Saturday, September 29, 2012

Officially 23!!

 Oh my God time flies so seems like just yesterday I just posted about my 22nd birthday and now I'm already posting about my 23rd birthday..

Yes I am 23 this year and  for those who did not know that I hid my year of birth..bajet nak sorok umur lah katakan last saturday fi and wan asked my to join them to go jalan2 at shah alam..seriously I don't know whats so interesting about shah alam..uitm..kawasan kilang and i-city..ha i-city jela kot tarikan situ..but hey somehow memang terasa nak jalan2 so I tag along..I kindly asked karen to join us too..lagi sekali saya cakap..were are not dating!!don't want people to assume me to have any boyfriends at the moment..

Then as we arrived shah alam..wan took us to a arabic restaurant and we ate like orang arab betul..nasi dia punya lah banyak..well we asians don't eat that much....but the thing is...the 3 of them sume habis makan..saya sorang jela tinggal suku nasi tu yang memang tak boleh nak sumbat dah...then we went to taman tasik shah alam..jalan la satu round kat sana..abes da the carbs makan nasi arab tadi wat jalan satu tasik yang agak besar tu...petang tu aku da lapar balik heee...singgah restoran area seksyen 7..guess what, I ordered nasi goreng tomyam okee..terkejut diorang..nk wat cmne..maybe saya xbanyak makan..tapi selalu makan heee...nope2  I blame the hormones..PMS I tend to eat a lot..
first time la pegi masjid negeri..wat malu je xpernah solat  kt sini selama 23 thun aku hidup..tu yg ak beria sgt suh wan singgah sini

akhirnya berjaya gak sampai sini...maybe just a few je yg tau tpt ni..

senyap2 je amek pic fi ngah solat hihihi

at taman tasik shah alam..

memang seharusnya aku perlu ada pic di sini  :p
Tapi kan...when karen offered me to use his portable phone charger..I desperately wanted to coz masa tu fon batri tinggal satu bar je so dia pergilah amek kt kereta...not knowing that he actually brought along a piece of cake and I was like "ehhh!!"" sangat terkejut coz my birthday was on 25th but they said that they on 25th they were kinda busy that day so they decided to celebrate a little bit earlier...but I was more than grateful to have a simple celebration here...they say that mine's celebration was the furthest among all..sampai ke shah alam nk sambut besday ok hehe...a very big thanx kat semua wishes and doa xkisah la through facebook..phones and secara directly..I appreciate it so much..

the cake~

the muka teruja~

the potong kek session

my teruja face for the second time..dapat present yeay!!

tengoklah muka budak hepi ini

Oh I forgot to mention about the whole trip..after sesi makan kek, as promised we went to i-city and it was a whole lot different than before I went there in 2010..masa tu kecik je lagi and ada tanah lapang lagi and half of them are still in construction..but now I think dah fully siap and semua benda berbayar alahai lah kan..siap amek2 gambar bagai...we head to uptown shah alam...I'm the kind of person who likes to look around uptown stuffs..coz lebih informal and sempoi...boleh gelak kuat2 xde sapa kisah...and ofcourse la barang2 sana lebih murah..tapi kalau crowded gila tu agak lemas la...what I see is that uptwon shah alam ni lebih banyak guys stuffs..gurl2 ni tak banyak..

muka2 naik ferris wheel
view form above

As soon as nak balik tu...mereka2 ni ajak tengok wayang kat space U8 plak dah...aku ni dah la mengantuk tahap xleh nak bukak mata besar2..tapi layan kan ajer,,,sampai2 sana tiket xde yang terdekat..ada pon kol 12.20 so kami decide untuk balik je...yang paling aku hangin bila nak cari toilet kat situ tak de...ada tapi eyes were so dry due to the overlimit hours of consuming contact lenses so camne pon I had to take them off....then jumpa toilet..kt perempuan kunci lak..damn!!so pergi la kt belah laki punya...kt situ sabun xde...dengan redhanye basuh tangan tanpa sabun and bukak...tula suka sangat pakai contact lens kan..

