Sunday, April 29, 2012

Those were the days when Blogging is the 'Thing'

Di malam..or should I say pagi yang indah ini something came up to did I start blogging? I created this blog since 2008 but I first start reading peoples blog before I thought of creating my own account. I became silent readers of people..specifically normal people and most of them are studying abroad. Why is that? well I'd like to see how Malaysian people survive at other countries, and still being a good muslim. I love their ukhwah, sisterhood stuff thing going on. Being abroad, far from your family and you only have your friends to rely on. Hence, your friends at college are your friends for life. They have such an interesting life. That's why I feel a little hesitant whenever I feel like I wanna open up my own account. It was like " what am I thinking? my life is nothing better then them"

Then I figure " what the heck" I literally opened up one. I wrote anything I like. I treated it like my personal journal. Bila bca balik post2 lama my writting seems so text message style. Too many short forms. Thats when I decided to write in english, but not fully english to be exact. Bila da lost of words then baru guna BM..

But then I start ignoring my blog since I don't have the courage to write..sebenarnya lebih pada malas..then year 2011 where I realised malaysian bloggers being famous. How?because they're pretty!!and they know how to style. But one thing that keeps spinning on my mind. Why most famous Malaysian bloggers came from a rich family?or may I say anak2 orang berada?Why can't anak petani or anak cikgu be famous for their writings? when I choose to be silent readers I didn't even choose based on their family status.

And then came the self -proclaim fashion bloggers. Kadang2 saya pon akan post bout fashion too :p. Don't get me wrong I really do like fashion. I'll buy clothes which I can only afford. I mean student kena la pandai budget2 sikit with your financial.

I was a little dissapointed when most of the blogs that I 'follow silently' are now abandoned or on hiatus. Seriously I missed their writings and I once send one of them a message at their personal facebook asking about their update. Berani sungguh kan..macam obses je..sampai si mamat ni pon pelik..sorry I bukan nak ngorat u ok.

Either way writing seems a good way to express thoughts. If blogging or this blogspot still exist in 20 years where I can still preserve this account, it may be a good stuff to read by my future children (Aminn...)
At this moment I'm still wondering whose the father of my guy came up in my dreams, someone I never met before..after several istikharah prayers I performed..lets just see how it goes. Tiba2 nak bagitau pulak kan~

Oh if you're wondering whose blogs that I used to follow, try click on these links:

1) Azreen Harus, France

2)Nadiah, Japan

3)Amin, France (blog deleted on 2008)

4)Izzu, London (blog deleted)

5)Izyan (blog deleted)

6)Naza, Japan

and much more that I can't remember for now

Ok time to hit the sack. Its a weird thing that I wrote 3 post in one night..the inspiration keeps coming and coming~

- Heat transfer test, Machine Component Design test,and Vibration project = total madness!!-

I adore you Hana Fedora

Recently I have been a silent reader of hana fedora's blog. What I like about her is that her determination in studies. She straightly pursue her masters at U.K after she finished her degree at Uniten. Then after she completes her masters she straightly pursues for her cool is that?oh did I mention that he married a decent man after 8 months of sesi kenal2 and now had their first baby boy?

Yes I am deeply jealous of a good way of course..I love her determination..I sometimes wish of having a life like her...jom2 baca blog dia

please note that hana fedora is her real name..bukan nama gedik2 ok :)

'Camping' at UKM

I just can't believed that I spent  4 days at UkM..apa?universiti kebangsaan malaysia ok in case u'all tak tahu la..but its kinda weird if u don't know ukm..kalau tak tahu utem masuk akal la jugak..anyways the first day I was there we went dinner with tasya's friend at some place kampung style restaurant. Afterwards she drove us to Mcd for some ice cream..and I was like "seriously?" I was so full I can't even stuff anything in my mouth..

