Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I Bumped Into Them

 Today is my second last week before we hit  for study week for our upcoming 6th semester finals.. aiyoo sekejap je da nak abes tahun 3..then straightly for our industrial training.

Speaking of bumping, this week I just bumped into my final year friends at the faculty. We did smile and tegur each other without noticing that it may be our last smile or teguran we had. Eventhough I noticed that we are not that close and some of them just know me because I'm a friend of their friends and some of them just smile because they were just being nice..and some of them smile because they think I'm cute hahah..ok itu tipu. I'm not stating it to guys but generally its for my final year friends. Most of the final year students are the same age as me and just imagine in a few days they're gonna graduate and head to their own lives, get married, get a job and stuff, while me...got a long way to go~ sila la bertahan lagi setahun ye adlin.

To Banun, my house-mate that is so hardworking and I've seen your final year project suffering..just waiting for my turn to come..Topek my best friend, Awit, kak syida that we used to borak2 during our first year, kak hani yang saya rajin gosip2 dulu, reza the guy that I used to have a crush on him, topek's classmate that I think I know all them,(capik, tandok, togey, adam, bob, alan the guy that replaced my tutor position, fahmi the jepun guy, mustaqim the brother-like, shahir the bola baling captain), shafiq tennis that I think u should not be too cocky, asraf the jambu like guy and kinda like the prince of tennis one, kak ti, ain the bmcd'ians that I once played volleyball with them, muzakkir the guy that I enjoy reading his blog, the brothers from FKE and FKP that I once joined an entrepreneur course with them, and much more that I could not recall at the moment. Happy graduating ^_^


hakimhardcore said...
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hakimhardcore said...

macam ramai lagi ja xmasuk nama dalam nih.....(kabel kencang..kenal semua orang).hahahahaha

adlin said...

hahaha...tula ada ramai lagi..tak teringat lak (masih nak membuktikan yang aku byk kabel)hahaha