Friday, September 16, 2011


I don't know whats gone in to me. Tapi aku nak luah kan semua kat sini. Its my first week of my 5th semester. I've always get excited for my upcoming semester but not this time. Problems keep trembling day by day. Since  we're 3rd year students so we no longer provided with hostels and the house currently I'm living is quite expensive for a single-storey and non furnished and this really bugs me. But on the other side, its really near to my class. A 10 minute walking distance perhaps. Before I used to save money, and mostly I spent them on expensive foods rather than expensive clothes but now I have to REALLY SAVE. Well bye2 to secret recipe's delightful cakes,fast food outlets and delicacies in jusco. I also have to limit my money on buying books so what I do is buy second hand ones from seniors and merajinkan diri pergi library. I just noticed there's a new library at the 2nd floor of my faculty. Imagine how 'up to date' I am with the university facilities :p. Secondly for this semester I decided to take extra credits therefore I have to rearrange my class schedule. To summed that up, from monday to tuesday my class starts at 8 until 7!! and we only have a one hour gap between 1-2. Thinking that we have to rush up for asar prayers and off to next class really brings the uncomfyness(no such word. I made that up haha).

Thirdly, mom ask me to come over to KL this week. Then I told her that I've meet up with tasya (an old friend at matriculation and currently studying in UKM) before going there. As soon as I reached bangi, mom called and asked me to directly go to melawati with my uncle. Honestly its kinda frustrating as we planned to meet up a month ago and I don't know if we are able to meet again as she has to attend lots of field works on weekends that limits the time we can meet up. Last week I can't even visit my ex-roommate mastura at sg buloh. So now I'm stuck at melawati doing nothing. I forgot to bring books along so I guess thats a bonus point for the boredom. Thanks to my laptop and broadband for bringing my day up. At least there is something I can do. At this point I totally felt like mom has been treating me like I'm still in kindergarten. It's ok mom. I'm capable of doing things alone.

Maybe I'm not in her shoes. Because I'm not yet a mother and married so I may have no right to judge someone like that. There's a time where mothers can't accept the fact that their children are all grown up. you know what I mean right.

There's so much I wanna write but I'm total lost of words. I kept scrolling up and down thinking of my next  sentence. Oh man where's the adlin who knows how to write without getting any grammatical errors? does that adlin even exists?

Below are pictures of  my previous semester. just something I wanna put as to not make this post too bored to read :)

half of my class. this was taken at esso refinery,our industrial visit

dynamics lab

our faculty rooftop. u see the cloud?yeah its gonna rain heavily

TIG welding. my eyes had serious injury a few hours after I performed eyes turned red devil and tears can't stop dripping. safety first!!bare that in mind

tire changing session

metal cutting or perhaps muscle building hehe

fiber glass making

Speaking of this boring weekend, my sister tried to persuade me to join her meet up with her office mate at KLCC tomorrow. I didn't really given her an answer. rasa malas sangat sebenarnya. facing the pack of sardines of klcc  and train...haih...and the same night is taman melawati's official J-15 open road. loads of food. my favorite!!!sapa xsuka makan kan?

lets just see how my weekend goes on.....bored or not is something that I can't decide..hmm...


saMbalkEtukmeManGsEdaP said...

hye..cdeynye dier..
ad.. umai ske bce cnila..
ske bce english ad..
nice..nk upgrade english skill umai ngan bce post secret revealed..
k..chaiyok2 kiter due sem ni..:)

adlin said...

waalaikumsalam!!hehe thanx umai :)
actually masih byk yang perlu diperbaiki....I will keep on writting...gambatte utk both of us sem ni...fighto~oh!!!:D