Friday, December 30, 2011

Recap 2011

Things I've experienced and learn from different situations I've gone through. Some of them are sweet, unforgettable memories and some of them are unbearable pain. These are my picks:

1. Zainab and Hashim's annual family gathering at Port Dickson. A three day well organised family program.
aerobic in the morning

"showing -off" our t-shirts

performed subuh,magrhib and isya' prayers secara jemaah 

rumah api tanjung tuan 

2. I'm an animal lover. Especially any furry animals. Kalau katak tu memang geli la kan. Since I really2 miss my cats at home so I decided to buy a hamster despite the fact that I find it quite hard to keep a cat at my rental house coz I'm afraid it would irritate my housemates.
meet little yuki. She's almost a year now

3.My cousin's first child, our little cute 'aina.

4. It has been my 3rd year in engineering field. Doing things like welding, casting,wiring, automotive stuffs kinda grabs my attention. Even though I know I'm not as strong or fast-learner  as the guys in my class but honestly I do enjoy these stuff.

Dreaming of getting  a dean's list plague?work really2 hard next sem
5. And I know that  achieving cgpa above 3.5; is not easy. Lots of hard work and sustain good study plan is indeed important.

6. Talking about love and relationships. I somehow regret having a relationship with someone I known so short notice. Its maybe the urge of having a boyfriend in the same university when ur environment tells it. I did something stupid by challenging myself when my hearts actually tells me not to do so.

7. Talk about friendship. Indeed it is hard to find friends that will go through hardships with you. Some of them you decided to keep them apart because the closer you get the more pain u will get. Some of them u called just to sleepover at their house and automatically do a slumber party together. Some of them treat you as your sister/brother. Sometimes I think its better to not have just one best friend while you can have loads of friends at the same time. Because when u have a best friend surely u would put high hopes on her/him and if she/he broke her/his promise, you'd be in pain. I decided to make my future husband as my bestfriend for eternity..wah berangan2 hehe

8. Turning 22 seems a very young age for me to get married but some of my friends already got married. It shows that they are ready to hold their responsibility as a wife/husband to their spouse. at this age some of them already bought a  car, a house and has a secured job so apa tunggu lagi kan. kawen jela kalau da mampu.

9. I'm a self-proclaimed fashion geek and I bought unbranded clothes. before I don't mind wrapping my scarf uncovering the chest but now it is vital to cover your chest. fashion2 gak. aurat tu harus jaga.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Something About Love and Life

ok I took these words from one of my faculty mates blog..very inspiring



credits to ahmad muzakkir

Friday, December 23, 2011

Congratulations my sister!!!

A big news for the family. My baby sister Jaynina Rosli got straight A's (9A's) for PMR. Seriously its something unexpected coz I've seen the way she studies at last minute and do her homework the night before submission. Totally different from the way I studied when I was her age. During my PMR years  usually I would sleep around 12 and do lots of exercise coz I wanna compete against my classmates. So I make sure I sleep by 12 and during that time history and maths were my favourite subjects. But its fate that decide. I got 7A's only. 1B which is geography that I never get B and 1C that is arabic languange which I know I didn't work hard on that subject. But my sister loves that subject. Good for her.

So for that I'd promised to treat her at Seoul Garden (which is an all-u-can-eat korean buffet that cost rm25 per person) if she managed to beat my results. ok nina do come over here in Malacca then I'll treat u :)

my sis with all the straight A's students in her school

with beloved mom
I took this from my mom's fb status

Friday, December 2, 2011

Interfac Games 2011

Or in malay sukan antara faculty ( SAF) that we usually called. A once a year event our university would held. this year was my 2nd time joining since last year. Game?guess what, its tennis!!yeah I know I'm not such a Maria Sharapova type and I know I don't really contribute much (seriously I don't) but hey we manage to get in 3rd place..not bad huh :p. Overall the event was fun,full of screaming and cheering, which obviously is important in any sports event. Our faculty's cheering team, 'ultras fkm' mostly were our 4th year students. they are sooo hectic and loud. Pian almost lost his voice leading the ultras.. Gonna miss those year won't be the same without them..oh did I mention that our faculty of mechanical engineering @ FKM won for this years SAF? yup2 we won with 10 golds (not sure actually)...but the winning part.. I ain't lying..we won for 2 years in a row :)..I didn't bring a camera which obviously I can't afford to have one so I only use my phone and 'stole' some pictures from my friends tagged photos from facebook.

amer and poce in action

views from the hockey field..right next to our tennis court

waiting our turns

my classmates which played softball and handball

congrats fkm!!!

