Sunday, September 23, 2012

Comelnya Abang!!!

Tajuk macam nak tuju kat abang kekasih tersayang sangat kan..nope2 I don't make those kind of lovey dovey posts (not yet I think)..I just wanna share something I found interesting.

Yesterday I went to Jusco with my room mate checking out some stuffs and ain my room mate wants to 'shop' at watsons (seriously she's addicted to watsons stuffs..I don't know why). While I was waiting for her, I sat outside on a bench next to McDonalds and I saw a mother with 4 kids aged between 6 months to 5 years old..yeah jarak dekat2 semua...the oldest was the brother together with his two lil sister and a baby brother..that time I didn't noticed that their dad is already inside the restaurant of the lil sis was crying tremendously at the patung McD tu and the brother grab her sis and persuade her by " Meh abang belikan aiskrim nak " then he went to the ice-cream counter  and took out an imaginary wallet of his and paid for two ice creams..he gave one to his crying his " nah ni satu untuk abang satu untuk adik " so cute la the way he had the imaginary ice cream idea coming out dalam usaha nak pujuk adik dia supaya tak nangis.. " ha sedap kan ice cream..abang nak beli lagi la" then he went again to the counter with the same act he did before...

10 seconds later, the father came out holding 3 cones of sundae and gave to each one of they did really got one instead of an imaginary lol..but the scene for me is very cute..kalau ada abang camni kan bagus..because I really never had a brother..only young uncles which mostly are my dad's master research students that I know them for more than 10 years..ok la..


hakimhardcore said...
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adlin said...

haha biasalah adik bradik memang gitu kan..