Thursday, October 6, 2011

Great weekend with bestie

How long was it after my previous post?oh its only been a week!! rajinnya saya update blog kan. I don't know how to make this blog fancy enough. I like it simple. Less followers? a bit disappointing but just have to be patient enough. Don't create a blog for money purpose only. Kalau ada rezeki nuffnang tu ada la kan. Well speaking of my previous post about tasya coming over here and yeah we had a great weekend. She arrived around 8.30 and that time I was at mydin mall with my housemate banun (mydin in malacca is 3x bigger than other branches,I'm just saying :p) because I estimated her arrival around 9, then tasya said that the bus driver drove fast enough to get to malacca for an hour. So I picked her up at ayer keroh tol and head back to mydin since I left banun there while she was searching for a table fan.

big enough? I told you so

Then that night we went chit chatting like forever. Ok let me recall what made us besties. Both of us studied at pahang matriculation college back then yet we haven't even met till I volunteered as a facilitator last year and then I met tasya as we shared the same room. Maybe because we had a lot of in commons and the way she treated my as a sister really makes me feel comfortable around her. Even though she's studying in UKM which is about an hour half of driving distance from Malacca that limits our  meet up but hey close friends are not someone who you could see often right..or maybe not all cases hihi.
during orientation with new students at kmph

cycling to the hall. It wasn't much of watching the students. It was more of  taking pictures with the faci's

 The next day, I brought her to The Thousand Flower Park( sebenarnya nama taman seribu bunga je..saja nak englishkn hihi). Since she's taking biology science major in botany, she was so excited seeing loads of flowers there. For me it didn't mesmerize me much.but the place was nice. suitable for couples dating :p

Black and White mood

pashmina: bought at pahlawan walk
sleeveless long dress: from natrah abdullah collections
cardi: old collection
shoes: my favorite ruccini's wedges

again. the camwhoring from us as always :D

ini namanya bunga kantan. a must to put kalau buat laksa

Around  5p.m, we went to bukit beruang for sight seeing. The place is quite near to my hostel during my industrial practice days. I don't know the exact name of this place but I just called it bukit beruang. Finally a hill that really exists literally  not just by the name. I invited farid (also the faci team) along since his rent house  was just a 5 minute walking distance from here. He's taking electrical and since his faculty is at the main campus (mine's at ayer keroh industrial park) so we hardly seen each other. Speaking of hills, bukit beruang is quite slopy(indeed another fake word I made up) but we manage to reach the peak about ten minutes or less.

from here you could even see menara taming sari

dipaksa membuat muka comel.. cute ke?haha

After isya' prayers we went to Jasin hot springs with my classmates. I think the place was opened after gadek's hot spring which was much further than Jasin. We were the earliest person to discover the place perhaps cause the place wasn't that occupied every time we went there. But now I guess the news spread fast and tickets are getting expensive and yes crowded with families. Either way we enjoyed ourselves dipping/swimming/splashing :)

The next day we went to Asam Pedas Che A' for lunch. Located at medan selera ayer keroh, besides Shell petrol station. The asam pedas is delicious and the best thing is its super cheap!! as we were about to head to malacca central to buy tickets to bangi, I had a crazy idea to drove her straightly to UKM. yeah I know its crazy but eventually I made it.

We arrived UKM around 6 p.m and as soon as I arrived I told Akram ( a close friend of mine back in kmph. We were on the same lecture group on our 1st yr but rarely talk until our 2nd yr)  that I was at tasya's place. He was at the faculty  doing his project when I called him, rajin sungguh pergi fac ahad2 pon hihi. Then the three of us had dinner together at d'village, kajang. Akram's treat a.k.a my belated birthday treat..thanx akram!!!:)

I arrived malacca around 12a.m and I completely doze off. Great weekend. Oh how I missed my best friend so much. I know from now on you're gonna be busy with field works and final year project. Till we meet again tasya!!

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