Sunday, May 27, 2012

Thank You Allah

As I go older..yes have to face the fact that I'm old :p...things changed for the past few years..from worst to better..I realised these mistakes that I made put a great impact into my life..the self awareness that just came naturally to my heart..let me give you a few examples:

- before I don't care if I wear short length shirts..kira atas punggung or betul2 separuh punggung where whenever I raised my hand it would show my skin..even sometimes my sisters pon tegur je but I decide untuk ignore je...

-Now I had to make sure all my clothes covers the butt and of course loose as I don't want people to see my sexy back..long cardigans are a must whenever I wear short sleeve shirts..thank you Allah for giving me the feeling of shame...If I wear something tight or singkat..I would feel like somehow naked and everybody is staring at my butt hehe

-before I don't care if I wear my hijab not covering the chest..I was thinking bout the whole fashion thing where most hijab models wear their hijab not covering the chest.

-Now I got the feeling that people are staring at me..than I figure 'what's the point of wearing a hijab but not covering the chest?" its just the same as not wearing them..thank you Allah for giving me the feeling of awareness about hijab

-before all I wanna do when entering a new environment is just to fit in..jumpa geng2..ikut je geng kalau pergi mana2..diorang abeskan duit..aku pon abeskan duit skali..they think negatively about people..u too have to think negatively..they cheat..u cheat..they have boyfriends/girlfriends..u wanna have one too

-Now I realised that fitting in is just a stupid option. Do what you think is right..think wisely and follow what your heart tells you to..its not that you have to be will have friends that know about you, understand your situation and always think positively about you.. I made my choice..I choose to stay with people older than people that I am more comfortable with..Of course sometimes I missed hanging out with my classmates but alhamdulillah Allah gave me a two year chance to had fun with them..and     sacrifice my other two years for things that I should have done for the family..and yes my colleagues do feel a little weird about me  not hanging out with them that sometimes put an awkward feeling to us. but thank You Allah for giving me the feeling of having a family even though we are not related but you treated me as a part of your family and I am so grateful of that.(the family thing mungkin kurang jelas kat sini..akan terang lbh lanjut in my next post)

-before I seldomly recite the Quran..paling-paling pon baca Yasin seminggu sekali...tapi baca yasin da biasa so nak baca pon tidak la merangkak-rangkak...but when it comes to other surahs, oh man saya kecundang..baca tahap darjah satu iqra'..buat malu ketua kerohanian aspuri smk bandar putra 2006 hehe..dulu punya la suruh budak-budak ni baca Quran at least satu hari satu page..then bila aku da masuk universiti makin kurang amalkan lak..bila kurang baca..maka kurang lancar lah..

-Now I would spend at least one page per waktu reciting the Quran..bacaan pon alhamdulillah semakin lancar walaupon tajwid sedikit lemah..thank You Allah for making me realizing that I should be closed to You..thinking that you will always be there for me whenever I feel lonely...sad..happy..painful..angry..uneasy feeling..lost..

I hope these positive changes would continuously forgive me for all my wrongdoings..I am still not perfect..and perfect doesn't exist..but striving for perfection does..


A 16-year old girl wish that didn't came true... not at the moment

Tau tak lagu istimewa by indigo..lagu lama tapi bagi saya sangat mendalam dan bermakna. Saya punya berangan sampai saya teringin sangat satu hari seorang lelaki yang disayangi akan menyanyikan lagu ni didepan saya dengan gitarnya dan juga suara yang saya tak kisah kalau tak sedap..itu impian saya ketika umur saya 16 tahun...until now I'm still hoping that one day a man that I love the most would sing it to me...and now I'm almost it has been like 7 years of waiting and hoping..bunyi macam pathetic gila kan..

But the thing is..bila aku cerita pasal wish aku ni kat kawan-kawan rapat ku...yang peliknya itu bukan 'impian sweet' mereka tapi diorang dapat apa yang aku wishkan itu..seriously their boyfriends would sing it to them..and I was likE "EHHHH?"  bila my kawan-kawan rapat ni kena..terus diorang ingat kat aku..sebab aku cerita kat diorang yang itu one of my wish list...lihatlah penangan ku pada mereka hohoho

Tapi tak kisah la..ini impian masa aku sekolah..I was 16 okay..suddenly I just remembered a wish that didn't came true..yet..hahah..i just think positively that Allah would save my wish to the guy whose gonna be my husband..

