Monday, September 17, 2012

Final Year!!

It's my second week of my 7th semester...perasaan jadi super senior?seriously tak rasa apa2!! All I know is that I wanna finish my degree so damn much that it keeps haunting me like every second..maybe because  most of my colleagues already graduated and have jobs so thats kinda pressurized me.. the same way I felt during my second year at matriculation where most of my friends on the one year programme already on their first year of university life...I don't know why but somehow I miss my intern life..even though I realized that working environment isn't as much fun as I expected but at least problems at work are kept at work..on the other hand, problems at college are brought till the moment you wanna go to bed..selagi tak siap selagi tu la dok pikiaq cmne... I don't know about other companies but at as far as my observation, I see that no matter how great you are at work, your achievements at college or your position...bila da masuk time lepak2 kt luar mahupon kt pantry semua pon jadi sama je...

Talking about my subjects taken this semester, currently I'm taking 17 credits and additional 3 credits (that makes a total of 20 credits) plus 2 credits of final year project...penat tak penat tu belakang cerita la coz masa belajar memang penat the title of my project would be 'biomass' in general la tajuknya tu..xigt tajuk sebenar hehe...I'm experimenting the rate of cholerific value of trash product in the production of briquette..xtau sila google macam saya heee...

The lecturers..hmm how should I say this... I expected that since we are final year students so lecturer tidak lah jenis school type ones like jenis suke suruh gi depan jawab soklan punctual..but unfortunately itulah yang kami dapat..hopefully semangat mereka tu masa awal2 jela ngeee.. oh bout  my FYP gladly I chose a lecturer that is easily to be contact..pasal tajuk tu mula2 ingat nak amek yang gempak tahap genius but after taking several advices from friends and people from my workplace, I decided to go with something 'easy' ye je senang..lom wat lagi hoho

Nonetheless..saya tetap rindu ahli2 at RWNA  :))

my last payment

a little farewell party for the interns

juki (right) ckp jgn upload kt fb muka dia nga makan tp sy upload kt blog la hohoh

maka tinggal la badrul (left) sorang kt sini utk lg 3 bulan..dak poli lama sikit intern..bos siap tawar keje lagi pas abes ..untung masa depan da terjamin

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