Wednesday, February 22, 2012

January Weddings

During my school days, I'm not a big fan on going to weddings. Bila dipaksa and tak de choice baru nak pergi. But now as I am almost hitting on being 23 this september, most of my friends with the same age are getting married, and some of them already expecting a baby!!

Getting married at an early age may be tough, and some of us including me would thought  like ' awal gila dia ni kawen'. Bila di compare balik hidup masing2, yeah of course there are differences. Some of them got married early because they don't have any study commitments..or some of them can get married early sebab galakkan dari parents and they have their parents blessing. Because I know some parents don't allow their children to get married until they finished their studies.

To think about it, getting married at an early age isn't such a bad thing at all. One thing for sure I know is dapat elak maksiat and ajar kita untuk jadi lebih bertanggungjawab. But if you don't know how to manage your time or spendings or even not mentally prepared, that might be a problem..

Ok berhenti sampai situ.On january I attend my ex-classmate wedding, Ain Rosly. She was my classmate from form 2 till form 4. Kecik je orangnya tapi sangat lincah. kaki sport punya orang. Then diploma pon amek sains sukan. Memang sesuai sangat lah kan. She married her coursemate back in Shahputra College and her reception was at her place in taman sri pulai. Saya sanggup dari melaka turun JB tau hehe..your former classmate's wedding is kinda like our mini reunion for meet the sekolah menengah islam hidayah alumni's
the ceria bride

nurul, mai,ameer..bwk hadiah share kami ber empat

with the ex-smih gangs

our little mini reunion

on our way back

nurul's poloroid photos

Moving on to the second one on the same month, my sisters classmate, my senior at the same school. Her ceremony somehow inspired me. Because my sisters classmate, kak wani is from JB and her husband is from terengganu, both of them still studying, as far as I know kak wani was still on her last chambering sessions before she can fully graduate and her husband is pursuing his masters in korea, and they did only one ceremony!!how logically is that?simple, they booked a ballroom at kuala lumpur (the ballroom is organize by my cousin's friend) ,and the solemnization was held around 10a.m.. straightly after that,a small feast for all the guest. The ceremony ended around 3. Separuh majlis kawen time akad lain, majlis belah perempuan lain, majlis belah laki lain pulak..tak ke membazir disitu? I seriously hope I could do the same thing. To think about it, my parents wedding ceremony was also very simple. The solemnization was held after isya' prayers continued by a little feast and a week after kenduri sambut menantu at my dad's place. They didn't even have plans for honeymoon because 2 weeks after their wedding my parents flew to north carolina where my dad pursue his degree there. So boleh kira 2in1 la gak hehe.

with the newlyweds..kak mawaddah and abg zayd(sabihah's brother)

with  my sisters gen-6 batch


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nanti kawin jgn lper jemput i taw!!! hehehehhe^^

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hahah...okeh xde hal la umai :)