To some people who hasn't listen to this song yet..cuba dengar..walaupun tengok videoclip cam klaka sikit because ni lagu era 90s tapi lirik dia tak macam lirik lagu sekarang yang macam tah pape...

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I Bumped Into Them

 Today is my second last week before we hit  for study week for our upcoming 6th semester finals.. aiyoo sekejap je da nak abes tahun 3..then straightly for our industrial training.

Speaking of bumping, this week I just bumped into my final year friends at the faculty. We did smile and tegur each other without noticing that it may be our last smile or teguran we had. Eventhough I noticed that we are not that close and some of them just know me because I'm a friend of their friends and some of them just smile because they were just being nice..and some of them smile because they think I'm cute hahah..ok itu tipu. I'm not stating it to guys but generally its for my final year friends. Most of the final year students are the same age as me and just imagine in a few days they're gonna graduate and head to their own lives, get married, get a job and stuff, while a long way to go~ sila la bertahan lagi setahun ye adlin.

To Banun, my house-mate that is so hardworking and I've seen your final year project suffering..just waiting for my turn to come..Topek my best friend, Awit, kak syida that we used to borak2 during our first year, kak hani yang saya rajin gosip2 dulu, reza the guy that I used to have a crush on him, topek's classmate that I think I know all them,(capik, tandok, togey, adam, bob, alan the guy that replaced my tutor position, fahmi the jepun guy, mustaqim the brother-like, shahir the bola baling captain), shafiq tennis that I think u should not be too cocky, asraf the jambu like guy and kinda like the prince of tennis one, kak ti, ain the bmcd'ians that I once played volleyball with them, muzakkir the guy that I enjoy reading his blog, the brothers from FKE and FKP that I once joined an entrepreneur course with them, and much more that I could not recall at the moment. Happy graduating ^_^

Sunday, May 20, 2012

A simple celebration that leaves a big impact to a person

19th May 2012 was our classmate's and  our study group member 24th birthday. We didn't make any big surprises for him, and I didn't even post anything at his facebook wall that obviously wanted to show that the three of us didn'y care for his birthday..that was the plan actually. So Fi suggested that we bought 6pieces of secret recipe's cake placed in a single plate like a half shape cake. Fi and Wan asked me to buy the cakes since I have 'much' experience in picking the best cakes (maklumlah bekas pekerja secret recipe) so what I did was I choose 3 pieces of different cream cake 3 pieces of different cheesecake...dare me to state all 6 of the cake names because you'll be surprise that I still remember them ahak3 (gelak gedik2 hihi)..

Kareen (pronounce as current, not karen the girl name..just saying hihi) was so happy that his face won't stop smiling and you could imagine how happy he was by his shaky hands when cutting the cake. He couldn't be grateful enough even though we thought that our little effort was quite simple and thought that he had better birthday celebrations than this year but surprisingly he said that this was the most 'happening' birthday he had. But he did mention the finest birthday memory he had during his kindergarten years where we receive candy and jelly fancy goodie bags...well all I could say is "glad to make u happy bro ^_^"

Oh yeah did I mention that we celebrate it at our faculty's cafeteria? yup2..its a 2 in 1 agenda..then the four of us continued our heat transfer stirling engine project report

13 going on 30

have you ever watch that movie? What makes me wanna watch again this movie at first I just wanna see Mark Ruffolo's acting when he was a bit younger..he's not that old la sekarang. I watched him at 'The Avengers' and his character still remains the same..sempoi2 camtu. But after watching the movie, suddenly it struck me..if you haven't watched it yet please check out the trailer at youtube at least you would know something. You dream of having something during your youth days but in the end when you have it all you realized that you lost something that is just right in front of you.