We arrived Malacca around 3a.m...what a day right...

so..Hi I'm adlin...23 years old and not married,,yet heee...

 p/s: post kali ni macam melampau pulak banyak pic ak kan..

Takziah Sarah and Family

Last week when I was preparing myself for my part time work my classmate dayah spread the news that sarah's father passed away at hospital serdang...then a few minutes called and said that they wanted to pick me up and drove to sarah's place and pay a visit to their family...I was working that time and I had to make an excuse to kak Na and ask wan and fi to pick me up at my work there were about 6 cars berkonvoi ke rumah sarah at sepang...when we arrived sarah's family were not there...ada kismera.diyana and the other budak auto girls there so kami duduk kt situ sekejap....fisah told us everything about how sarah's father first he was caught on fever for about a week then bila dia dah elok and boleh pergi kerja, he fainted at the surau and was brought to hospital serdang and maybe he died on the way there..

When I received the news about her father's death, I was quite shocked coz her dad didn't suffer from any disease..not that I heard la...tapi orang kata ajal kan...tak perlu nak tunggu tua or sakit...sedikit sebanyak peristiwa ni mengingatkan aku tentang kematian...kalau satu hari kita mati dan tak sempat nak maaf kt kawan2..ibu bapa..cmne ye?nauzubillah...

I hope keluarga sarah akan terus tabah menghadapi segala dugaan hidup...

Monday, September 24, 2012

Three Days Off

Last two weeks we had an extra day off sempena hari malaysia so cuti tiga hari la kan..after making some calculations I decided to go to bangi..where?as usual la at tasya's place of the reasons why coz his boyfriend which is also my ex-classmate wanted to treat us lunch..I assumed as a token of his gratitude as I was the one who made them  a 'thing' eleh ye ye je aku ni hehe...apa lagi kami bantai makan secret recipe...we  went to one utama which is my first time being there..rasa macam tak nak pegi lagi da..melainkan da kayo haha..the place is so enormous man..sesat kami dibuatnya...

ini mereka doakan anda hingga ke jinjang pelamin..n I will be ur bridesmaid ok tasya :p

sementara tunggu org..snap2 le

ini pon sama...tgh tggu tasya adjust2 tudung..well girls mmg cmni ye kawan2..i pon sama je

Then after lunch and solat ( u know I hate it when gigantic malls provide a very small space surau) amer ajak kami tengok wayang..cite resident evil...dahla aku tak pernah ikut dari yang 1st tapi ok la leh faham sikit2..tapi banyak gak terkejut...after the movie we hit for dinner at some place I could not recall near tasik permaisuri....thank you so much amer for treating us the whole day...serius rasa serba salah..tapi suka gak blanja kot haha...

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Comelnya Abang!!!

Tajuk macam nak tuju kat abang kekasih tersayang sangat kan..nope2 I don't make those kind of lovey dovey posts (not yet I think)..I just wanna share something I found interesting.

Yesterday I went to Jusco with my room mate checking out some stuffs and ain my room mate wants to 'shop' at watsons (seriously she's addicted to watsons stuffs..I don't know why). While I was waiting for her, I sat outside on a bench next to McDonalds and I saw a mother with 4 kids aged between 6 months to 5 years old..yeah jarak dekat2 semua...the oldest was the brother together with his two lil sister and a baby brother..that time I didn't noticed that their dad is already inside the restaurant of the lil sis was crying tremendously at the patung McD tu and the brother grab her sis and persuade her by " Meh abang belikan aiskrim nak " then he went to the ice-cream counter  and took out an imaginary wallet of his and paid for two ice creams..he gave one to his crying his " nah ni satu untuk abang satu untuk adik " so cute la the way he had the imaginary ice cream idea coming out dalam usaha nak pujuk adik dia supaya tak nangis.. " ha sedap kan ice cream..abang nak beli lagi la" then he went again to the counter with the same act he did before...

