Saturday, December 29, 2012

Completely Stuck in The Past

Sometimes  I do think much of my life back then..some of them I miss so much..some of them I feel traumatized....seems that I regret of doing things that I face the consequences now...I imagine things happening before..things that won't happen again..but those moments are completely thoughtful for the rest of my I walk through each path every day in my life.. I watch the similar situations happening around me and reminisce the memories I once had....sometimes I don't think it as a way of psycho thinking...I think of it as a way to make my life positively again...

I think of:

I'm still in a relationship with my first boyfriend and now happily engaged and planning very particularly about our wedding preparations

I still think of my dad comes at home every night and asked the whole family to jog at the lake every weekend mornings and have a nice family dinner somewhere in a restaurant with all six of us...

having my study routines like I was in form 3 and matriculation days where I disciplined myself to study and complete all my homework from 8-12 and woke up at 5a.m..

getting emotionally bullied by schoolmates for being the quite, timid one and the one who has more guy friends than girls that makes some girls jealous and then I got accused for 'stealing' their boyfriends...I came to my dorm everyday feeling  that highschool would end soon and I would be out of their lives living the dream..

either way I know my actions are not good at all...I should really think of carry on my life to life a better way ahead...

if I know that my life was going to be completely opposite now I would have not broken up with my boyfriend as I am jealous like hell seeing him marrying another girl on june next year while I seemed to fail every relationships after him.....I would have spend much more quality time with my dad and saying "thank you" and "love you" to him for raising the four of us and fulfilling our needs while you had us at a very young I grow up being an adult I truly realised how hard it was to be a parent...

move forward..for a better future...let go of your can't control your past but you can control ways to react with them in the future...if I haven't gone through all these situations in life I would have not be the person I am now..

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Renewable Energy Research Interest

 For my 7th semester I have been taking renewable energy subject as my elective far I'm interested in learning the subject despite the fact that our lecturer Prof Madya Juhari has piled us loads of work that even I had to submit them a little bit late ( honestly not a little..a LOT late I would say) but the interest of renewable energy has put me a little of thinking continuing my masters degree in research under renewable energy...I found some links that may put me choices on what type of renewable energy should I focus on..

Come to think about it...I have grown up in an environment of dad is a chemical engineering lecturer and currently his research are more focus on R.E..I remember this one time where he asked my sister to edit a video on his project on  'Mobile Ultrasonic Solvent Extract' (MUSE)..yeah even though it has been like more than 9 years I still can't forget the name of it...because I have been helping my sister during the editing process..and I was the one who recorded the whole process...basically from what I remember back then its a machine invented to recycle used cooking oil...the project itself has brought my dad to korea for more than a week that even he had to spent eid there...raya keempat kot baru balik far as I remember my dad has travel a lot to many countless countries that even I was a little jealous for him travelling a lot even though it was for working purpose...ayah cakap " ha belajar la betul2 kalau nak jadi macam ayah"...hmm I don't know  if my numerous days of lack of sleep for this semester could be a strong reason for me to succeed like you..macam ni pon dah rasa macam nak nangis hehe...but only now I realize how great he was for achieving awards throughout his researches..nak rasa gak nama aku ada kat list2 award ni  

As for my second reason is that my final year project is also related to RE...briquetting agriculture residue...and my supervisor is a chemical engineering basically she never taught degree students...dia ajar budak diploma je subject kimia...I don't know why dia apply utem yang tak de course chemical tak kisah la...the point is I'm interested in doing my final year project even though I noticed that I have to go through hardships and my supervisor is very detail and particular about our I know it will be hard for me to get an A for my final year project...what I get is what I deserved..

So I did a little research on RE for masters program...lots of universities offer opportunities to do masters research under   RE..these offers seems great..but the thing is, am I good enough?do I have what it takes to pursuing my masters? should I work first then continue? thinking of my age seems to be a little frustrating..most of my friends my age already graduated with a degree and having a secure job...semester 8 will be the time to decide such things...and I'm still confused...hope Allah will guide my way..