Let me take an example, Jenna Rink (played by Jennifer Garner) always wanted to be the famous six chick, be a magazine editor and having the glamorous life. In the end she realized that she lost her best friend, seldomly contact her parents, made out with a guy whose married, and have friends that aren't really her real friends. Yet she was lucky enough to repeat her life after going back again being 13 again. But that doesn't happen in reality guys. Life happens only once. We decided how to go through it.

The same goes for me. I didn't think much or I was scared at that time when someone really dear to me ask me to marry him. What I see before is that marriage comes after graduation, after you get a secured and decent job but marriage while still studying?I didn't think much of that. I wasn't really fully mentally prepared. But when the time comes when I'm fully prepare to hold a responsibility as a wife, that person is going to marry someone else. Pretty frustrating right. tapi bukan jodoh nak buat camne. If I got the chance like Jenna does, I'm sure I won't let him go for reasons utterly unacceptable.

Life is fair, Allah gave us only one chance to live, you can't get back in time, but you can take your mistakes as a lesson for your future actions

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Why brown?

kalau korang tertanya2 napa la ramai sangat sibuk tukar profile pic depa jadi orang yang tutup mata then warna coklat kan..meh sini baca :

My current profile picture shows a prisoner. Brown is the color of clothing enforced by the Israeli prison service on the Palestinian prisoners. The logo on the right means "Shabas" and it is an abbreviation for the Israeli Prison Service. The purpose of changing this DP is to spread the awareness about our brothers and sisters' struggles being imprisoned in Israel and currently on Hunger Strike.

Changing the DP cannot help them all at once but rather to get people to notice what is happening in Palestine currently so that all muslims can make du'a for them. And, that will change something.

Do you know about this before? Well, now you know, and the change of my DP is a success."

DP Facebook

Mungkin ramai yang tertanya-tanya kenapa ramai yang tukar DP kat Facebook kepada DP berpakaian coklat dan bertutup mata. Ada jugak yang tertanya-tanya, adakah DP bertutup mata menjadi trend sekarang ni? Maka, atas tu saya copy paste dari Facebook jugak, da ramai yang share. Alhamdulillah, da ramai yang sedar dan tahu tentang benda ni.

Contoh cover FB

Hari ni, 15 Mei, Hari Nakbah. Sudah 64 tahun Palestin dirampas. Ia diperingati oleh rakyat Palestin, orang Arab dan pejuang Islam seluruhnya, sejak 1948, sebagai memperingati hari rakyat Palestin dihalau dan dibantai beramai-ramai dari negara mereka sendiri. Yaumunnakbah ini kalau diterjemahkan maknanya: Day of The Catastrophe, menggambarkan betapa dasyatnya peristiwa tersebut.

Sama-sama kita doakan saudara-saudara kita kat Palestin. Apa yang kita buat ni walaupun sedikit, moga Allah kira sebagai sumbangan untuk pembebasan Palestin. Insya'Allah.

saya copy ni 100% dari blog cik bulat..dan dia pon copy dari sumber copy copy copy!!

Baju Kurung-ing+Ikea-ing+Curve-ing = Awesomeness

You know how dreadfully hectic and tiring last weekend was?yeah I can count how many hours I slept..and the hours are not during the night..da jadi macam kelawar da..and I noticed most of my classmates went back to their hometown.. one of the remedy to relieved your stress days is to go back to your parents house..yes2 saya memang nak balik..tapi malangnya da terlambat.. I went to class on friday and went settling some stuffs until I got back to my room and slept for a couple of hours..then bila bangun2 je tengok da pukul 3..oh man da terlambat untuk catch up my bus..then last2 I decided to go to sista a.k.a besties place.

Saya bertolak dari melaka pukul 9.15a.m and arrived bangi around 10.30 and parked at UKM's mosque before heading to tasya's classmate brother's wedding..ha amek kawan punya kawan punya abang punya kami berkonvoi ke sana..the wedding was held at dewan kem wardieburn, KL...met new people, made new friends..rasa da kenal hampir semua classmate tasya hehe..