10 seconds later, the father came out holding 3 cones of sundae and gave to each one of they did really got one instead of an imaginary lol..but the scene for me is very cute..kalau ada abang camni kan bagus..because I really never had a brother..only young uncles which mostly are my dad's master research students that I know them for more than 10 years..ok la..

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tips on Saving Money by the Ex-Big Spender

So today I'm gonna share some of my experiences on how to spend wisely..especially when you have less than 100 bucks in your account to be spent for the rest of the month..very useful I tell ya..this post is crucially for students

Tip 1: Try to prevent from buying outside food, nasi campur at stalls and try to cook something simple such as fried egg with soy sauce and rice...tadaaa..done

Tip 2: If your friends ask to hang out, prevent yourself from saying " I don't have money" " I'm on a tight budget" or so and  try something a little more  jaga hati sikit like " I don't feel like going out" "Sorry I already cooked something at home"..try to vary your answers from repeating the same usual words that people don't have to brag about being 'poor' to all people you know just to get sympathy and charity...remember, your words are your grandmother always reminds me that...if you say that you don't have money all the time then you might exactly be moneyless...even so with loads of money you still feel  its not enough..for those who are  utterly keeping the secret of his/her life..Allah will guide us the way..insyaAllah...

Tip 3: Do part time jobs la..duh!! besides of having your own side will learn how to manage your time wisely..

Tip 4 : Sacrifice your usual routines...such as drink starbucks coffee every morning, eat fast foods weekly, hang out at shopping malls with your colleagues (unless you just accompanying them without buying anything that can be exceptional), pamper yourself with expensive treats and stuffs....aside from medical issues and really3 important tasks..

Tip 5: For those who are seriously in a relationship..especially guys..its a big NO NO la if you have 100 bucks in your hello you have to prevent yourself from going out..unless your girlfriend is very generous to pay for the expenses hehe....for singleton ladies like me we have to learn to be independent and not hoping for a charming prince to propose to you...stop hallucinating, this ain't a fairytale life... but I remember sheikh muzaphar said to her wife that " “Every women loves Kate Middleton because she lives the fairytale life that you all women want.. to marry a prince!!”

ok thats out of the topic...juz exaggerating a bit heee

Tip 6: If you're the kind of person that enjoys travelling and window shopping, its totally ok if you wanna go out once a while with your friends..lagi bagus bila you travel  ramai2...but remember to make calculations before you decided to join..then when it comes to touching an item that you really find it cute..this time your close friends play an important role..they would remind you " Nice to see Nice to hold..bare in mind to buy things important only"..thank you fi and tasya for always reminding me..but ayat atas tu tak guna la hehe

Tip 7:  If you really don't know how to start, try to ask your friends tips and guides (singgah2 le my blog pon ok gak..more tips coming soon :D ) and most importantly seek guidance from Allah..don't ever lose hope to Him...

Ok I think thats enough that I could think of tonight..time to hit the my first lab session tomorrow..bye2

I don't know how to set the original time at every post I made..takpelah..malas nak pikir...

Monday, September 17, 2012

Final Year!!

It's my second week of my 7th semester...perasaan jadi super senior?seriously tak rasa apa2!! All I know is that I wanna finish my degree so damn much that it keeps haunting me like every second..maybe because  most of my colleagues already graduated and have jobs so thats kinda pressurized me.. the same way I felt during my second year at matriculation where most of my friends on the one year programme already on their first year of university life...I don't know why but somehow I miss my intern life..even though I realized that working environment isn't as much fun as I expected but at least problems at work are kept at work..on the other hand, problems at college are brought till the moment you wanna go to bed..selagi tak siap selagi tu la dok pikiaq cmne... I don't know about other companies but at as far as my observation, I see that no matter how great you are at work, your achievements at college or your position...bila da masuk time lepak2 kt luar mahupon kt pantry semua pon jadi sama je...