Done with Mcd, then we went to jalan reko (kinda like uptown) just to walk around looking at stuffs then since sha (tasya's friend) brought her friend from Uthm she showed us (including me) around ukm..jalan2 dikala hujan lebat membasahi kereta..then sha's friend gave us a tip..when you're driving alone and it was raining heavily until your sight becomes so blurry then try to wear really works!! you know why?because bila hujan lebat, sunglasses tu mengkaburkan pandangan anda dari hujan lebat itu dan memfokuskan pada cahaya kereta it helps..try it

The next day, saya teringin nak jalan2 eventhough we know that public transportation is the only choice we had so be it. I called ameerah and asked her to join too. While we were waiting at the train station, I bumped into my ex-boyfriend..or well said as my first love..or the first person that I really intend to spend the rest of my life with him but jodoh tak kesampaian. Details later in my next the three of us spent a couple of hours at The Mines, Cheras. It wasn't that far from Ukm.. only takes two stations...oh then I bumped in again with my so-long ex-classmate eleiyana...da la da lama tak jumpa dia tau2 je da preggy. But u still look cute!!
le me..le ameerah and ze eleiyana..sudah lapan bulan kandungan dia..nampak cm baby boy kan2

On saturday we went touring around ukm's thing I like about ukm is that they are always active with events this and that..yela I know coz ni universiti yang da lama and besar..compared with utem yang every event berbayar memanjang je..So we head to panggung seni where they held some kind of beauty event stuff and some hijab tips..then suddenly the host was generous to give the audience free gifts for those who are wearing first I was a little hesitate to stand up since I wore was not red..kinda maroon like scarf but then the host spotted me and ask me to stand in front too..dapat lah bedak from follow me.
haiyoo da byk kali rotate pon kua kt sini senget gak..saja je nk ckp ak pakai maroon haha

My last day there all I did was terkurung kat bilik while tasya was already out watching 'the avenges' with her classmates..she invited me too but I was too tired to tag along since I slept like 4.30a.m studying heat transfer for my upcoming test next week...
U see how do I have put through this..sigh~

I safely arrived Malacca around 7.45pm..ate nasi lemak that kak na bought for me..sat on my meja jepun..didn't even lay on my comfy bed and ready to continue my 'burning the midnight oil' session...

Monday, April 23, 2012

A Date with Afiqah

Ini pon satu lagi post yang saya rasa patut da wat lama... not long after tasya and abby's arrival...on one fine weekend the both of us got really bored and fi texted me asking me to hang we went window shopping at jusco..

We're both really good at window shopping..look around..found something interesting..touch it..then on count of three..must immediately leave the item from your sight..kalau tak nti nak beli..student seharusnya berjimat ok..there are other things important to buy..

Long story short..jalan-jalan..minum kt A&W coz I couldn't stand the crowdedness at the food court so terpaksa melabur sikit wang nak beli root bear float..

opps..kantoi amek pic kt dalam fitting room


fi yang kepenatan berjalan

showing off my skirt adjustment from maxi skirt to maxi dress..credits to fi ^_^

Menyesal pakai heels..kaki sudah sakit

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Thanx Tasya and Abby for coming

I should have made this post a month ago..coz these picture was taken around 23-25 march if I'm not mistaken.

So briefly here's the thing:

Day 1:  Tasya and Abby arrived Malacca around 5pm..then at night we drove to town for dinner..tak tahu nak makan ape so McD is the last choice we had. After that we went sight seeing around the lightly nights of malacca

oh forgot to mention..the pictures for day 1 was taken by  our phones so quality rendah sikit

Day 2:  Had a little breakfast that I made..carbonara je...then I brought them for horse riding since yesterday tasya mentioned that she never hops on a horse...after a very hot day we went for coconut shake at batu far as I know coconut shake situ memang sodap..bila malam menjelma we had dinner at tash-ma-tash, an arabic restaurant pastu sambung jalan2 lagi..

ini nama dia chestnut..habit dia suka gigit besi..I ain't lying

with tito..bukan kuda padi..species  miniature

bisnes tepi jalan tapi untung ribu-riban..sentiasa penuh

at tash-ma-tash

manaqeesh..kinda like roti nan with toppings

chicken chop

around eye on melaka

homeless :p

Day 3: We pretty much hang out at my room while doing our assignment yang tertunggak..pas zohor baru terfikir nak g we went to Aeon mall...sorry no pictures  ^_^

So far we had a great time...UkM students memang sporting..or maybe botanist la yg se'geng' ngan saya hehe..

