Tuesday, November 13, 2012

On Plagiarism Matters

While I was busy doing my assignments and projects and not forgetting my final year project!! (big grudge on that one) I logged on to utem's student portal to check out new items.. then my hvac (heat ventilating & air-conditioning system...malas betul ai nak tulis panjang2) lecturer uploaded our individual assignment assessment based on similarities between our work and the internet...in short the percentage of plagiarism in our work...honestly speaking I was a little nervous the moment I saw the file there probably because it took me only two days to complete the assignment because I was rushing finishing my FYP poster...students just LOVE to procrastinate right...

So then when I opened the file and ..wallauweyh!! I got 14% of similarities...not exactly the greatest achievement  coz my rank was 25 out of 60 student submission..it was quite a relief for me coz my lecturer once mentioned that if a student's work is more than 30% of similarities, it is assumed as plagiarism....kalaulah aku buat betul2 mesti dapat 0% similarities heee..ayat bajet bagus hoho... I should work harder for my thesis  and my new target : achieve below 10 % of similarities!!fight-to~oh!! (terikut-ikut ngan yankumi in gokusen lak hehe)

Then I realized something...intelligence is definitely not based on how good your grades get...or how well your curricular activities are..sometimes we just need a little determination and confidence in life..maintaining good relationship with people around...and certainly maintaining a good relationship with Allah is what matters most...

juz a little prove that I ain't lying ..and self satisfaction :p

Friday, November 9, 2012

Happy Birthday to Both of You

today is a special day for these two person that meant a lot to me...why is that?because both of them are my friends la of course... I don't usually memorize peoples birth date but when it comes to my close friends I'll definitely remember even though they hid it on facebook.

so happy birthday to kamal my miyazaki friend whose turning 25... he never forgets to wish my birthday every year since we met on 2007...even though we have our misunderstandings but you still want to save our friendship relation...hope everything goes well for your upcoming wedding  next year 

and happy birthday also to topek my utem friend whose turning 23 and currently is in Japan for his job training..I've known him two years ago since we were in the same team for FKM's sports event...topek, I'm waiting for my omiyagi when you arrived malaysia ok :p...

should I post a  pic of both them? nah..

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Enjoying My Saturday

For this week, I have to complete 3 out of 6 task by friday..after all the less sleep..unfortunately I only managed to complete 2 of them...but luckily the other one task was due on next monday..pheww... yesterday I slept early around 10.30..awal la tu coz biasa around 2 baru tdo...then this morning everything went as I planned..I got up early and performed subuh prayers, then around 7.30 went for a jog at taman botanikal yang telah sekian lama tak pergi..if I recall last time was in sem 5..sekarang da sem 7!!hoho..I asked my room mate to tag along but she said that she wasn't into joging..she prefers cycling...I'm ok with both but the thing is I don't have a bicycle..so I ended up going alone..gila semangat kan jog sensorang..but biasanya cmne ramai pon aku gi ngan kawan2 in the end aku jog sorang2 gak..they will just wait for me on the other side...but during one of my lazy moods kadang2 jalan je aku ni..

But this morning I was kinda impressed myself (bangga dengan diri sendiri haha) coz even though I haven't jog for quite a while but I managed to complete one full round jogging...music was one of the factors helped me of course..biasa orang pasang laju rancak2 kalau nak lari..on the other hand I would play lagu2 tangkap jiwang woo...dunno why la coz bila pasang feeling je sambil lari...tapi bila balik and masuk kereta kaki jadi lenguh n gigil2..and badan jadi penat sangat2...ha amek kau...lari like 1.7km non stop..my mind was completely on the song and ignoring my capabilities...jog2 pastu balik singgah kedai beli nasi lemak..there goes the jog la kan...but hilang la segala stress2 terpendam ini...masa sem 5 selalu gak main badminton late night with my classmates...rindu lak nak main...

After breakfast, sesi cleaning2 with my roomie begins...sweeping..mopping..scrubbing the bathroom floor and walls...I also sewed my clothes...tak la jahit buat baju baru...betulkan je..I think even a normal guy can do it...

 I think I just blew up every detail I did heh.... but this weekend is the time when I really felt like staying home..malas nak gi jalan2...is a good thing that I don't have a boyfriend so takdelah gaduh  sebab tak dapat keluar kan :p...and I also plan on completing my other 4 task before my mid semester holidays..

while writing this post..my memories during my freshmen year slowly datang..how I miss those times... now everybody has been busy being a grown up..thinking bout marriage...final year project..

oh  below are pics during my 2nd time here at taman botanikal..messing around..jog tak seberapa...sem 2

main2 lagi

hepi gila sampai angkat2 membe hehe..

sepatutnya I would post this on last saturday tapi internet sangat lah slow ketika itu so sekarang baru nk post..