Thursday, May 10, 2012

One Down..Three to Go~

Whoa..what a week..I'm writing this post and I still didn't get my real goodnight sleep..Last night we were too busy experimenting the "Egg Drop" project that leads us to the burning midnight oil session as usual. the first 2 hours we spent at the faculty cafeteria and the rest of the night we spent it at steph's house kat luar tempat letak kereta..bentang la tikar kt luar beserta bakar bekas telur sebagai ubat nyamuk. I slept around 6.30 and woke up around 10.30 and straightly rushed for heat transfer class. Kepala saya da macam weng2 da masa tu..

Anyways, alhamdulillah we successfully achieved our target project. The purpose is to build an absorber to protect the egg from break or cracking when we drop it 3meters down.. and we use straws as dampers. Mula-mula memang agak takut la pecah sebab masa wat testing rasanya tak la 3meter tapi pecah gak then baru kita wat modification kat model tu..I asked elvis whether to test it or not after the modifications are made but he insist on not testing it because if the egg cracks, then we have to clean it thus ruins the 'sticky' effect on the boleh kira amek risiko gak la team kita ni hehe.. then lagi takut bila present a few groups broke the egg and our group was the second last to present..
le model...kalau nak bangga lagi kan nak cakap group kami wat model yg paling kecil with a minimum of 12 straws ..weehuu

ze group yang happy go lucky and sempoi

Ok adlin..back to work..tonight u gonna complete fluid power-welding machine project and heat transfer-sterling engine week..machine component design project..say bye2 to your precious sleep (*_*)

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