Actually it strucked me to write this post when PM Juhari gave us our last quiz that is to write a short report on RE application in the community based on the talk held last week (which I didn't get the chance to attend due to my control engineering test on that same time) so I start to make a little research for the quiz..quiz tak setel lagi tapi kau da sibuk nak tulis blog kan...sebab ini jam pukul 5 pagi masa inilah mood nak menulis datang hihi...

apa2 pon..silalah study wahai awak ni dahla 5 paper..less than 5days before your finals ok...

ok selamat subuh!!

appendices (pic2 ni tiada tujuan diupload atas dasar riak dan sebagainya yang boleh membawa kepada pelbagai spekulasi)

picture 1 and 2 source from

source from

Tasya and Amir at Malacca

Alkisahnya satu minggu itu mereka bersepakat untuk ke melaka...not much to lets roll with the pictures shall we...

breaking dawn part 2 >> arching>>cendol>>exhausted to the max

gaya masing2 xnak kalah..kami semua 1st time main...amir

tasya yang katanya lemah kalau main game yg melibatkan point/arah tuju 

budak ni tak nak kalah dalam pada pakai gadi2 hihi

the results from 12 arrows..from left!!rasanya aku punya jitu tp tak persis kot lol

afamosa uolls!!

sign tgh tu penting hihi

paling malu aku nk amek pic ni..sume tgk hehe

da 4thun aku ddk sini 1st time makan cendol kt sini..mmg sedap..patut slalu ramai

dekat sungai kawasan river cruise melaka

 Thanks korang sebab datang..walau dengan kerja yang sangat bertimbun ni tapi dapat juga ku harungi demi anda2 ..ayat tipikal benar kan...tak kisah la...masing2 pon sibuk je...tapi its ok to get a little stress out day right...hoping for them to come next semester...banyak lagi tempat tak jelajah lagi hoho

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Letih gila bak hang!!

sori if I didn't post anything for the past two weeks..been super busy with test, final year report and assignments that could not seem to be  decreasing in amounts.. last week was a disaster..I haven't slept in a week!! I mean I did sleep literally but just a maximum of 3 hours..bila da berjaga lama macam ni rasa macam seminggu ni lama gila,,,completing my final year project is really tough since you have a really detail supervisor...I went through 10 or more different journals..previous students report..and after all the hardwork and less sleep..alhamdulillah I have completed my FYP..submitted to the faculty..

BUT!! the end I didn't submitted it to the faculty..because I forget and I didn't know that we have to printed in two copies..what a bummer right.. in the end kak wawa the staff said that we can submit our report on monday..ok thats a relief...

I think being a final year student is not that relaxing..we still have classes like  we were in year 1..and at the same time we have to focus on our final year project..oh my...that is so not fair..this is torture you this how utem train students to work under pressure?ok you know what..if the pressure is destroying my life and health...I rather  quit....but tipu la aku nak wat cmtu kan...tahan jela sampai habis blaja ni...

balik2 rumah je...badan rasa menggigil sangat..maybe because I didn't realize that I haven't ate anything heavy for the pas three days..bila beban fyp da kurang so baru rasa segala penat2 tu...da siap makan..mandi semua..aku sambung la marathon 'once upon a time'..tanpa disedari..aku tertido sampai la cte tu terulang balik...bangun2 dengan tak sempat nak tutup laptop aku bangun tukar lokasi tido kat katil dengan tidur tak berbantal dari pkl 10.30 sampai la 8.30 pagi..terlepas subuh disitu tak sengaja...roomate aku kata aku tido statik gila,,ini memang penat tahap ultimate ni...

as for today..keje aku hari ni memang sambung marathon movie..baring2 tgk lptp...makan pon quaker oat je..sihat kan haha...memang nak relax je seharian..esok baru plan nk sambung segala kerja2 tergendala...bayangkan masa study week ni pon kne lagi wat keje...madness!!

ok enough for kat rumah my clasmate kismera sambil doing the girl talk with fisah...bergelak ketawa dimalam hari...rindu sungguh bergelak2...

ok.. updates about my other activities later XOXO (publish)...*konon feeling  gaya lisa surihani dlm istanbul aku dtg haha..

