Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Matriculation, Facilitating and Kuantan had brought us together

Couldn't think for an exact title for my post, so this is as far as I got hehe... so  I just wanna post about funny little things that the four of us have in common. Putri, Haris, me and ismail. I've known putri as she was one of the student council members but I never really get the chance to talk to her until our first iftar last year with halim, aiffa, haris and mail at tanjung lumpur.

Then moving on to mail, I met him when we were both facilitators at pahang matriculation college for the two-year-programme students. Encik Adam always called him 'mail dugro' as he has the body of a 13 year old boy haha..ok itu jahat en adam hehe.

for some reason, this is the latest picture I got hehe

Haris, for one reason his name was always on the top of the girls gossip team. I've heard of the name of saiful haris,dak kuliah 1f,dak kakom basketball  but never really met him in person. So I thought, oh so maybe he's one of the good looking jocks like in high school times..but who cares.. ok maybe its just me who doesn't care as I'm the kind of person who minds my own business. I met haris with the same occasion that I met mail but haris only joined for a day. Then I figured ' oh patutlah orang slalu cakap pasal dia'.

oh the ugly me is in the picture hehe..nak gak post pic  ni coz I was there detail means that  all pics of the four of us were taken at teluk chempedak

. Putri and Haris are classmates back in matriculation while mail and haris are coursemates in utm. The kuantan thing that brought us together. The four of us went to boarding school so apparently we don't have close friends in kuantan. So whenever we have free time we hang out. kuantan bukan besar mana pon so usually we went to the movies and hang out at teluk chempedak.Bila tanya masing2 semua pon jawab 'kat sini kawan2 aku korang jela,yang lain sume jauh2'. Sama jela situasi dengan saya. Sekolah fully kat jb then pas spm pindah kuantan. Sangat bersyukur coz atleast ada gak kawan kat kuantan ni kan.

on my left is halim, the master mind of our gather program. He's also my former classmate back in matric. this picture was taken on our first iftar


aiffa wahyu said...

Dengki ! lalala~

adlin said...

hahaha..mana dengki..orang ajak aiffa asek busy je..sedih hati mak nak..hahah :p

aiffa wahyu said...

Bukan sengaja busy pun. Sobsss

adlin said...

alalala sian dia..bkn rezeki kita kan nk jmpe huhu...aiffa kalau ada mse free trun la melaka..akak bwk g jejalan hehe