Saturday, March 10, 2012

Destinasi Bajet: Melaka ==> Terengganu

We planned this trip for quite some time..since last semester that we wanted to go to fi's place.. so we straightly hit the road after class at 12 noon and stopped at serdang and temerloh for prayer and breaks before we reached kuantan around 6pm.. before we arrived at my place we stopped by at teluk chempedak.. and after dinner I brought them at esplanade kuantan.. I didn't know the place was called esplanade..tau nama sungai kuantan je..tak pun benteng hehe...

we arrived there masa hujan baru nak berhenti. You could imagine how cold it was that time

seriuosly apiz pic ni leh wat profile pic :p

Then the next morning we head to terengganu..went through kerteh, dungun and finally at kuala terengganu. I love the environment of her house. Reminded me of my kampung at Rembau where my late grandma used to bela ayam and whenever she wants to feed them, she would shout " whoo kiki" hehe. and her house is half wood so we won't need any fans to sleep at night coz its already freezing sampai aku terbangun tgh malam nk g toilet and fi had to lend me her blanket so that I won't freeze.
on our way
oh cik pa..rindu nak kacau kamu hehe

So at terengganu firstly we went to pantai teluk ketapang where it serves the best deep fried seafood such as prawn, squid, keropok lekor, and ikan pari that is cut like fish fillet, kat tempat lain memang xde kot...the place is located near UMT, untungla dak2 sana dpt mkn best hehe. Then at night we went to masjid kristal where the place is glittered with lights. The next morning kami berempat gerak pulang but before that we went to pasar payang to buy souvenirs and kampung losong to buy keropok lekor.

serius sotong goreng tepung sini sgt sedap

ombak watching :)

cubaan lompat yang menjadi!!
kt ganu ada I-city?hohoho

the lights at masjid kristal changes colour every second

Our journey back to malacca  was quite different coz we took another route where we went through segamat and tangkak and stopped there saja singgah2 beli kain.. Afiz said tangkak is the best place to buy any kind of textiles. yup indeed there are many choices and super cheap. I remembered I bought  a 4m kain pasang at jalan masjid india that cost me rm 30 but I found the same exact piece that only cost rm15!!!oh ruginya after all the calculations for our budget trip, guess what, it only cost us rm70!!unbelievable?yup even I can't believe it. At first the four of us menghulur rm100 each for toll and petrol usage but even with that rm70 could cover our food cool is that? oh btw if ur wondering, we travel by wan's white viva, so memang jimat minyak la kan.
apiz reminiscing his good old days at matrik tangkak

Once again, my post is filled with loads of pictures..and finally, meet my 'Destinasi Bajet' team


So our next trip...Penang maybe?


Farah Suraya said...

bestnya jalan2 ngan kawan2 :D

adlin said...

hehe mmg best :)

hakimhardcore said...

T.C look so garang with the new pedestrian.awww!!so merah u..
hate gambang!!but miss kuantan.miss the place actually.not the "orang" kuantan ok. =)

adlin said...

hehe tula sebab yang kayu banyak da reput...hate gambang but miss kuantan?hehe.. bkn zulhakim ke?

hakimhardcore said...

cerdik sungguh hang teka sapa aku..

Cwitcaca Min said...

ooooo..dtg ganu x gtau ekkk.....

adlin said...

hakim: cara hang ckp pon aku dapat agak hehe

syamin: min!!!seriouly nk call tp I dun have ur phone no..tkr fon jd sume no hilang huhu..klo x smpt nk jmpe la umt hehe