Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's EID!!!

hey I'm back!!!enjoying eid this year guys? for me it was wholesome. Many things happen apart from the mouth watering foods and visiting families around my village. firstly the house in rembau was vacant since our grandparents passed away a couple of years ago when I was still in high school. So we rarely sleep there instead most of the time we would gathered at my aunt's place at bangi. but since it's a must to spent a few nights there so usually the first thing we did was CLEANING. This is definitely vital cause if not u just have to bare with the dust, termites ( just found out their new hiding place) and the unclean areas. I'm totally cool with the cleaning and to bare my sneezeness sensitive nose that keeps on being stuffy while doing the cleaning. but it's quite not cool when the family is getting bigger and we ran out of space to sleep that forces us to build up a partition from my uncle's old office furniture. Secondly, a little trouble with the sharing toilet and bath room. Well u know how kampung style houses where they set apart toilets and bathe rooms,then we have to take turns to use them cause generally there's 40++ here so we have to tolerate. The funny thing is,from my mother's side of the family, we kinda have that food digestion where every time we consume a large meal, then in a few minutes u just wanna 'go'. This includes me (haha ok so I just revealed my greatest secret). so then we have to queue up while screaming " hurry up in there!!". I seriously don't remember how could I survive back then. Did I became too fussy now? either way it's just a once a year situation that we all have to go through. Because for us it doesn't feel like eid if we celebrated it at bangi. We prefer the village fresh air and its surroundings and also its our way to preserve the house.

Enough with the details. Pictures will represent how gleefully we had for eid. I only had one baju kurung and the rest are mostly 'hand me downs' from cousins and my mom's vintage days clothes. I also manage to find tops that still fits even though I wore it during my middle school days. pretty cool huh? I'd be lying if I said that I didn't buy any new clothes. I do but anything that I purchased above rm50 will be considered expensive. I prefer look gorgeous in a modest way.(ok ayat macam bajet bgus sikit haha)

the only baju kurung for raya
satin shawl: bought at jalan TAR for rm15
baju kurung: custom made

basically our house is just beside a school. Separated by the fence is the school field

they would called this pose as " kau cilako!!" or in english "you bastard" . there's a story behind it hahaha

my pak lang with the weird pose

commercializing perhaps?

the siblings

purple theme :)
for the second day this is what I wore:
shawl: bought at kuantan for rm 8
maxi skirt: custom made from dalzbutton craft
top:  my old collection since 2003
belt: from danau kota
bag: a gift from dad where he bought it some place in new york (will be using it regularly)


at my late grandma's pet son's house

I wish to upload more but the internet is kinda busy so I think I'll stop for now. hope more to come soon!!!

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