Sunday, April 15, 2012


bagi yang mencari kesempurnaan .... anda takkan ketemu kesempurnaan selagi anda di dunia ini, betulkan niat, carilah keredhaan... terimalah bakal pasangan atau pasangan anda seadanya... sesungguhnya lelaki dan wanita dicipta adalah untuk saling lengkap-melengkapi, perbezaan yang saling memerlukan antara satu sama lain dalam meniti bahtera hidup demi mencari keredahaan. Jika anda melihat perbezaan dan kekurangan itu sebagai kelemahan... anda takkan ketemui jalan penyelesaian... pandanglah perbezaan dan kekurangan itu sebagai peluang... peluang untuk memberi khidmat kepada si suami atau si isteri , suami isteri perlu bersama-sama, lengkap melengkapi dan tolong menolong demi mencapai dan mendapatkan redha Allah.

Friday, April 13, 2012

a reminder

usually you would hear makcik2 will do gossiping especially housewives..mostly they will talk about bad things about other people..tidak terkecuali saya pon kadang2 ada berkelakuan begitu..after I heard sister aishah posted on her blog words by Imam Shafie, it struck me..

" If you tell your brother his faults privately, then you have carried out your responsibility well, but if you tell him his faults in public, then you have stripped him naked in front of people"


10 Perhentian

Sounds interesting kan the title..ok maybe its interesting for me because I'm the victim of the scene. So it started when my mid semester break holidays begin. I planned to go to JB to meet my friends there and yes it is not a wedding purpose trip hehe..just wanna hang out. So I went to malacca central to pick up my ticket and luckily there's a bus I can simply hop on straightly. On my 2 and a half hour journey before I reached jb there was a 60++ Indonessian Chinese uncle sitting next to me. Uncle tu sangat la baik walaupun kami kadang2 ada masalah komunikasi. ye saya bukan pandai pon bahasa indon..and the uncle is from jakarta dimana indon mereka sangatlah pekat kan.. saya tengok sinetron pon kalau takde subtitle kat bawah mmg xpaham kot haha. Uncle Mulyadi (which is his real name) was heading to Singapore visiting his friends and two of his sons are still studying at Singapore taking business. Oh I forgot to mention that uncle has his own company in Jakarta and his first son is managing his business now and he sends three of his sons studying at Singapore seawal usia 6tahun..gila la uncle ni haha...why u not send ur sons school at jakarta?

But nevermind la, although we only talk about 2hours but I gained a lot from our little conversation. Orang tua banyak la pengalaman kan. I talked how my relationship problem was, sampai satu tahap dia cakap, " senang2 alin kawen sama anak uncle saja la..anak uncle dua org itu belum punya pacaran lagi". Nak gelak lak aku dengar haha.

Ok then, I reached jb and my highschool friend ameerah (best called as ameer) picked me up and I spend a night at her house. We had our little pillow talk like we were 15 and not realizing the fact that we're already reaching 23!!oh how time runs fast. It just seems like yesterday we had our qiamulail program at school and when the time comes where our usrah sisters told us to sleep, kami berbual2 hehe.

The next day, we planned to go to nusajaya as ameer's sister told us the place has a good view, best for taking pictures. So first we drove to sabihah's place at UTM (I used to lived here too, our dads are college fellows) and head straight to nusajaya. Kami ikut je signboard kononnya nak ikut jalan baru last2 jalan tu tutup. The nearest place we saw is jusco bukit indah. So thinking about I have to catch my bus at 6pm so we stopped there, had lunch and  while the three of us were having lunch, Ameer suggests to make a visit to our newlywed ain's house. Such a sudden that we called ain, she was out with her husband so she said that she would come to jusco instead. We had our girls chit chat time and totally ignoring ain's husband..sian plak tengok dia main fon sorang2..xpela tunggu kami kahwin nanti jadi anda tidaklah bosan sangat ihik3 (gelak menyampah+kuat berangan la ini orang)
sabihah, my bestfriend at smih

seafood curry laksa..besar gila mangkuk

ameerah, we've been close since  our matriculation days

with our newlywed friend, pn ain hehe

 My next stop is at perhentian sri putri. My bus is at 8.00pm and we had to wait for 45 minutes kat tepi jalan. Thanx to ameerah and sabihah yang sudi tunggu saya sampai saya selamat naik bus. I reached Malacca around 11pm and slept like a cicak kubeng after a very tiring day..the next day I continued my journey back to kuantan. I have to drove to bangi to park my car there and took a bus to kuantan. The frustrating part is that I did not manage to get a ticket from kajang to kuantan so I have to spend a night at bangi before tagging along with my aunt to work at KL and buy a ticket at hentian pekeliling. Luckily saya dapat ticket on the spot and hopped on straightly.

