Tuesday, September 30, 2008

happy birthday to me ^^

tbe nye hari tua ku huwaaa...my last year of being a teen huhu..k talking bout my last bday (wpon dah berdekad bru aku nk update blog kn hihi) a lot of things happen...cm from year to year ia menjadi lebih bermakne bg ku acecece...k so here's some pix yg sng skit nk aku describe..

these r not mine..kebetulan we share the same b'day..happy bday to u too lia!!dye dak blik dpn aku jerpada siangnye me n my classmates jd camera freaks hehe comey2

from left: tiqa,ija,kak imah yg kne angkat ngn ain hehe n ee shin

malamnye buka pose wif my ex-roommates.actually this is not the same day..yg ni wat mse bday syamin 20 september followed by ina 22 n me 25, didnt we make a great roomies?huuu

so i got home at 26/9 n my mom n sis wanted to celebrate also at home..igt nk tggu akak aku blik esk tp drg kate x sbr nk mkn secret recipe hmm...kek aku cm klaka skit r coz half2...igt nk order a whole blueberry cheese tp my sis x bpe gemar cheese so half lg amek choc indulgence,aku xbleh sgt mkn tu,nti rse cm nk muntah je coz byk sgt choclate haiz mcm2

the half n half cake hihi

mse aku blik umah pon cm terkejut gak coz ada package smpi,em cm pelik je coz xpenah2 org nk anta brg2 bsr kat aku..so bukak2 tgk encik ahmad zulkamal bin ahmad ziyadi if im not mistaken his full name la..nk cte skit psl dye..dye ni aku knl mse g jepun dlo wakil dr matrik perak,org besar gak r dye ni jawatankuasa perwakilan pelajar nyer org,pointer lak 3.9 mmg sgt hebat la this guy, aku pon rpt gak ngn dye ni coz dye slalu tlg aku mse kat sne..tp dye xsmpt abes matrik dye dah kuar g uitm shah alam amik architecture..ok la coz dye pg pd apa yg dye nk drp stay kat matrik yg lom tentu futurenye cm aku la kn huhu...k after him dpt lagi stu package from oniisan sollehin!!huwaa sgt rindu r ngn abg aku srg ni..yg dye ni pon sme matrik n sme g jepun,cik solihin yg kecoh org nyer+dye lak skrg ni sme tpt study ngn kamal ha bgs sgt la tu sekepala 2 org tu

kamal bg his old notes+skema jwpn kimia+the blue tudung

w'pon simple but thank u soooo much u guys..hontoni arigatou ^^

well i guess thats it for to todays post..aku rse byk gamba je kn dr kata2..x tau nk ckp time kasih kt org2 yg mengingati aku,appreciate sgt2..pd cik alem yg dr stat kuliah pg smpi ptg x abes2 nk promote bday aku,pd mr arrogant a.k.a akram yg tepon smpi abes kredit,my clsmates n my family..luv ya...ceh cm mng emmy awards je ckp berjela2 haha...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Hello Samsung L100, Happy Birthday Nisrina!!

so one day I went out with my dad, bro n sis..pusing2 kat mega buying our baju raya..ktorg bkn suka2 sng je nk dpt that camera,tp dh rancang awal2 b4 peggig..so asalnya nk beli one of those sony cybershots coz it looks so cool hehe..but after comparing with other brands like olympus,canon as well as benQ, finally we decided for a pink samsung 8.1megapixel camera. We all thought it was worth it..sebelum ni ktorg mmg ada camera sedia ada we bought on 2002 a canon Ixus 2megapixels(skrg hp pun ada yg 5mp kn) and I thought it weigh like 2kg haha..but hey we still use it though..so afterhaving the whole day with dad,.and after buka puasa at home(which my mom made her special lasagna yumm) and after we had our tarawikh prayers, aunt mia which is our neighbour invited us to her little daughters birthday party at secret recipe..i say the place which makes me gain weight haha but watever org da belanja kn kte lyn je la kn..dh la bru pas bke, pas solat hentam lak kek bgs la tu hihi..
the birthday girl nina...
japanese soba we ordered..men share2 je cz dh kenyang..seriously it doesnt look like the real japanese soba
I just can't resist this new york cheese cake