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


a post I fully copied from Hilal Asyraf's post on his official page:

Tujuan ujian adalah untuk menguji. Sebab itu namanya adalah ujian. Jika ujian itu datang dalam keadaan mudah dilangkau, tidak dinamakan ianya ujian. Ujian semestinya menggegarkan, menggoyahkan, meragut ketenteraman dan menghilangkan kesenangan.

Dalam keadaan ini Allah ingin melihat sejauh manakah keyakinan kita kepada-Nya.

Yang Allah mahu daripada ujian adalah pembuktian kita terhadap keimanan kita.

Saya sering mengulang ayat 2 dari Surah Al-Ankabut:

“Apakah manusia itu mengira, bahawa mereka akan dibiarkan berkata: Kami telah beriman, sedangkan mereka itu belum diuji?”

Sebab itu, adakah kita mengira, kita akan masuk syurga Allah dengan lenggang kangkung tanpa diuji dengan ujian yang hebat? Kadangkala seakan kita tertolak ke pinggir gaung. Hanya menunggu masa sahaja untuk jatuh walaupun telah berusaha bertahan.

Kita bertanya-tanya, kenapa kita diuji sedemikian rupa?

Ketahuilah, itu hakikatnya adalah tapisan kita ke syurga Allah SWT.

“Apakah kamu mengira, kamu akan dimasukkan ke dalam syurga, selagi belum tiba kepada kamu ujian yang telah didatangkan kepada orang-orang sebelum kamu? Mereka diuji dengan kepapaan dan serangan penyakit serta digoncangkan. Sehingga berkatalah rasul dan orang yang beriman dengannya: Bilakah pertolongan Allah(hendak sampai)?...” Surah Al-Baqarah ayat 214.

Iya. Diuji sehingga ke pinggiran gaung. Sehingga tergoncang keimanan mereka. Allah nak bantu atau tidak ini? Tetapi mereka itu memilih untuk terus percaya. Apakah jawapan Allah pada akhir ayat itu?

“...(ketahuilah) sesungguhnya pertolongan Allah itu amat dekat.” Surah Al-Baqarah ayat 214.
Petikan daripada Buku Motivasi Untuk Kita Pendosa: Harapan Selalu Ada!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Bare with It

I realized it's been my 7th semester here and the same problem always arises everytime we have are assigned to a group work...some students may prefer choosing their own group member while me on the side always have problems choosing my own group..everytime the lecturers asked students opinions whether to choose their own group members or simply the lecturer decides, I would be the one really hoping that the lecturer would decide our own group. For me its easy and we don't have to bother on searching for one.

When it comes to forming our own group, that could be a problem for me. I remembered when I was in my 1st semester where people would quickly approach me to be their group member in japanese language class (fyi I have a moderate level of Japanese Language :p). I still remember that time I was so confused on choosing which group should I joined. In the end I choose the ones that asked me first.

Moving on to my 2nd, 3rd and so on...I had problems when it comes to forming my own group. I guess maybe its my own fault for not performing well in the task given, or maybe its my fault that the group's mark are not good, or maybe the fact that I'm just not good enough...the thoughts keep arousing me everytime.. its like people are avoiding me or something...on the other side I heard that guys prefer grouping with their own kind. Means its easy when it comes to discussion where they could easily discuss at their rooms, houses with their shirts taken off. Imagine grouping with a girl, they should meet up in a open place and can't simply move around freely.

There's another case where I found a group of people prefer on their own group..what  I meant here is that no one could join their group..its like a group of what you can called " The Top Scorers" where they can't simply let the 'Average' join the group. Total BS right....

To come think about it, I should reviewed myself on how have I been treating people during my group work. There must be some kind of reason why people somewhat refuses me to join their group. I don't expect every people to like me though..its their own choice. I just need to know what part of me that I should change for the better. If I think one the negative side (which I shouldn't)...people only approach me to be in their group for subjects that I am good for like japanese language and technical communication. Other than that, I have to search does it mean that I'm no good for other subjects?Well hello I got an A- for my Mechanics of Machines subject (I defined an A- for me is like an A++  for adlin) so I'm not much of a loser you know huh...

