About me

I created this blog since my matriculation days three years back in pahang matriculation college. I find blogging as a medium to express thoughts and as my 'paper free' life journal. I've abandoned my blog since I don't have the courage to write and thinking that writing isn't my thing. Well that's not gonna happen now!!! I don't know what got into me that suddenly encourage me to write again. My previous post mostly written in malay.For now I try to write in english as a way to improve my english.(ok I know it sounds 'poyo' but what the heck right). So forgive me for all those grammatical errors I've commit.

Currently studying at Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM) majoring in Thermal-Fluids Mechanical Engineering. To me its quite hard to survive this course since I'm not the 'fast pick up' type compared to my colleagues. Even so I try to take it as a challenge for this life changing experience. Being surrounded by a great loving and supporting family, heart warming friends is really a bless given by HIM.

Encountering obstacles in life will lead us to undecided actions that may result to better or worse consequences. Nevertheless, making mistakes is somewhat the best teacher. On going experience makes you stronger. Don't judge people easily, you don't know what they're going through. Seriously.