Tuesday, September 6, 2011


 There's a difference between my mother and father's side of the family. I don't know whether its the culture difference between negeri sembilan and selangor or is it just us. I'm more closed with cousins from moms side probably because we had a lot of family gatherings and I once heard that negeri sembilan's culture that likes to have family gathering even for little events. Its proven when I asked most of my friends which are originally from negeri sembilan and yeah it seems that we're not the ones with the whole gather thing.

Speaking of wacky and cheerful, I seriously don't know how to describe these pictures below. Wacky, cheerful, cool? hmm...
I admit I'm quite of a cam whore in the family. I think all of us are. but we all like to make weird poses instead of the 'skema' look and smile. Something like making the picture look alive, u know what I mean. 

oh, forgot to state that these pictures are from 3rd and 4th day of raya

what I wore
satin shawl: bought at some place in shah alam
shirt: parkson for rm10
pants:  old collection
cardi: old collection

 I guess this style didn't really work on me

my mom and cheerful aunties

is acu  trying the 'loser' or tongkat ali pose?confuse hehe

they got duit raya!!


taken at kuala pilah. The lake back there always get our attention

at tok anjang's(my late grandma's brother) place. u see even they're super cheerful
the face that we suppose to promote istana menanti


at masjid kariah, paroi ,seremban right after  we performed maghrib prayers

pheww....thats a lot of pictures ay... I love my family.always stick together facing obstacles in life. lets hope we remain this bond we built for generations to come. ok ayat kebanyakan aku da guna. lost of words now.

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