Thursday, September 8, 2011

Gonna miss you..HOME

 It's nearly the end of my 7 weeks holiday before I start a new semester. Seeing most of my friends that can't wait to start a new semester after a whole 4 month holiday really makes me like 'arghh!!!' kinda  feeling. This is due to my 10 weeks of in-house training right after my final paper. I admit it is beneficial learning new stuffs that previous students don't have the opportunity to do so but I'm glad that I can spend the whole fasting month at home. Totally worth it!! here's some pictures a week before ramadan straightly taken after my in-house training.

breakfast at Everly hotel..first dish

second dish..still thinking why do they serve these kind of food in the morning?oh well telan je la

my sister said that I look like a hamster in this pic coz my mouth was loaded with  food ..


saying hello to a new friend?(yeah I bought these 2 little hamsters at Malacca and this is the first time I brought them here in kuantan). The first 3 days my cats were so amused by them. asal masuk je nak tgk. After a week they kindly ignored them an continue minding their own business.

baskin robbin's ice cream cake. I was a little curious so I bought a piece that cost me rm11.50 (expensive!!) and shared it with  lil' my brother and sis. The taste was so-so. not craving for that again

dinner with  pak lang and the family. His special treat for his upcoming retirement.

well after nearly a week we left home for eid and we arrived home on monday so I only got 4 days here before going back to bangi and malacca for the next day. Some of my friends are already at college busy with orientation for new students and some of us are just hoping to stay longer at home. Oh well I just have to bare in mind that I'm a student and holding responsibilities for the country, family and the future. ok itu ayat serius xleh blah :p

Here are pics of my last days at home. Ok why do I feel like I'm studying abroad?Its just Malacca, a 4 hour driving distance la adlin!!!
what I wore:
pashmina: sister's
top: cousin's giveaway
skirt:  bought at a boutique in kuantan for rm15 (thank u sale!!)
at besties place, ateh

tutti fruiti with bro to end the hot day

raya with the albazirgan's family. My neighbour from Iraq. Anas (on my right) can speak malay fluently while his mother and brother needs a little more practice

By the way I'm not officially declaring my blog as a fashion blog, I just wanna share to readers out there (kalau ada la kan) how to style up without spending much money for expensive clothes and stuff.

Till we meet again my dear blog  XOXO

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