After a very..I mean a VERY leceh journey finally I reached kuantan, my hometown for the last 5 years, the place where I can really calm myself down and jumpa my fluffy2 cats hehe. Ok, time to spend bits and pieces of my semester breaks before facing loads of tests and assignments. And this means LESS SLEEP..(sigh~)
a date with my sis..then we hit the movies..cte 'the hunger games' first movie in this semester

we had seafood lasagna and calamari rings..ok tp ini pic pinggan kosong hehe

oh not to mention..melepaskan rindu pada team fluff2

masa cuti pon bawak buku lebih dari baju..hati tak tenang memikirkan test2 sekalian

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Crushes, love, marriage and relationships

My first crush I had when I was 6. T still remembered his name was Paul. It was year 1995 at Brynmill Primary School, Swansea, Wales where my first crush was a black-haired, albino skin type boy. That was the time I know how it feels like to like the opposite gender. Then I grew up having several crushes until the time comes when crushes turns into likes and the feeling of wanting someone to care about you, protect you, and be that special one for you. In other words, Boyfriend lah..I'd be lying if I said that I never intend to have one, of course ada la kan niat tu but who would want the selekeh, pimpled shy me, harapan lah adlin :p...Then after school those feelings became more and more blooming. It started during my matriculation days, where the term 'coupling' is applied..what the hell am I talking about?ok I lied. Its not coupling.. more to 'I like you, but I don't want to have a relationship with you'. Let time decide..kalau ada jodoh tu ada la kan...

Then Mr Matric didn't work out for us..all I know was I didn't want to ruin his future. and yes maybe I did make the right choice because he did found the right one and I heard they are getting married soon. Good for you my friend :)

Moving on to Mr Automotive, my senior at college. The biggest mistake I ever made. The time where I challenged myself to have a boyfriend pada hakikatnya saya tak perlu pon. Its the environment that forces me to do so. Tengok keliling aku dok couple dengan orang sama U and sama fakulti buat ak pressure je..apa ingat aku tak leh dapat boyfriend gak ke. That's why I define my actions as foolish and stupid. And one reason that saya boleh tahan dengan his really big temper is tak nak malu dengan kawan2 dia..2nd stupid point..

After that I realised that I should get married fast.I think I went through enough... Asyik dok menggatal je..I should stop being such a b***h...My first plan is to find a guy and make an agreement that we should get married on date ****** (undecided sebab xde calon lagi) then contact or tak contact depends on us. Nak contact sebulan sekali pon xde least kurang dosa..tanya2 kabar bakal suami sebulan sekali pon ape salahnya..but if plan A didn't work out..calon yg nak bersetuju tak jumpa..(yela saya xhot payah la nak jumpa calon) we go to plan B.. arrange marriage.. itu pon ok..mama2 saya mahu kawen..hehe...kalau itu juga  tidak berhasil, maka saya akan lakukan proses taaruf..sweet juga cara ini..

Why am I talking about marriage?because I am in the situation that I should get married..bukan menggatal, tapi tak salah kan mempercepatkan yg halal..saya takut saya makin jauh dengan Allah, saya takut saya lalai, saya perlukan Imam dalam hidup saya. I have to carry so much pain that I'm afraid I can't even hold it longer enough. I'm scared if I fall, I won't be able to stand again.

Ya Allah, kuatkanlah hambaMu ini. Jika benar aku perlu mempercepatkan diri untuk menghadapi sebuah perkahwinan, tunjukkanlah jalanMu itu..

Disaat- saat aku tengah mentally down, a good friend of mine asked me to perform solat istikharah, saya mulanya takut sebab saya takut dengan tafsiran mimpi tapi kawan saya cakap 'jangan takut untuk buat, bukan makna nak tunggu kahwin baru boleh buat. ko paham kan. kalau nak ketenangan, wat tahajud. wat qiam. mintak petunjuk dekat Allah..merayulah,menangislah ketika doa kepada Dia"..thanx times like this I really need someone to talk to.