Sunday, November 17, 2013

Ku Raikan Mereka

(just to remind you readers before you get confused, this post is actually a future-like post where its a 20 years ahead of basicaly you will hear the term, mama, uncle and aunt a few times..for the person I didn't put up the term, it means that he is someone I hope to be call not as an uncle..if he ended as an uncle to my kids..eventually I will edit this post back)

Apa?Raikan cinta? opps sori bukan..saja je buat ayat gedik2 ala2 kahwin style..well actually tujuan post ini di buat adalah untuk menyimpan kenangan mama tengok kawan2 mama konvo..memang sedih la mama tak dapat konvo bersama uncle2 dan aunty2 sekali kan tapi nak buat macam mana bukan rezeki untuk konvo disini mama nak share pictures sepanjang event berlangsung...sebelum dan selepas..

Thursday 24/10/2013 :mama ditugaskan untuk mengambil jubah konvo uncle syed, rahman dan aunty kis punya jubah konvo..subahanAllah lecehnya tak terkata tau anak..macam2 diorang nak..luckily uncle echal and uncle hafiz helped by giving me guidelines on the wakil ambil jubah thing..everything was totally settled by thursday when uncle idzuan, uncle fakhrur, aunt umai and aunt fi came by...then on the evening we went to a roti nan stall with some of mama's classmates and after that went for a movie..believe me the movie we watched wasn't as fun for me because I wanted to watch "the escape plan" but some of them already watched it so in the end we watched a movie called " tomyum goong" its a thai action movie but for me I didn'e like the storyline that is just about fighting the whole time..but we had a great time with my classmates

me, aunt fi and aunt umai..oh mind the oily face..I was in a hurry to rush to my part-time job

done picking up for them :)

Friday 25/10/2013: Many of my classmates came to retrieve their graduation robe..let me tell ya..its not a good time to take your robe at last minute because that time most robes are out of for the skinny and short ones the have to where L size robes that is too long and too big for them..hmm nasiblah a way by helping people for their graduation it also helped me to be more careful in the future.. so on the evening me and man went to jusco to buy his gradution socks..apedaa man ni xdo stokin kat rumah..then he also forgot to bring his tie..adeh clumsy rahman..then we bumped in with some of rahman's classmates which are also my friends and later a few minutes after  both of us had our plans with our had a futsal game and I had a grill all-you-can-eat dinner at was my first time there..for me I didn't really like the all you can eat thing mainly because I didn't eat that much but to have the time to spend with your classmates which you haven't seen for months and having conversations about what they're up to now is priceless..I didn't care at all spending RM30 for only eating meat and ice cream but I totally enjoy having chit chats and laughing with them..there was about more than 20 people there as I remembered..then aunt kis and uncle syed were also eager to meet them so they asked us to hang out at dataran pahlawan's dataran pe tah atas mall some of us headed up there and some of them left early..we hang out there for about 2 hours I think until one by one left due to tiredness and, uncle karen, aunt kis, uncle syed , uncle zudin and 2 3 org yg I didn't recall were the last ones there..if it wasn't for the rain, I think we would stay up there till dawn I reached home about 3a.m with pouring rain on me...

opps..siapa yg saya temankan potong rambut tu?ada orang tu tak lepas syarat rambut konvo..makanya saya lah yang kena teman dia potong rambut

suasana sekitar api-api

Saturday 26/10/13: Most of my classmates were busy with their family..but on 3p.m, aunt kis suddenly called me and said that she wanted to pick me up at my house and hang out with her parents..aunt am momoe was also there joining us..we went window shopping at dataran pahlawan and pahlawan walk..aunt kis's hotel was a walking distance from pahlawan walk..we chilled there for a while before waiting for aunt sarah to arrive because her family also spent a night at the same hotel aunt kis rent..after that, again we went to dataran above the mall to hang out with zuhair..zuhair mama dah selalu jumpa pon so tak la banyak cerita ahaha..I was worried for sarah and kis because they had to get up early in the morning for their big G-day but they seemed to ignore the fact of the end I arrived home at 2a.m sekali lagi kepenatan...