Forget the negative thoughts..bad adlin..bad....I should always look everything in a positive side..islam taught me that...I forgot the term called for that..relax la adlin...despite the pressure you're carrying, there are people who are willing to take you as a group member and accept with your weaknesses..indeed they are good people...thank you for that...

I really hope that this post won't offend anyone who read sorry if I did so...this semester has been really tough and full with pressuring tests so I may get a little I'm on my PMS mode so paham2 jela :p

Saturday, December 8, 2012

I wanna graduate!!

Frankly speaking..I just hate seeing picture people posting about their graduation pictures on facebook or instagram what so ever. Jealous?OF COURSE!! I have been studying since 2007 till 2012 and still no degree yet... sometimes I even felt a little tired of this student life.. maybe because the fact that I am studying in a course that I can't really survive by getting good grades so by now I just feel that I wanna finish my degree so bad that it is killing me slowly deeply inside...

I just had a 2-hour skype session with my best friend topek in Japan where he told me that he will be going back to malaysia on 27 about 3 more weeks left. He's the same age with me..he graduated but due to his 4 months training in Japan he couldn't go to his convocation..but the point is he graduated..most of my 1989 borns already graduated... kalau yang amek course 3 years tu lagi la cepat on the other side, stil on my 7 semester. I think that maybe I will have a 9th semester...yeah bummer that makes me graduate at the age of 25!!!like seriously? 25 is the age that most people already had their masters degree..and for a married person maybe their kids had already know how to walk!!

Oh my Allah, sometimes I feel so pressurized by the fact that I wouldn't be able to graduate with my friends, finding a decent job and get married..even though sangat ramai kawan2 saya kahwin  ketika belajar tapi jodoh saya tak sampai lagi nak wat camne.. at least kalau ada suami ni leh la nak mengadu segala masalah and hoping that he will make u feel better... I only have friends to rely on..sometimes I think I'm not playing a good role of being a friend. Duduk rumah pon asing2 dengan harapan tak nak cari gaduh..tapi tengok orang lain ok je nak berkawan..lagi2 tengok kawan2 kat UITM..UKM..serumah and juga sekelas..xdela masalah bagai... My sister also had that same problem when she was in her degree time where she prefers staying with people other than her classmates... we do have that kind of bond kan kakak?are we such freaks?

Senang cerita macam ni la...this is my final year as a degree student but I think I haven't got the chance to do so many things. Like this one time..semalam je pon...for interfaculty games I was selected to play in a bowling tournament since my score during the selection process was 143..the third best among 7 who participate..and they only wanted 4 girls to play.. I was more than happy to play since it has been two years that I played tennis for interfact so this year rasa nak tukar angin...but since this week has been super busy that I have no time for training, the team manager decided to put me as a reserve,.,,and I was like WTF? ada je lagi  player yang tak training and you just have to give them a part to play right just because you owe them..great,,just great...I had to come to support the team but reality is that I just watched them play dalam hati  cakap ," I can do better than them," masa tu team tengah score agak teruk...why manager why? pastu depan si budak tahun 4 ni cakap, " ini last game ko..last year" eh manager, saya ni bukan last year jugak ke? why didn't you give me a chance? seriously I am frustrated..that's why I couldn't give much support to them..yea it may seem selfish for me but its my last chance to contribute something even though its not about the prize that we are after...( karen..if you're reading this, which I know you do, here's the truth why I didn't want to talk about the game yesterday )

Tomorrow is the last day for interfaculty games as well as the majlis tennis teammates, classmates that participate in softball, handball will also be playing tomorrow. I wanna come to be their supporter..but I think twice before I going to humiliate myself simply because I went alone watching? even topek said, " watpe ko nak g menghitamkan diri," xsupportive langsung punya kawan haha...seriously tak kisah pon kalau hitam, skin will return back to its original tone in a few months hehe...but all of this won't be fun if we don't have friends that could jerit2 sama2 korang and gelak sakan sama kan...

Despite of all the tension arises, I am glad to be talking to one of my best friends that I miss so damn much...sometimes I imagine  meeting him with his classmates yang memang suka menggila dimana saja when I was walking my way through class...its fun having seniors as friends but tak best jadi senior due to the tension gila2 bak hang...ape benda yang ak sembang pasal tension2 ni semua dia dah rasa...nasihat dia pasal sem 8 ni is janganlah lewatkan kerja tu..kalau tak confirm tension gila...fyp akan jadi lagi senang kalau lebih bersedia...