After the wedding, we went to satisfy cik mekdi's ikea meatballs craving..memang kebetulan sangat2 sebab da lama saya merancang nak g ikea but belum ada kesempatan..maka the nine of us, dengan berbaju kurungnya merempuh ikea hohoho.. when we arrived there we heard bisikan from guys around the cafe " eh ada jamuan raya ke"? and  " eh ramai pulak pakai baju kurung hari ni kan" ok fine..being in a place called Damansara it is not normal for a person to were baju kurung ..especially when it is a group of  gadis2 jelita ,lagi ayu..ahak3..ok diam..

So far memang puas jalan-jalan sangat..after we went ikea-ing..singgah the curve ber-curve-ing pula kan..tercabut da kaki ni..lagi2 I was wearing a 4.5 inch heels( i think)..

What can I wrap it up for this weekend is "Awesome!!!!" s please scroll lagi and lagi..thanx to tasya yg emelkan pics ni

from right : mekdi, fa'in, lala me with the red face sebab kepanasan

tasya's classmates..except the one on the left..dia dak chemical..


the 9 baju kurung ladies

found a nice spot to duduk2 

the night scene back there looks real enough kan...

lets dine!!

I've been craving for these meatballs since last year!!alhamdulillah hajat tercapai

10 meatballs for me!!

aby and fa'in

mekdi yg khusyu' makan

fa'in termenung moment caught on camera hehe

wandering around nichii


and again hehe..I like this pic the most..senyum nmpk gigi sume..termasuk mekdi kt belakang tu hihi=

Thursday, May 10, 2012

One Down..Three to Go~

Whoa..what a week..I'm writing this post and I still didn't get my real goodnight sleep..Last night we were too busy experimenting the "Egg Drop" project that leads us to the burning midnight oil session as usual. the first 2 hours we spent at the faculty cafeteria and the rest of the night we spent it at steph's house kat luar tempat letak kereta..bentang la tikar kt luar beserta bakar bekas telur sebagai ubat nyamuk. I slept around 6.30 and woke up around 10.30 and straightly rushed for heat transfer class. Kepala saya da macam weng2 da masa tu..

Anyways, alhamdulillah we successfully achieved our target project. The purpose is to build an absorber to protect the egg from break or cracking when we drop it 3meters down.. and we use straws as dampers. Mula-mula memang agak takut la pecah sebab masa wat testing rasanya tak la 3meter tapi pecah gak then baru kita wat modification kat model tu..I asked elvis whether to test it or not after the modifications are made but he insist on not testing it because if the egg cracks, then we have to clean it thus ruins the 'sticky' effect on the boleh kira amek risiko gak la team kita ni hehe.. then lagi takut bila present a few groups broke the egg and our group was the second last to present..
le model...kalau nak bangga lagi kan nak cakap group kami wat model yg paling kecil with a minimum of 12 straws ..weehuu

ze group yang happy go lucky and sempoi

Ok adlin..back to work..tonight u gonna complete fluid power-welding machine project and heat transfer-sterling engine week..machine component design project..say bye2 to your precious sleep (*_*)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hectic Week

Have you ever been in a situation where you got loads of work to complete in time and when the time starts for you decide to start your got nothing in your mind!!

Believe happens..

Last week, we had two tests and this week we have our last test on wednesday and 2 project submission..this is no regular project. It consist your creativity..or basically it trains yourself to be an engineer. For the first project, fluid power where we have build a robot that helps for machining in welding process..the second project, vibration..where we were given straws and a single egg, build something using those straws so that when we drop the egg at 4 meters the egg won't break or much?haha

The thing is, we don't have much of a guide like we had during our previous semester. Ini lagi membingungkan..

So good luck for me ^^

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Who is he?