aww so sweet la parents kis ni..still walking holding hands..sorry pic blur sebab snap masa tengah berjalan

settled with her stuffs

aunt am and aunt kismera

LOL its something I found right besides their's a club upstairs

opps selfie detected

Sunday 27/10/2013: Their big day has come..aunt kis gave me one pass but because of me waking up late so I didn't entered the hall at I know it would be super boring and painful to see my friends graduating without me..this was the day that challenged me the most.I almost shed into tears seeing them walking with their happy faces and robes on and throwing their mortar board hats  simultaneously..But I was there anyway for their eventful day...may all happiness be with you..may you pursuit a better future ahead,,insyaAllah my time will come and I hope I can  feel the same way they felt..

This post really made me passionate to not screw up this time...I only have less than 2 months before I can graduate..I hope that my effort this time will pay..God-Willing...

And here are some pictures I got from facebook and also from my samsung wave camera...

me, aunt kis and aunt diyana..aunt diyana will join me next year graduating

this is my classmate aunt odah..I purposely copied this picture from her facebook because I loved this picture so much..It's a picture where your parents kissed you as having their kids achieving a degree..I always wanted a picture like this..unfortunately your grandfather is not present for any of our family occasion since the last 8 years only takes a miracle for that to happen..I hope in a few years you will be the one in the middle kissed by me and your father :)

my classmates 

uncle syed, aunt kis and rahman :)

suasana dalam hall

4 years together sampailah dah konvo..moga cepat2 kahwin

me with uncle echal

the mortar board throwing again..from left, uncle joe, rahman, mr singa(or so I called) and the decent uncle aisam..let me tell ya kids..uncle aisam is very choosy when it comes to relationships..we all are eager to go to his wedding just so to know who is his wife

finally an next year..can't wait!!

with aunt fisah..dia memang sempoi je dari her way of dealing with things

with aunt sarah...dia memang pandai tahap lecturer pon cakap dia genius..sebab dia boleh study last minute dan buat kerja last minute yang sangat berkualiti...I think she got a 3.4 cgpa for her degree..

Saturday, November 16, 2013

My Dream Wedding (Berangan 1.0)

I'm writing this post since I received so many wedding invitations from friends and family for this 2 months time..yela cuti sekolah kan..this reminds me of what will it be for my turn when the time comes..I think every girl has its own dream wedding style..well as for me I do have one...

Color Theme

When I was 15, I'd always dream of having a white silverish color theme of wedding..why?because its inspired from  cerita "gol dan gincu" masa tahun tu haha...kelass kau kan ton umur 15 dah plan nak kahwin..then when I get older..or as I say when I got in the mid 20's, the color seems to not fade away from my vision of wedding..ha setia kan nak warna tu je...but it doesn't have to be exactly on my reception could be worn during the solemnization or malam berinai thing kan.. another color that came in mind is mint or pastel green that is sometimes looked like blueish green too..yang penting, tak mau the striking color block thing in my dress and also no kerawang2 thing yang menampakkan kesaratan baju tersebut..its simple enough with little lace patches and beadings along it..ha and one more thing yang aku pandang dengan sangat serius ialah the dresses should not be too tight and the brides scarf should cover up the chest at all times..peduli kata mak andam kata suh masukkan tudung dalam baju tu..kita bayar dia kan so better respect la decision kita kan..andaikata tudung disingkatkan tapi make sure baju tu harus longgar..kerana hari itu kita menjadi tatapan better cover what needs to be covered

ha macam ni contoh yang lace and beads tu..

another piece that I like..lace and beads tu letak kat hujung2 je..masyaAllah I really like this color besides mint..dark purple is also on my list

kalau boleh tudung pon seboleh-bolehnya bawal or shawl..tak mau tudung ala makcik2 yang keras tu tak pon tudung mertua fizo omar itu yang berlayer-layer