OK have to stay stronger just a little bit more...I know it sucks for not being able to graduate on time...but always remember Allah tak akan uji hambaNYA diluar kemampuanya...

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

On Plagiarism Matters

While I was busy doing my assignments and projects and not forgetting my final year project!! (big grudge on that one) I logged on to utem's student portal to check out new items.. then my hvac (heat ventilating & air-conditioning system...malas betul ai nak tulis panjang2) lecturer uploaded our individual assignment assessment based on similarities between our work and the short the percentage of plagiarism in our work...honestly speaking I was a little nervous the moment I saw the file there probably because it took me only two days to complete the assignment because I was rushing finishing my FYP poster...students just LOVE to procrastinate right...

So then when I opened the file and ..wallauweyh!! I got 14% of similarities...not exactly the greatest achievement  coz my rank was 25 out of 60 student was quite a relief for me coz my lecturer once mentioned that if a student's work is more than 30% of similarities, it is assumed as plagiarism....kalaulah aku buat betul2 mesti dapat 0% similarities heee..ayat bajet bagus hoho... I should work harder for my thesis  and my new target : achieve below 10 % of similarities!!fight-to~oh!! (terikut-ikut ngan yankumi in gokusen lak hehe)

Then I realized something...intelligence is definitely not based on how good your grades get...or how well your curricular activities are..sometimes we just need a little determination and confidence in life..maintaining good relationship with people around...and certainly maintaining a good relationship with Allah is what matters most...

juz a little prove that I ain't lying ..and self satisfaction :p

Friday, November 9, 2012

Happy Birthday to Both of You

today is a special day for these two person that meant a lot to me...why is that?because both of them are my friends la of course... I don't usually memorize peoples birth date but when it comes to my close friends I'll definitely remember even though they hid it on facebook.

so happy birthday to kamal my miyazaki friend whose turning 25... he never forgets to wish my birthday every year since we met on 2007...even though we have our misunderstandings but you still want to save our friendship relation...hope everything goes well for your upcoming wedding  next year 

and happy birthday also to topek my utem friend whose turning 23 and currently is in Japan for his job training..I've known him two years ago since we were in the same team for FKM's sports event...topek, I'm waiting for my omiyagi when you arrived malaysia ok :p...

should I post a  pic of both them? nah..

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Enjoying My Saturday

For this week, I have to complete 3 out of 6 task by friday..after all the less sleep..unfortunately I only managed to complete 2 of them...but luckily the other one task was due on next monday..pheww... yesterday I slept early around 10.30..awal la tu coz biasa around 2 baru tdo...then this morning everything went as I planned..I got up early and performed subuh prayers, then around 7.30 went for a jog at taman botanikal yang telah sekian lama tak pergi..if I recall last time was in sem 5..sekarang da sem 7!!hoho..I asked my room mate to tag along but she said that she wasn't into joging..she prefers cycling...I'm ok with both but the thing is I don't have a I ended up going alone..gila semangat kan jog sensorang..but biasanya cmne ramai pon aku gi ngan kawan2 in the end aku jog sorang2 gak..they will just wait for me on the other side...but during one of my lazy moods kadang2 jalan je aku ni..

But this morning I was kinda impressed myself (bangga dengan diri sendiri haha) coz even though I haven't jog for quite a while but I managed to complete one full round was one of the factors helped me of course..biasa orang pasang laju rancak2 kalau nak lari..on the other hand I would play lagu2 tangkap jiwang woo...dunno why la coz bila pasang feeling je sambil lari...tapi bila balik and masuk kereta kaki jadi lenguh n gigil2..and badan jadi penat sangat2...ha amek kau...lari like 1.7km non mind was completely on the song and ignoring my capabilities...jog2 pastu balik singgah kedai beli nasi lemak..there goes the jog la kan...but hilang la segala stress2 terpendam ini...masa sem 5 selalu gak main badminton late night with my classmates...rindu lak nak main...

