Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Letter to My Husband

 Di malam penuh kejiwangan ini tiba-tiba  saya decide untuk menulis sebuah coretan pada suami saya:

dear mr husband,

I know my words would freak you out since I wrote this letter before we even got married. So maybe some of these content may or may not be true or what so ever. I thought about this for some quite time. Here's a list of things that I would like to say to you.

1) You maybe someone that I have met or never met or maybe someone that we met on short notice before we decided to get married. I don't know who you are but definitely we will meet as husband and wife and I had a great feeling that we're gonna be best friends.

2) I may not be perfect and I hope you will accept me for who I am but please do remind me if I've made a mistake and hopefully I will do the same too. I would most likely to perform prayers as jemaah with you whenever we have the opportunity to do so.

3) As you know a women can sometimes be very sensitive. I have been going through hardships since my teenager years until now I have to do part time jobs and study at the same time to survive in my university life since I don't apply loans and get scholarships. Plus my family problems is getting more and more complicated and I don't know when it will end. Forgive me if I cried a lot. Usually I would cry alone in the car or in my room.And sometimes I would called a friend and chat while bursting in tears. Like this one time I hold back my tears after tried to persuade my lecturer to pass my exams after I spent a whole night doing everything I can to pass my exams like redo the final paper, redo tutorials and example questions just to get an addition of 7 marks to pass. Can't imagine to repeat the paper that is disgustingly awful. But government institutions are not the same as private ones where you can just retake the paper rather than going through the whole semester. So nak tak nak terpaksa jugak la amek paper tu semula. Dengan kecewanya  masuk dalam kereta then terus nangis. Its kinda frustating when you put your effort on getting something but your effort seems pointless. I hope that you could comfort me in your arms saying that everything is gonna be alright or something like "hey, as long as I'm here u'll be ok".

4) I don't have many reliable friends. At school I was the timid and shy one. The worst memory I had during my school days when i got isolated by my friends after one of my 'reliable' one spitted out my greatest secret. That's when I realised that I should not trust someone too much and the theory of 'bestfriend' is somewhat nonsense. I hope you can change my perception.

5) You know what. I'm pretty good at massaging skills especially chiropractic. I learnt this myself after seeing my dorm mates doing it. Then my mom was the first person which I can 'asah2' my skills. Till now people would knock on my door asking me to massage their back. I'll be glad to massage you whenever you feel tense after a hard day at work :)

6) I may don't have the full requirements to be a perfect wife but I will try to strive for perfection

7) I like travelling, taking pictures of places and stuff. and of course, shopping!! who doesn't right?(ok maybe its best stated to women) but don't worry, i don't mind going shopping alone. It would be pity seeing you following me around checking out stuff. Unless you like shopping, that's a bonus for me. The travelling part, sight seeing, visiting new places oh so interesting, fun and adventure. Lets travel together dear ^_^

8) What's your favourite dish?mine's lemak cili api and ayam masak merah and the fastest dish that I can cook is mushroom cream soup hehe..but don't worry,since  now that I have someone to take care of other than myself I'll promise  I cook for dinner straightly after I get back home ok honey.

9) You know how chocolate can decrease someone's stress emotion. I used to loved chocolate back then but somehow chocolate doesn't seem to be my best friend now. Usually when I'm feeling stress or emotionally down I'll drove myself somewhere and bought 'other' sweet things such as vanilla ice cream, blueberry muffin, cheese tart, cheese cake and sometimes even smoothies and will sit in the car alone for like 20 minutes and calm myself down. Please let me stop (or at least slow me down) from this unusual habit. I'm worried bout my sugar level even though the fact I fear gemukness.

10) I'm a family lover. I enjoy gathering and eat dinner together. So how's your family?is your mom and dad well? I hope they like me. I don't mind getting a day off accompanying you at your home town. That's something I should do right?

my wish list is too long. maybe 20% who reads this thinks that this is rubbish. Well it is something I hope my future husband will read. maybe in the future we'll be reading it together while laughing. oh there's one thing  I wanna tell you:

 Most importantly, I want you to know that I will love you as much as you will love me, my best friend, the father of my children, my soulmate :)


Farah Amira said...

besh besh..
semoga bertemu dgn husband mu inshaallah ^___^

adlin said...

hehe thanx..insyaAllah :)