Oh if you're wondering what did mean about the mint color dress..well since saya rajin google kan nah ni contoh2

loving the flowyness  of the dress..boleh berangan ala2 princess kejap

The Flow Of The Event

As I was saying, its a dream wedding, so jadi or tak jadi tu belakang cerita..I never really wanted a grand event, heavy make up that destroy the originality of my face macam camera 360 tu kan..but as for the flow that I imagine is having the solemnization during the morning at my house at kuantan or even at some mosque around. Then during night the same day we had a little malam berinai where it only involves close friends and relatives that will be held at the brides house or somewhere that is spacious so the newlyweds can do a little ballroom style dance..for me takdo lah nampak omputih kebaratan sangat gayanya..its just something that can make the wedding more eventful for me.

fulamak style woo..berangan jela aku leh wat gaya gini

Then as for the reception day, I didn't plan for a two-time reception day thing. Firstly its a total waste of time. Secondly its a waste of money. So I plan that our reception should be a one day time only. By this duit for both parties can be divided equally kan..masing2 boleh menyumbang for this event..risau ramai orang datang?apedehal sewa dewan pon doesn't need to be a really grand ballroom kan..dewan serbaguna pon boleh..kalau creative you could turn something yang tak berapa grand tu jadi sangat comel ok..tak pon kalau buat ala2 garden pon tak de hal..lagi simple..majlis bertandang ni yang belah lelaki sebenarnya kalau tak buat pon tak pe sebenarnya just majlis sambut menantu macam buat makan2 pon tak pe..
garden wedding style..yang ni aku suka sebab nampak santai je

pelamin simple macam ni pon aku suka gak sebab lebih guest friendly..senang kalau nak amek gambar bila tetamu datang..tak perlu nak sewa pelamin bagai..less is more orang kata kan

Pernah tak dengar term "menyalang" if you don't it means macam post-wedding visits ke rumah sedara..I don't know if its some culture that my nogori relatives do but I think its a good culture to visit sedara2 kan..macam ni la..kalau adik beradik belah mama aku ada 8 orang, so pengantin baru ni kena la datang kelapan-lapan rumah ni if possible..then sedara yang menyambut ni pon biasanya akan sediakan makanan berat2..then pengantin yang wajib datang ni pon biasanya akan diringi oleh parents masing2 as well sebab nak kenal makcik2 dan pakcik2 keluarga baru ni..aku sendiri pon pernah ikut my cousin's menyalang ni...sekali jela kat rumah paklong masa kak mira and abg man baru kahwin..

Cards, catering, door gifts..etc

Well as for that, I would make it as simple as possible. As for the cards, guna recycle paper pon dah jimat dah..sebab eventually most people wouldn't keep the card and probably just throw no need to spend so much money on invitation tu sikit pon aku lom terfikir lagi haha..sebab catering ni biasanya standard je nasi minyak kan..door gifts pon as simple as possible..give something yang bermanfaat kak mira's reception on 2009, the door gifts were a set of fork and spoon for adults and candies for children..nice kan..kalau paling biasa telur rebus jela kan..tapi kebiasaanya telur rebus orang tak makan..lagi2 aku..bila dapat simpan lama2 jadi busuk..tak ke membazir disitu.

Photo and Videography

For me, these are very important for wedding events. Aku tak kisah kalau majlis tak grand mana tapi yang penting pictures mesti nampak cool!! nampak tak aku semangat gila bab ni..mungkin kerana memang dari dulu hidup kami di'dokumentarikan since umur aku 3 tahun lagi ayah dan mama melekat dengan videocam yang besar gedabak yang kena angkat kat bahu for that, I already planned that with a friend of mine that would give me great deals on the package price... yang paling biasa kita tengok is from CST production..tak tahu lah berapa harga untuk tu kan..mampu tak mampu jela ceritanya..but I'm really impressed with their work..

ni maria elena with her husband..contoh  hasil CST yang dikagumi..oh sorry bout pic yang pecah2..I googled it 

Ok cik jemah ni berangan dah banyak sangat kalau dah sampai masa nak kahwin aku tengok balik post ni mau tergelak dibuatnya..because kita hanya mampu merancang kan..semuanya ada dalam aturan the ALMIGHTY...

