Friday, April 25, 2014

The Days In Great Britain (Part 2) : Uxbridge, Brunel University

On 4:30p.m 3/2/2014 we safely arrived at Heathrow, london. Imagine a 13hour daylight flight for the both of us, It was a total big relief. Then as soon as we arrived, we were supposed to fill up these arrival cards to get through the british immigration officers (don't really know the exact terms orang-orang tersebut) but since nobody told us about that, so kami pon selamba jela soon as we get there, the 40 year old officer asked us several questions that we didn't expect to..some of them are dia punya psycho gila bila tanya tu that makes aiman a little bit of gelabah... then I tried to answer all his questions as calmly as I could..although in the inside even I was "gelabah" a bit..

Alhamdulillah we got through it,,kakak picked us up at the airport after waiting for her for about an hour since she had to travel by bus and its her first time going to heathrow alone since her touchdown on last at first we were mad for waiting for her but after knowing her situation so lama2 hilang rasa nak marah tu..

As soon as I reached kakak's room, dia punya kelegaan tak terkata..the first thing that I wanna do is to lie down on her comfy bed..but thats not possible when your sister is a hygienic freak kan. but I managed to "qada" my total hours of jet lagged the next day..

So kakak said that in a few days she is going to be a bit busy considering that she has to submit a few assignments on that day so me and aiman had to go exploring uxbridge ourselves..
jangan main2..pavi pon hado kat "perkampungan" london ni...but we had to take a bus from kakak"s place to here...

ni lak just a five minute walking distance from brunel ...saja gedik amok pic sini..almaklumlah jakun 

ni pic aku post kat facebook yang mengundang likes terbanyak dalam sejarah dan juga  pelbagai persoalan common seperti " adlin sambung study ke?"  sampai ke sudah aku tak jawab..biarkan mereka dengan soalan2 sebegitu muahahaha...alaa sooner or later people will know the truth..penat gak nak balas komen sorang2..oh btw ni pic dekat brunel university..just around kawasan hostel

and this was taken on our 3rd day at london..when we were just strolling around the campus..nasib pagi lagi so tak kacau orang..nak snap pic pon tak malu sangat lol..and it was freezing cold..i think the temperature was around 3 to 5 degrees

brunel at 5p.m..masa ni nak try biasakan diri untuk terima hakikat perubahan waktu dimana siang agak pendek..still in winter season kan...

this is the hall"s kitchen where i spent most of my time here..kakak"s flatmates bila nampak aku masak mesti diorang akan cakap " jasmine never cooks" ..well yeah i know haha..dapur punya cantik  mestilah aku  suka duduk sini

Then coincidently aiman's college friend was there on holiday too so we decided to meet up and had coffee together

sapa yang duduk UK ni mesti dah jemu tengok costa ni..macam mamak orang2 UK gak la

with farah (final year business student at brunel) and elynn aiman's friend...adik2 ini sangatlah baik walaupun datang dari family yang berada

dan mereka lebih baik lagi when they cooked dinner for us

Ok sangatlah lega bila dah setel part 2 of this trip..basically uxbridge is located in west london where it is sort of like ulu london pada pendapat saya lah kan. It is a nice neighbourhood, not hectic and a great place to stay..

Part 3 will be coming shortly...ntah shortly bila tu tak tahu la.. ok bye