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Puasa Oh Puasa...

yay!bulan ramadhan sudah tiba hehe..so this is my 2nd year puasakat kmph..haiz dh mula terbyg cmne nk berebut2 makanan katkafe..berebut mcm org kebulur seriously..klo abis kls pkl 3 tu kre ok lagi la nk bli makanan tu tp once dh kol 4 where most students abis kls that time, sesak gle huhu..coz ktorg pon dh nama ddk katmatrik,sekolah nyer style yg membataskan pergerakankami(means outing la)so kami tiada pilihan...tp luckily for this year matrik yg memahami ini dgn kehadiran ramai student so they decided wat bazar ramadhan...alhamdulillah masalah kesesakan dpt diatasi hihi..sepanjangbulan puasa ini walaupon hanya ddk kat hutan gambang ni tp ayin(me) dpt byk jemputan bukapuasa..first is with my x-clsmate 4d18..b4 this students are around 23 like that but the number kept decreasing day by day..so for this semester..15!!wawawa with 8 girls n 7 boys..but suprisingly rashid came..dia skrg kat kolej kt area kuantan(x bpe igt r nme nyer sorry) tp what I know is agk bru la tpt tu dia cte cz even cubical pun x de sian kn huhu..here r some pix..the guys
anis n tonet
makanan yg kami jamah..nasi tomato,puding roti, kuih,tembikai,air anggur
I'm feeding my mokngah(syira) acecece comey2
last pic with rashid..thanx 4 coming =)

but thats not all..lps bke pose ngn x-clsmate,ktorg bke ngn kls skrg..but thanx to me I deleted all the pix in my cell phone arghh!!why am I so clumsy?so it left me with nothing..hanis gambar2 kt lab yg gle2 pon dah hilang..cian kat tikah n kak imah yg nk sgt gmbr tu huhu..ok2 back to the topic.. so after bke pose with 4f30, ada lagi daa..ngn jpp members of 2p(penerangan n penerbitan)..yg ni makanan mira yg tempah kat cikgu..abu yg patah kaki pon leh dtg hehe..
2P crew

pastu ada lagi bke pose with my old roomates ina, mastura, and syamin(which is also my roomate now hehe)..I ordered blueberry cheesecake from this akak bazar yg sememangnya mouthwatering huu..sygnye i didnt get a pic of it..I think that is it 4 todays post..selamat berpuasa!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

my sister is a great movie maker & my brother shuffles big time

so what makes me then?huhu nevermind.k talking bout them that I would like to boast u all how great there r(yeke?).my older sis jasmine has a passion of making movies since her teenage years. I remember her first attempt is 'The First Paper' which is when she was form 4. then she successfully made the hari raya movie which performs both sides of our family rembau n gombak...actually dia dah wat byk gak clips tp xkn aku nk listkn rite so I will only touch on her latest movie..'The Wanted'..kinda great movie..but its just the preview she created so far..yg lain dlm proses pembikinan hehe..cite psl 5 org dipilih utk cari srg penjahat la cmtu..dye kumpul2 edit2 scenes n edit 2 n BAMM!! 1 movie created haha....

the face of the creator..hihihi..she is really into japanese stuff

k we move on to my brother..mula2 ntah pape la aku tgk dye ni cm kelam kabut je haha..actually I really don't know wat is shuffling tapi u should see this vid he uploaded at utube..habis segala org yg dtg dye bg tjk huhu lyn jela..tp aku rase ada gak la kelebihan dye wat keje tu..atleast dye kurus sket..I mean he can lost like 7kg whoa...so spe2 nk krs tu rajin2kn diri wat ni hikhik..

handsome tak adik aku?hahaha