Monday, November 11, 2013

Hari Raya AidilAdha, weddings and so~

Nampak tak gambar2 diatas? yes mestilah nampak kan..melainkan sapa2 yang connection internet slow kan...Malas nak bercerita banyak sangat..raya haji ritu memang tak kemana...solat pon kami sekadar sempat masa khutbah je  sebab ingat start pukul 8.30..sekali sampai 8.15 dah abes solat...lepas tu kerja kami seharian dirumah ialah melantak nasi himpit dengan pelbagai yang boleh dimakan seperti kuah kacang, rendang, lodeh dan sup..ha amek kau semua aku balun dalam masa satu hari..pagi pas solat makan dengan rendang ngan kuah kacang..tengahari makan ngan lodeh..malam makan ngan sup..peh  memang nasi himpit seharian la citenya..tetamu nak datanng pon ada satu family je itu pon abang man's family from klang..nak menziarah pon tak tahu nak ziarah siapa..berlainan pula kat gombak yang meriahnya sama macam hari raya aidilfitri...

tengoklah muka budak frust terlepas solat sunat raya haji

melayan cik aina main kat luar

oh ini budak yg suka selfie hihihi

Then the following week I again went to seremban where they had my two cousins first salary treat for the family..kak ayu and abby both treat us with nasi arab that was superbly delicious..its a good thing that I'm not a big fan of arab cuisine..even though darah keturunan kau ado arab (my greatgrandfather was a sheikh) tapi ntah napa tak gomar bona nasi arab..maybe sebab nasi arab ni jenis kering dan pekat dengan rempah ratusnya kan...dan tak pedas..pic takdo..sebab masing2 free hair kat rumah kan..tapi memang seeloknya 1st salary kita treat sedara2 dan family kan..biarlah kat poket kita ada rm200 je baki untuk hidup tapi trust me its worth the treat..nanti aku suh la cousin2 aku mai kuantan aku wat kambing golek ke hape kan hehe..

Moving on to the following week where we went to abang man's sister's wedding..abang man is kak mira's husband which literally means that we're cousins anyway so his family is our would be too weird if I were to join in his means that my mother in law is also kak mira's mother in law..macam tak berkembang je..even though I had a slight crush on abang man's brother a few years back..its a one time thing ok..mungkin sebab muka dia macam ashraf muslim kot haha...

geng2 mustard..eyeen (plg kanan) memang hobi dia suka wat muka kalau amek pic..paling susah nak tgk dia wat muka normal

wakil family..aiman the brotha

ha yang hijau tula kak mira..mother of two kids tapi badan maintain selimm..i is jeles :p

fotogedik session bermula..

yang tudung biru itu ifa..abang yit's super friendly girlfriend..kebetulan ada seorang member utemku satu sekolah dengan dia #SAMURA ..bila aku berbual ngan dia cakap pasal ifa respon dia "LOL" je...haha

mata bulat hidung kembang yang disengajakan

yeah keep em going~

Banyak sangat pics dengan sedara2 kan..mano pengantinnya? ni ha gambar dibawah itu..nak cerita sikit lah pasal kak zulainiah n husband dia thibri...yang aku tahu diorang ni satu tempat belajar uitm..kak zul amek account dan thib ni amek mechanical..mereka sudah lebih kurang 5 tahun bercinta..mereka berkenalan rapat sejak menyertai  GPMS..apa itu GPMS? yes aku tahu ramai yang tak tahu..sebenarnya GPMS stands for = gabungan pelajar melayu its kinda like a persatuan pelajar lah gitu..ada yang tak tahu tapi its a good thing aku tahu kan..sebab apa aku tahu?sebab I ni kan ohsem...tak aku bohong je..sebab aku amek tahu la pasal hal universiti lain..kat utem ni pon ada je persatuan ni..kalau I amek tahu tu kira ohsem gak kan?nah amek la aku ohsem gila #puas hati sendiri...

Usia bukan penghalang untuk jodoh kan..begitu juga mereka...kak zul is 2 years older than her di tarikh ini kak zul = 27 and thibri= apedehal umur je pon..tak kisahlah muka isteri nampak tua lagi ke hapa kan..janji bahagia...