3rd place!!!

the handball team..3 of my classmates participate but karen didn't show up at the last day..oh u remember my good listener friend?he's also in the picture

with khairul a.k.a tan sri

yeay!! :D

penyampaian piala pusingan

the team that and sara?yeah i know we're not in the picture..hmmphh


the ultras

so I think overall it was fun and exciting. I realised that my post was a little late since we have been busy with tests and assignments showering us. Till my next post :)

Friday, November 25, 2011

11/11/11 and 20/11/2011

did something special happened that day?'s actually my cousins wedding solemnization on 11/11/11 and wedding reception on 20/11/2011. My cousin is currently finishing her housemanship at hospital tunku ampuan afzan,kuantan and her husband is an accountant at kastam johor bahru. Their wedding is simple yet just perfect for the beautiful bride and groom. Here are some pictures of the event.
congrats to my cousin Dr.nor sunihaliza

with mom,acu and cousin marsya

welcome to the family heikal

berberangan moment:
I just wrap my scarf in 2 seconds because we were in a little rush after asar prayers.
my cousin's hand-me-down kebaya cardi worn with my favorite mustard maxi skirt

the second day: me and sis were eventually the 'bidan terjun' bridesmaid as we  were responsible to hold up her dress as my cousin walks up the pelamin

with my cousins colleagues...oh my..they're doctors?especially sue ann(left) she looks exactly like wan sharmila

u see what I'm doing back there? :p

naik pelamin lagi sekali mereka ini..berberangan lg hehe

pink theme wedding. :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Cerita Aidil Adha

Bila buka facebook dan tengok agak ramai kawan2 ku yang post gambar sambutan hari raya aidiladha mereke.  Emangnya seperti sambutan raya aidilfitri. Aku rasa da lama da tak sambut raya haji semeriah raya puasa. Aktiviti yang biasa kita wat ialah balik kampung then solat raya then pastu tukar baju untuk preparation wat korban. Beraya dari rumah ke rumah rasa macam xpernah kot. Tapi menerima kunjungan itu ada. Kalau tidak beraya dikampung kami berlima raya kt rumah di kuantan. Itu pon sama je. Solat kemudian tolong2 orang kt surau. jadi sebenarnya aku tak pernah rasa  raya aidiladha seperti yang tertera kat  gambar kawan2 ku.

Kami balik kampung juga untuk satu malam. Memandangkan ruang freezer di kampung agak terhad maka saya dan kakak saya diamanahkan untuk balik  awal untuk mengelakkan daging berbau busuk. Sampai sahaja dirumah aku menjenguk my hamster yuki dan my aunt's cat lalu memberi mereka makan kemudian terus menyusun daging2 yang sebegitu banyak dalam freezer. Sesudah itu saya cakap kat kakak saya bahawasanya saya lapar maka saya mengajaknya mencari makan. Tetapi kakak saya pula malas nak teman saya dan mengatakan dia tidak lapar. Maka saya pon mengambil kunci kereta dan keluar mencari makan. Baru pukul 8.30 malam ketika itu tetapi banyak kedai yang tutup sebab hari cuti. Apa yang saya nampak hanya 7-eleven maka saya matikan enjin disitu dan membeli jajan sekadar alas perut. Tipu lah jika aku katakan aku tak makan kat  kampung. Sebelum bertolak makan nasi berlaukkan limpa dan paru kerbau. Memandangkan aku tidak berapa gemar organ maka aku makan dengan kuantiti yang sedikit.
korban kerbau di rembau

Jadi hari ini hari isnin. Aku masih berada di bangi dan tidak tahu nak buat apa. memandangkan duit simpanan agak terhad maka  saya tidak keluar kemana-mana. Dengan ini saya  harus mengulangkaji pelajaran memandangkan naik cuti ini saya dihujani banyak test. Maka saya terpaksa berundur diri. Jika saya rajin saya akan update blog ini.

Nampaknya post saya dalam bahasa melayu membuatkan saya bercakap dalam bahasa baku. Saya rasa itu bagus kot..err maybe.. kan saya try elak dari tulis bahasa sms.

sekian dari saya :)

oh ye..if ada sapa2 yang try contact saya tapi xdapat minta maaf sangat eh.. atas sebab tertentu no phon esaya terpaksa di'terminate' buat masa sekarang.. bukan sengaja tetapi keadaan tidak disangka..kalau ada apa2 emergency boleh la private msg saya kat fb..