Sunday, May 20, 2012

A simple celebration that leaves a big impact to a person

19th May 2012 was our classmate's and  our study group member 24th birthday. We didn't make any big surprises for him, and I didn't even post anything at his facebook wall that obviously wanted to show that the three of us didn'y care for his birthday..that was the plan actually. So Fi suggested that we bought 6pieces of secret recipe's cake placed in a single plate like a half shape cake. Fi and Wan asked me to buy the cakes since I have 'much' experience in picking the best cakes (maklumlah bekas pekerja secret recipe) so what I did was I choose 3 pieces of different cream cake 3 pieces of different cheesecake...dare me to state all 6 of the cake names because you'll be surprise that I still remember them ahak3 (gelak gedik2 hihi)..

Kareen (pronounce as current, not karen the girl name..just saying hihi) was so happy that his face won't stop smiling and you could imagine how happy he was by his shaky hands when cutting the cake. He couldn't be grateful enough even though we thought that our little effort was quite simple and thought that he had better birthday celebrations than this year but surprisingly he said that this was the most 'happening' birthday he had. But he did mention the finest birthday memory he had during his kindergarten years where we receive candy and jelly fancy goodie bags...well all I could say is "glad to make u happy bro ^_^"

Oh yeah did I mention that we celebrate it at our faculty's cafeteria? yup2..its a 2 in 1 agenda..then the four of us continued our heat transfer stirling engine project report

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