Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tips on Saving Money by the Ex-Big Spender

So today I'm gonna share some of my experiences on how to spend wisely..especially when you have less than 100 bucks in your account to be spent for the rest of the month..very useful I tell ya..this post is crucially for students

Tip 1: Try to prevent from buying outside food, nasi campur at stalls and try to cook something simple such as fried egg with soy sauce and rice...tadaaa..done

Tip 2: If your friends ask to hang out, prevent yourself from saying " I don't have money" " I'm on a tight budget" or so and  try something a little more  jaga hati sikit like " I don't feel like going out" "Sorry I already cooked something at home"..try to vary your answers from repeating the same usual words that people say..you don't have to brag about being 'poor' to all people you know just to get sympathy and charity...remember, your words are your doa..my grandmother always reminds me that...if you say that you don't have money all the time then you might exactly be moneyless...even so with loads of money you still feel  its not enough..for those who are  utterly keeping the secret of his/her life..Allah will guide us the way..insyaAllah...

Tip 3: Do part time jobs la..duh!! besides of having your own side income..you will learn how to manage your time wisely..

Tip 4 : Sacrifice your usual routines...such as drink starbucks coffee every morning, eat fast foods weekly, hang out at shopping malls with your colleagues (unless you just accompanying them without buying anything ..so that can be exceptional), pamper yourself with expensive treats and stuffs....aside from medical issues and really3 important tasks..

Tip 5: For those who are seriously in a relationship..especially guys..its a big NO NO la if you have 100 bucks in your account...like hello you have to prevent yourself from going out..unless your girlfriend is very generous to pay for the expenses hehe....for singleton ladies like me we have to learn to be independent and not hoping for a charming prince to propose to you...stop hallucinating, this ain't a fairytale life... but I remember sheikh muzaphar said to her wife that " “Every women loves Kate Middleton because she lives the fairytale life that you all women want.. to marry a prince!!”

ok thats out of the topic...juz exaggerating a bit heee

Tip 6: If you're the kind of person that enjoys travelling and window shopping, its totally ok if you wanna go out once a while with your friends..lagi bagus bila you travel  ramai2...but remember to make calculations before you decided to join..then when it comes to touching an item that you really find it cute..this time your close friends play an important role..they would remind you " Nice to see Nice to hold..bare in mind to buy things important only"..thank you fi and tasya for always reminding me..but ayat atas tu tak guna la hehe

Tip 7:  If you really don't know how to start, try to ask your friends tips and guides (singgah2 le my blog pon ok gak..more tips coming soon :D ) and most importantly seek guidance from Allah..don't ever lose hope to Him...

Ok I think thats enough that I could think of tonight..time to hit the sack..got my first lab session tomorrow..bye2

I don't know how to set the original time at every post I made..takpelah..malas nak pikir...

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