Sunday, February 26, 2012

Review: 1st week of my 6th semester

Finally I'm back in track. So how's my first week? well class is going as usual, but the class wasn't full as usual. Still on their holiday mood I guess hehe. For this semester, I have to learn to manage my time really2 efficient. No more lepak2..I mean lessen them. I'm still taking extra credits this semester and this semester is quite short compared to the previous one.

Oh and last weekend I went to this camp under my faculty and it was totally exciting!! at first I was a little dissapointed seeing my name was on the list( all the names are randomly picked) as I have other plans this weekend but the camp totally cover up the dissapointment. Since it is under FKM, so tau2 la perangai masing2 cmne..we totally can fit in at the first ice breaking session. All the participants were so hilarious and the camp mainly was for fun. Lecturer pon da pesan kat faci suh bagi kami xpressure. The facilitators are my classmates so that makes me more comfortable.

The three day event was held at kompleks Al-falak khawarizmi, tanjung bidara, melaka. Its a place people 'cerap bintang' ,don't know in english  mksdnye hehe..and all the participants stayed at dormitories. As we arrived there,they already prepared towels and bathing equipments at each of our beds. Kalau tau xyah bawak pon tuala kan. Oh my luggage was the heaviest I guess. Can't seem to know how to organise well (bad adlin!!)

The best part is I got the chance to meet new people, have late night pillow talks with them.. oh rindunye...and boleh bergaul dengan lecturer fkm yang amat sempoi. Dr zahir gave the second session about determination, how he manage to lose 40kg in 4months..incredible right? then moved on Dr Imran Syakir, his session was about know your potential, mainly focuses on how to manage your right and left brain. Then En Hatrik Sigh, our former FKM student, penerima anugerah diraja and now a lecturer,ajar dak 3bmcd worst nightmare subject. He talked about how he could survive studying in UTeM for four years as well as maintaining good social skills. Lastly the reflex part by En Faizil. He asked students about utems organisation, are they good or bad, need inmprovements and so on.

I arrived my rental house around 4pm, a little exhausted but terpaksa tahan till after isya' prayers. Saya janji dengan diri saya untuk mengelak dari tido petang. U know its not good for your brain.

So here's some pictures of the event..and a little story added to it :)

volleyball match against each group

tayangan planetarium..more than 50% of us fall asleep during the tayangan..gelap and sejuk..mmg sedap la hehe

3D..another sleep session for us 

at the tower 

playing an IQ game

our group

after the so-called jungle trekking..I think its just a 2 minute walk dalam semak je

merayau dalam muzium

game yang byk menguji teamwork..sgt pressure

it kinda looks like this

this game is called KLIA KLCC KL TOWER..saya org terawal keluar dr game ni hehe

all the fkm girls

last pic with my group

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