Since I just got over a bad relationship, these visions, dreams and real situations keep haunting me. Firstly I dreamt about someone who I never met before asking me to meet his mom(strictly speaking, nak ajak kawen ). I still remember his chinese look face and straight hair. The weird thing is, he was wearing my faculty lab jacket with a black shirt underneath it. I figure he was a senior because he wore an old version of it which I don't have it by the way. The thing is, I never met him. Not even bumped into him. At some point, is he the one that my sister was talking about. Ok talk about my sister, not to be superstitious but she has the mind reading/character reading ability. Maybe it runs in the family coz my mom has that too. It's kinda like a powerful instinct, I know I don't have them. Mom knows the best partner for her friends and sis knows what kind of guy matches her friends. The thing is, they say its hard to read ur close family. I mean come on la, my sis well predicted that my cousin will find her husband when she reaches 25, and yes my cousin met her future husband when she was 25 and now she's 28 and happily married and expecting for their first child. Damn..but how come she can't predict me?

I kinda have this fetish thing over dark tall guys rather than the jambu look ones, and seriously I don't like buncit guys..minta maaf hehe.. but my sister kinda have that slight prediction that I will meet my future husband this year. She told me that my future husband is not dark and chinese look and I haven't met him yet. She told me bout this last year. I'm so freaking out this year..lebih2 lagi when I convinced myself that mr SH was the guy for me..eventhough I know the fact that I knew Mr SH for two years before we decide to have that 'serious' relationship and ended up in disastrous.

Last week my roommate back in matriculation called me. We had a 1hour and 40 minutes full conversation..wehuu I missed that..then we start talking bout my first love mr K..I heard that he's already engaged...a few days after I suddenly bumped into mr K at the train station..seriously?yeah until now I still can't believed that it actually happen. The last time I saw him was about 2 years ago. Masa jumpa tu tak nak nervous pulak kan..haih..

So, it that mr dreamguy is really my husband? For the record, point 1: dia muncul after several istikharah prayers I performed, point 2: He's not dark, height maybe lower than 180 and not that skinny/lean..maybe a little berisi la...senang cite langsung bukan taste saya..point 3: I bumped in to my first love, what coincidence or perkaitan that has do to with that? point 4: my sis said that I never met him..and yes the guy in my dreams is someone I never met..hmm..weird..if I could draw a picture of him I would.. tapi saya memang xpandai melukis.

I guess thats it...I'm nearly 23 and most of my post focuses on marriage..da gatal sangat ke?Honestly, thinking about marriage makes me  a little scared. I remembered that Tasya once said that marriage is not something that we can take it easy, we have to be fully prepare, devoted, I mean we're talking about spending the rest of your life with him right
I hope this doesn't happen :p

Penangan Hilal Asyraf

Anda kenal siapa itu saudara hilal asyraf?kalau kenal..bagus la..tapi kalau tak kenal..why you tak kenal ha?he's a phenomenon ok..

Ok saya buat post ini sebab nak membicarakan tentang akhi ini. Alkisahnya dia bekas pelajar sekolah rendah islam hidayah dimana tempat saya  juga belajar..tetapi saya tidak berkesempatan untuk berjumpa dengan beliau kerana saya masuk sekolah hidayah masa tingkatan 2 dimana ketika itu dia sudahpun berpindah ke MATRI..sekolah di utara yang saya tidak berapa pasti lokasinya.

Anyways, the first time I saw him when we went to our little SMIH+SRIH reunion at gombak. There are a couple of people that I first met too there since I was at smih for only 3 years. but believe me, it was a heck of joy for that 3 years. Hilal didn't make it for the whole day but at least he came for a couple of hours since he was on a rush to give a talk at some place I don't recall. Then ameer told me that hilal was a famous writer that he even has his own company ( and he published his first book when he was 13!!ok how cool is that? deyh napa tiba2 tkuar nak ckp english ni*

Since then I love to read his writings, his thoughts seems very inspiring to us readers. Sebab pendapat dia boleh diterima secara logik akal. Oh yeah one more thing..I got invited to his wedding..*yay* ok itu tak perlu mention kot. On 7 july, mentang2 warga hidayah kan hehe..but the thing is, I'm not sure if I can make it..

Ok sekian disini saja coretan saya. Kalau yang tak tahu tu, silalah follow dia kt twitter or subscribe kt facebook or even singgah kt website dia. He may not be as ustaz azhar idrus but he is indeed someone that could lead people, and some what a perfect husband..lalalala~

I manage to get one of his poyo looks hehe