Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I'm Doomed!!

 my final examination:

13/6: Fluid Power

14/6: Heat Transfer

15/6: Mechanical Vibration

18/6: Machine Component Design

20/6: Solid Mechanics 2


25/6 >>> 1/9 = Industrial Training

 but before we go further...I just noticed that I only got 7 more days to go!!!Ya Allah kejapnya masa berlalu..ok panic mode on..adrenaline rush..cold sweat..arghhh semua ada lah..

Tough Week

These past few weeks have been so hectic..macam selalu je hectic haha..welcome to engineering life :p..last week we were busy completing our fluid power project which consist of programming and assemble a robotic arm..I was assigned for mechanical relay..pening da nak tgk banyak2 wayar..and I felt so stupid when I couldn't even answer en Faizil's simple question..So after presenting the project, it was time for our report completion..Our report consist of 50++pages..da macam drafting final year projek da..and it took our precious study week time to complete it..

en faizil observing  one of the groups

its 7.30pm and students are still in the lab waiting for their turns

tgh xde keje  :p

setelah beberapa troubleshoot..akhirnye berjaya jugak run

the last group remaining..8.10pm..