Talking about my subjects taken this semester, currently I'm taking 17 credits and additional 3 credits (that makes a total of 20 credits) plus 2 credits of final year project...penat tak penat tu belakang cerita la coz masa belajar memang penat the title of my project would be 'biomass' in general la tajuknya tu..xigt tajuk sebenar hehe...I'm experimenting the rate of cholerific value of trash product in the production of briquette..xtau sila google macam saya heee...

The lecturers..hmm how should I say this... I expected that since we are final year students so lecturer tidak lah jenis school type ones like jenis suke suruh gi depan jawab soklan punctual..but unfortunately itulah yang kami dapat..hopefully semangat mereka tu masa awal2 jela ngeee.. oh bout  my FYP gladly I chose a lecturer that is easily to be contact..pasal tajuk tu mula2 ingat nak amek yang gempak tahap genius but after taking several advices from friends and people from my workplace, I decided to go with something 'easy' ye je senang..lom wat lagi hoho

Nonetheless..saya tetap rindu ahli2 at RWNA  :))

my last payment

a little farewell party for the interns

juki (right) ckp jgn upload kt fb muka dia nga makan tp sy upload kt blog la hohoh

maka tinggal la badrul (left) sorang kt sini utk lg 3 bulan..dak poli lama sikit intern..bos siap tawar keje lagi pas abes ..untung masa depan da terjamin

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Raya Day 4: Beraya Sakan 12 Jam

ok saya buat post raya lagi...gara2 malas gila nak update masa 1st week raya aritu...dah nama pon sakan so memang tak da masa la nak menghadap laptop pon...

So berkenaan hari keempat the Hashims bergerak dari rembau ke seremban pada jam 12 noon then balik bangi and the time where we all can lay in our beds at 1a.m...yeah memang my first time semangat ikut sedaro beragho punya hal...there were houses that I never got a chance to visit before like uncle de'de ( Khairil Rashid-former DJ Era) and mom's cousin uncle amer and since I got a week of raya leave so memang gunakan cuti sebaik2nya..

mari tengok gambar!! yang sgt byk..da warning awal2 k
sebab hari tu ramai ckp baju saya comels n ingat mahal..meh saya cerita sikit:

tudung: uptown danau
top: bought on9 2years ago..before peplum was popular
skirt: kain baju kurung mak i yg da tak muat ok
selipar: takyah ckp la coz  memang ak da pakai dr dua thun lps pon.15 henget je.tunggu tapak haus je ni haha
cousins husband family at seremban 

next station at 6.30pm....muka masing2 da penat
tapi bergambar beramai2 itu harus ada bila the hashims ada
at uncle dekde's house..suka borak2 ngn aunty Ivy(yeah her real name) sempoi je..

before we leave his photo as usual..and it was 10.45pm
infront of uncle amer's house..yeah gigantic I tell ya

sampai2 je paklang da attack kerusi besar ni

 maka yang lain pon juga sibuk nak ikut amek pic kt situ~
xtau nak ckp ape heee

'pan cing bag' out of no where in the living room..hmmm

gila kan sampai kt toilet pon sibuk nak amek pic..sebab toilet dia mmg best!!haha..the thing is..toilet dia kt master room ni xde pintu!!what? i was thinking ok la kalau kt shower or sink..but jamban tu?nak buang air pon org pandang..errr

stairs to the attic

makteh yg teruja

sis to sis moments..point pic ni sb nk tunjuk kt belakang tu..i thought it was pelita but then i found out it was little candles in a glass container

saya berbajetan lagi~

wif my beautiful n sweet cousin

sebelah sy itu uncle amers wife..pon sgt humble...dia siap mintak saya ajar cmne nak wat gaya tudung sy tu..sonang je aunty hee

see I tell ya..pic berlambak...ok till next post..minta maaf kalau sy wat pasal raya lg..