Sunday, February 5, 2012

Chinese New Year Holidays

I finished my finals on 14 january but I'd stayed in malacca for a couple of days before deciding to follow my uncle at bangi going back to kuantan. The first day we arrived kuantan, mom brought us to sungai lembing, located 30 mins from kuantan. This was a historical place, tin ore mine was the business. the place is kinda rural as the nearest petrol station is 40 mins ahead but the view is great, the people are so welcoming and there's this stall which serves the best mee jawa in town!!kat kuantan pon xde sesedap macam ni.

Then the next day we went to kemaman to eat satar at the famous aziz satar stall(as far as I know literally the stall is not owned by aziz satar the actor) in kuala kemaman and my aunties bought some losong or best known as keropok lekor to bring back to selangor.

alolo comeynyer la aina ni
went breakfast at teluk chempedak before gerak

On the third day, the same day we headed back to bangi, we went to my late grandma's sister in sungai koyan, raub. Oh man jalannya sangat teruk and pening pale. Wan induk yeng or her real name is inche yang bt kani married an army officer mom said that they lived in raub after her husband retired. Oh and her grandson which is also my second cousin was my senior at UTeM and now he's pursuing his masters at UTHM.

1st..formal dulu..
2nd..angkat tgn reramai!!tu je yg terfikir hehe
with my cousin fikri yang byk tolong ku masa 1st year kat utem..that time he was on his last year
sepesen je dua beradik  ni
otw balik singgah solat kt masjid around bentong xsilap..semasing la ai..

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