Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

alhamdulillah I just arrived Malacca a few hours ago..ready to start a new semester..yup I ain't lying. Nak cepat2 habis then I could get a job and get married and have kids..ok tu jauh sgt perginya haha..So I drove to bangi from Malacca (wth am I doing at malacca a week early?don't ask) and hang out with tasya and her friend aby...I went to UKM to fetch up tasya and she asked me to stay around for a while at the hostel's student lounge..xtau nak ckp tpt tu pe hehe...her friends made spaghetti for lunch. You know how living in a hostel looks like, you have limited equipments..and thats exactly what I missed...buat air teh dalam heater,bekas tupperware as plates hehe...and one of the things that I like about tasya's friends is that they are so welcoming..membuatkan saya ni xkekok dengan diorang...waa rindunya this kind of atmosphere...brings back the good memories during my matric years.

Then we move to our journey to mid valley..pheww it was pouring rain and there were so many lopak2 made us feel like we're going on a waterpark adventure haha. The three of us didn't exactly know the direction to mid valley. We just followed a very specific direction that tasya's friend told us. But unfortunately I missed satu simpang and then got lost for like more than an hour...the 30 minute expected time turns out to be an hour an half journey..kalau nak g melaka rasa da sampai da hehe..so we parked at The Gardens mall and went to Borders so that I can finished  my last rm50 book voucher. After that we went to mid valley that is just opposite to The Gardens Mall and had our tea time at secret recipe. You know what happens on weekends, the crowdness..oh I just can't stand it..nak shopping pon masa tu duit memang xde..belum nak kaya lagi hehe.. then the same thing happens on our way back. We took the seremban exit but lepas tu main redah je jalan.

Overall, it was fun, tiring and thrilling hehe..hope to see them again..cepat2 la turun melaka :)

with abby

with tasya

point pic ni..nak tunjuk gardens hotel

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