin je dengan mak cik tukang masak tu. Ye tak? You pun tak nak kan I tambah lagi satu (cukup 4) kan?

I harap you reti jaga diri sebelum jumpa I. Kalau boleh, jangan couple banyak-banyak. Tak pernah couple lagi bagus. Tapi kalau dah couple tu, jangan buat yang bukan-bukan dengan boyfriend you. Bila dating tu, jangan nak mengada-ngada keluar berdua. Boyfriend you tu bukan boleh percaya sangat. Kebanyakkanya adalah buaya. Sebab kalau dah lelaki, mesti bermulut manis. Boys, their mouth is bullshit. So, don't trust them.
Akhir kata dari I, bila kita kahwin nanti, you masak, I makan. I imam, you makmum. I baca doa, you aminkan. You merajuk, I pujuk. Perfect, kan? So cepat lah cari I. I takut lah nak cari 'you'. Takut tersalah pilih perempuan lain. You pun mesti tak nak jadi isteri ke dua I kan? 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

What a Girl Wants

Recently I watch the movie which I have watch for like a million times and everytime I watch the movie there will be one part that I would start to burst into tears..but I didn't cry eventually, its just the feeling that you wanted to cry. The movie isn't the hindustan type, amanda bynes movies are mostly on romantic comedy and others that must have a drop of laughter in it. Briefly it's a story about a girl who lived with her mother and she never met her biological father. Ever since her 5th birthday she always hope that one day her father will come and celebrate her birthday together. Even so her father didn't know that she even existed. Then one day she decided to fly to England to visit her father, knowing that he got engaged and having a stepdaughter didn't broke her spirit to work things out with her father.....sampai situ saja sinopsis saya...
starring amanda bynes and collin farinth

I mean, every daughter wants to have that special relationship with their father right..the father daughter moment. I remember that my dad taught me to ride a bike without the help of the two mini tyres, how he took care if us during his study years when mom had to go to work, insult me when I'm doing stupid things and always ask me to tag along whenever he goes for a jog, or plays squash, badminton and stuffs.

 I define dad as an adventurous person as he likes to try new things and thats where I got it from..saya pon kira kaki jalan hehe..

I love my dad even though at some point I felt a little dissapointed with him but that doesn't change our relationship. I'll always be your little girl. Even though at the moment we have less time to spend together but whenever I feel down or emotionally not well, I'll reminisce the good old days I had with you...I love you ayah :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Indeed a Good Friend..Subhanallah

I found a really interesting post by brother aiman azlan..I copied the whole post here..

This happened some time ago. Maybe a few months back.

One day in my apartment building, I was in the elevator with my friend and we had a casual chit chat. He asked me how I was doing and I said I was a bit sick. I had a mild headache and fever. Nothing serious though, Alhamdulillah. I arrived on my floor, said salam to him, and went to my apartment.

I thought that was it.

But not too long after that, he came to my apartment and gave me two boxes of Advil and Tylenol for my ailment (I only needed one to be honest). I was surprised and said thank you to him. He left. Maybe he took the pills from one of my friends from another apartment.

Advil and Tylenol

I thought that was it.

But soon after, I realized that the two boxes were brand new! I realized that he actually went to the pharmacy to buy me the pills. I couldn't believe it! He was quiet about it too. I had no idea. To this day he doesn't say anything about it (he doesn't even ask for a refund lol).


Now that is the kind of friend you want to keep close.

May Allah increase him. Ameen!

Nice right?  a one in a million  kind... orang yang baik insyaAllah akan dikelilingi orang2 yang baik juga

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Great Adventure With You :) sweet...

Just a little weird..kenapa saya sangat rajin post kt blog ni?

Oh well this is one of my ways to express my one is gonna read this all over again except me..oh how bout my future children..will they read this?or in 20 years time blogspot doesnt even exist..

Ok malam ni ak banyak mengarut..baru siapkan lab report..selamat malam :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cousins Awesomeness

This picture was taken at last year's open road at Taman this pic so much..semua muka hepy je :)

" Cousin are usually the first friends we have as children. No one will ever understand your crazy family like your cousins do. Even if you haven't talked much lately."

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Destinasi Bajet: Melaka ==> Terengganu

We planned this trip for quite some time..since last semester that we wanted to go to fi's place.. so we straightly hit the road after class at 12 noon and stopped at serdang and temerloh for prayer and breaks before we reached kuantan around 6pm.. before we arrived at my place we stopped by at teluk chempedak.. and after dinner I brought them at esplanade kuantan.. I didn't know the place was called esplanade..tau nama sungai kuantan je..tak pun benteng hehe...

we arrived there masa hujan baru nak berhenti. You could imagine how cold it was that time

seriuosly apiz pic ni leh wat profile pic :p

Then the next morning we head to terengganu..went through kerteh, dungun and finally at kuala terengganu. I love the environment of her house. Reminded me of my kampung at Rembau where my late grandma used to bela ayam and whenever she wants to feed them, she would shout " whoo kiki" hehe. and her house is half wood so we won't need any fans to sleep at night coz its already freezing sampai aku terbangun tgh malam nk g toilet and fi had to lend me her blanket so that I won't freeze.
on our way
oh cik pa..rindu nak kacau kamu hehe

So at terengganu firstly we went to pantai teluk ketapang where it serves the best deep fried seafood such as prawn, squid, keropok lekor, and ikan pari that is cut like fish fillet, kat tempat lain memang xde kot...the place is located near UMT, untungla dak2 sana dpt mkn best hehe. Then at night we went to masjid kristal where the place is glittered with lights. The next morning kami berempat gerak pulang but before that we went to pasar payang to buy souvenirs and kampung losong to buy keropok lekor.

serius sotong goreng tepung sini sgt sedap

ombak watching :)

cubaan lompat yang menjadi!!
kt ganu ada I-city?hohoho

the lights at masjid kristal changes colour every second

Our journey back to malacca  was quite different coz we took another route where we went through segamat and tangkak and stopped there saja singgah2 beli kain.. Afiz said tangkak is the best place to buy any kind of textiles. yup indeed there are many choices and super cheap. I remembered I bought  a 4m kain pasang at jalan masjid india that cost me rm 30 but I found the same exact piece that only cost rm15!!!oh ruginya after all the calculations for our budget trip, guess what, it only cost us rm70!!unbelievable?yup even I can't believe it. At first the four of us menghulur rm100 each for toll and petrol usage but even with that rm70 could cover our food cool is that? oh btw if ur wondering, we travel by wan's white viva, so memang jimat minyak la kan.
apiz reminiscing his good old days at matrik tangkak

Once again, my post is filled with loads of pictures..and finally, meet my 'Destinasi Bajet' team


So our next trip...Penang maybe?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hate Thursdays

Tuesdays and thursdays are my  tak-makan-nasi day as we have class from 9am to 4 pm..oh and btw its my first time borrowing a book from the library!! I've been here for 3 years and this is the first time meyh..I often study at the library but never really intend to borrow books.. but today at mechanical vibration class I saw my classmate oryan foo brought  a book he borrowed from the library as his referrence to our example problem.. thank u oryan for giving me the idea to do the same as u!!