After breakfast, sesi cleaning2 with my roomie begins...sweeping..mopping..scrubbing the bathroom floor and walls...I also sewed my clothes...tak la jahit buat baju baru...betulkan je..I think even a normal guy can do it...

 I think I just blew up every detail I did heh.... but this weekend is the time when I really felt like staying home..malas nak gi a good thing that I don't have a boyfriend so takdelah gaduh  sebab tak dapat keluar kan :p...and I also plan on completing my other 4 task before my mid semester holidays..

while writing this memories during my freshmen year slowly I miss those times... now everybody has been busy being a grown up..thinking bout year project..

oh  below are pics during my 2nd time here at taman botanikal..messing around..jog tak seberapa...sem 2

main2 lagi

hepi gila sampai angkat2 membe hehe..

sepatutnya I would post this on last saturday tapi internet sangat lah slow ketika itu so sekarang baru nk post.. 

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Keluarga Iskandar

Kalau masa aku cuti duduk kat sedap lak layan cite keluarga iskandar yang konsep cite nye ala2 arrested development yang suatu ketika was aired on star world and channel 5 (channel singapore) where how the camera shoots and interview dpn kamera cmtu...guess what, this show was shot at kota iskandar, johor bahru, tapi tak pasti la sebenarnya mereka2 ni shoot kat mana...takdelah aku nak siasat gilo2 kan..baik aku mengadap final year projek aku yang  tang literature review masih tergantung lagi nih...but tengok pic2 situ macam best lak kan..banyak benda dah berubah kat JB ni since I left the city at 17...thanx to my true johorean friend yang bawak aku gi jalan2 sekitar bandar ni..

you see me in a baju kurung?yeap kami baru balik dari majlis org kawen


at puteri harbour...tempat 'parking' bot2 mewah katanya....sempat la aku tengok one aunty omputih ni walking her way down to her private boat...pose ni berbajetan seperti izzah tunggu abang haris balik dari berlayar ahakhakhak

Sebenarnya thinking that this picture is around late september but I decide to post it now since tadi baru dapat tahu yang kelas hvac dibatalkan so yeah aku selit2 dengan hapdate blog ni...ok back to work and completing my 'to-do-list'

Monday, October 29, 2012

My Quality AidilAdha

The usual routine of our hari raya haji is when we hashims gather at our kampung at rembau and after solat, tukar baju and sambung tido balik..and biasa pagi esoknya or tengah hari on the same day buat korban...for the guys its fun la lapah lembu..tapi yang perempuan?dok kemas umah and masak je ke?

Makannya tahun ni since tak buat korban so the hashims decided nak sambut raya kt umah semasing jela..kuantan memang takde relatives so my mom told me to drove to kl insteads of bangi...since lagi dekat nak pergi gombak...after the solat sumat prayers...we adik beradiks went to our dad's kampung at gombak..honestly me and my sisters were quite nervous since its been like 4 years since we last had our raya at gombak..meeting up with our relatives really makes us a little awkward..I did visit my grandparents but not on raya occasions...thats why when we first stepped on that house, semua orang macam terkejut sangat...ayat yang sama keluar " eh da besar la semua" and everyone was confused between me and my 7 years younger sister that people kept saying that we are twins...I got to see my little cousins yang sekarang sume da besar2 sampai aku sendiri pon xcam diorang..and ada juga xkenal pon kami..yela masa tu drg kecik lagi...4 years is kinda long period to us...pur relatives kept asking to us like how's life, sekarang buat apa...and ramai jugak terkejut yang I took mechanical engineering which my uncles cakap is quite tough..yeah memang semput pon!! they gave us good advice, treated us well like before...and the best part is that we got to go 'raya-ing' like raya aidilfitri..alhamdulillah rasa macam dapat rasa kemeriahan hari raya like old times...even though dad was not present that time but we still had a good time...alhamdulillah Allah bagi kami peluang untuk jumpa dengan sedara2 on dad's side...
muka baru pas abes solat raya..seriusly ngntok gila masa dia baca khutbah ritu

After jumaat prayers, we drove back to taman melawati and sempat la aku sambung tido yang lom sempat nak qada' tu hihi..pas asar gerak lagi beraya kt umah prof ramlan or kami panggil uncle ramlan which my family kenal dari kami tak lahir lagi...pada malamnya saya ajak my baby sis ni pergi jalan2 kat kl festival city mall cuci mata sikit..kuat gila jalan kan dalam pada sengkek2 ni..takpe..bare in my mind nk cuci mata bro yang tag along ni literally thinks that I would cuci mata kat kedai spek..duh?lurus benar lah kamu ini...

