Friday, December 30, 2011

Recap 2011

Things I've experienced and learn from different situations I've gone through. Some of them are sweet, unforgettable memories and some of them are unbearable pain. These are my picks:

1. Zainab and Hashim's annual family gathering at Port Dickson. A three day well organised family program.
aerobic in the morning

"showing -off" our t-shirts

performed subuh,magrhib and isya' prayers secara jemaah 

rumah api tanjung tuan 

2. I'm an animal lover. Especially any furry animals. Kalau katak tu memang geli la kan. Since I really2 miss my cats at home so I decided to buy a hamster despite the fact that I find it quite hard to keep a cat at my rental house coz I'm afraid it would irritate my housemates.
meet little yuki. She's almost a year now

3.My cousin's first child, our little cute 'aina.

4. It has been my 3rd year in engineering field. Doing things like welding, casting,wiring, automotive stuffs kinda grabs my attention. Even though I know I'm not as strong or fast-learner  as the guys in my class but honestly I do enjoy these stuff.

Dreaming of getting  a dean's list plague?work really2 hard next sem
5. And I know that  achieving cgpa above 3.5; is not easy. Lots of hard work and sustain good study plan is indeed important.

6. Talking about love and relationships. I somehow regret having a relationship with someone I known so short notice. Its maybe the urge of having a boyfriend in the same university when ur environment tells it. I did something stupid by challenging myself when my hearts actually tells me not to do so.

7. Talk about friendship. Indeed it is hard to find friends that will go through hardships with you. Some of them you decided to keep them apart because the closer you get the more pain u will get. Some of them u called just to sleepover at their house and automatically do a slumber party together. Some of them treat you as your sister/brother. Sometimes I think its better to not have just one best friend while you can have loads of friends at the same time. Because when u have a best friend surely u would put high hopes on her/him and if she/he broke her/his promise, you'd be in pain. I decided to make my future husband as my bestfriend for eternity..wah berangan2 hehe

8. Turning 22 seems a very young age for me to get married but some of my friends already got married. It shows that they are ready to hold their responsibility as a wife/husband to their spouse. at this age some of them already bought a  car, a house and has a secured job so apa tunggu lagi kan. kawen jela kalau da mampu.

9. I'm a self-proclaimed fashion geek and I bought unbranded clothes. before I don't mind wrapping my scarf uncovering the chest but now it is vital to cover your chest. fashion2 gak. aurat tu harus jaga.

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