The next day konon plan lebat je nak kua lagi...then in the end I ended up staying at home qada tido lagi and tengok tv...then petangnya mama ajak kami2 ni jalan2 around taman melawati yang besarnya macam satu daerah coz even two of my classmates duduk sini yang aku xpernah lawat umah drg...pusing2 luxury homes around there..tgk umah yusof haslam yang macam istana gamaknya..6 tingkat punya umah cm shopping mall..then tengok lagi rumah2 lain..kawasan yang tak tahu pon wujudnya kawasan umah...umah stok juta2 walaupon kecik..yelah tanah kat kl mahal..rm300,000 pon xlepas nk dapat umah teres..tiba2 mama cakap "
dapat kondo sebijik ni for my old days pon ok gak kan" err mama, mana ayin nak cekau rm500k++ ni? apatah lagi hajat nak duduk kt kl yang aku sendiri pon rimas ngn jam kt situ,,,ok xsalah untuk berangan..mana tau kot2 memang duit aku terlebih so aku mampu untuk beli kondo mewah for my mom kan..

Malamnya itu we had dinner at aunty sabar's place...kat taman melawati gak...kira kak sarah and kak maryam's kampung memang kt situ..we've known the rashid's family since I was 8...our dads satu jabatan so kalau pape event memang selalu jumpa with the whole family..umah pon satu taman kat senai dulu so usually on weekends klo me and my sister bosan..memang amek basikal kayuh sampai umah diorang..pergi memang best la turun bukit..balik macam hapa nak kayuh...main la like every game yang zaman bukan ipad ni main..since laman umah drg besar so kitorang memang suka wat games like 'survivor' 'joe jambul' plastic bag kites' yang bila fikir balik memang lame gila haha...but now both of them da kawen and now expecting their first born..kami berdua on the other side..err..unmarried heee...masa kami datang sana semua adik beradik and menantu ada kat sana..nampak sesebaya je semua so suasana tu nampak best je..and the rashids pon mmg jenis ramah and loud..dlm kete nak balik my bro cakap " ayin n kakak cepat2 la kawen..jeles aman tengok drg"...deyh sabar la aman..ayin pon teringin nak kawen tapi lom rezeki lagi..sabau sikit na...

As for today, pagi2 lagi da pergi umah my uncle acu at bangi...makan2 sikit..and gerak melaka around here are some pics for this 3-day event

cousins + anak buah..all grown up..last time tgk drg ni baby2 je

dijah with her anak buah

with deeba cousin yg sama blaja ngn sabihah kt utm

kakak wif kak mariah..cousin sebaya

next station

aman n faiz..cousin sebaya juga

makteh..nenek and mak anjang..atok xboleh nk join raya coz dia still sakit pinggang

meet amin bin amru..kak sakinah's 1st born

kt rumah uncle ramlan

time ni baru nak bukak tudung bagai then mama panggil " eh kita xamek pic satu family lagi"

makan2 at rumah aunty saba

aman: nina cepat amek gamba aman sorang
ayin: eh nina cepat sikit pastu amek pic ayin plak

in the end it turns out like this

nina testing effect fluorescent...saya lah jadi bahan modelnye hihi...tahun ni xpakai baju kurung pon..just put on a tunic top with an old skirt of mine..jadilah
keterujaan nina tengok umah aunty ada swimming pool..kat umah teres lg kot..style2

with the family + menantus

with the two preggy mommies

sempat lagi nina snap me looking out at wedding pictures of kak maryam

at acu's place..kakak n her best friend mr lappy..melekat 24jam

pic last ni mmg saja menggedik letak...bcoz i is suke perasan