Friday, September 30, 2011

Turning 22...comparing the life going experience

It has been a week since I started with the busy schedule college life. Looking at freshies made me think about the time that I used to be one of them. Wearing baju kurung, hanging student ID  all the time and waiting for buses and the "gatai" moment where we would adore seniors so much. aduih klaka lak bila fikir balik. Now being a third year student and new students are over our university's expectation force us to combine sections (each class has 2 sections) with a quite small lecture room has really made us rushing to sit at the front. Because once  you sit at the back there would be hearing trouble and sight problem. Hearing is a fact because lecturers don't use microphones but sight trouble would best be pointed at girls. I mean u just have to stand up to look in front, and then when u feel like giving up doing that u would rather borrow someone's note or do nothing and start to mind your own business. Feel like a waste of time going to class without any input. So the best solution: COME EARLY AND GET A BEST PLACE.

The kind of atmosphere we have to go through these past few weeks

squeezing in during class

oh yeah, if some people didn't notice, I'm officially 22!! mesti ramai  tak percaya kan3 haha. Well being 22, what difference do I have compared to my friends with the same age? Here are some examples, my childhood  and playground friend Azizah, she got a job straightly after school,bought her own car and just got married on 12 june (which I didn't attend her wedding reception due to some issues. so sorry) and now expecting her first child. Amin, our dads worked on the same floor and I've literally known him since I was 8 and we sort of like to race who gets the best results and definitely in the end he won after I beat him from UPSR to PMR. He eventually traveled a lot of countries including around Europe and throughout Asia. Currently he's studying in France majoring in engineering (same field as our dads eyh hehe). Hilal asyraf, an ex-student from sekolah rendah islam hidayah, now a famous writer and his writings are throughout the international markets. My high school classmate Izzati, currently in here third year of her degree in UITM, also just got married with a senior which is also in the same school as us and the best thing is their wedding is fully supported by both of their parents!!!how cool is that?either way I prefer preparing my own wedding with our own money. tapi kalau ade orang nak sponsor ape salahnya kan hehe.

See how different experiences people can go through in life. Itu orang kata rezeki kan. Sometimes I keep comparing my life and others and express the jealousy on how they can be so lucky while I still live in a nutshell. I can't stop from comparing my life to others. I know that each people have their own different lives. Work hard and  always pray to GOD to seek help and forgiveness. InsyAllah apa yang kita nak dimakbulkan olehNYA.

Speaking of  birthdays, mine was not the  fancy celebration stuff. The party thing was way primary school time. The first and last time I held a birthday party when I was 9. The rest of year was just a little celebration with the family. Last week I finally met tasya at UKM and I spent a night there at kolej keris mas. Honestly I really felt the whole college life there compared to UTeM due to the fact that all students lived in hostels and the various courses there. Tasya and her friend went giggling when I told her about different attitudes that students have according to courses. Something like, if you see how an engineering student and an art student talk, true that people have different attitudes and actions across their surroundings. I've been studying in a major engineering school for three years now and I've noticed those differences. and I didn't mention all of them.kang ada yang nak berdebat ngan aku. I'm just saying.

Oh man this post seems too long. Just imagine it took me like three days to complete this post. I better wrap it up with pictures then

 24 SEPTEMBER 2011: the four of us attend my aunts open house at bandar baru bangi. After that we decided to go sightseeing at putrajaya.

ice cream with syira (classmate at kmph), tasya and syira's roomate, ika. syira's treat :)

purplelicious day
paisley shawl: bought at kuantan for rm8
top: tized
chiffon layered maxi skirt:  bought online from moddy's
shoes: Ruccini's wedges

camwhoring as usual

25 SEPTEMBER 2011: me attending neighbors open houses and off to malacca

pashmina: dad bought it at India in 2002 way before the pashmina comeback
kebaya shear cardi: cousins giveaway. it is actually wore with sleeveless satin maxi dress but since  I didn't have time to alter the length of the dress so I wore it with black inner and maxi skirt
the 2 in 1 occasion. my uncle's birthday  is 2 days after mine.(pelik la cmne leh xrotate ni)

me and mom

nice present from a nice person. Thanx topek!!! its been a while since the last time I've received presents.  oh just for a thought, we're not dating!!we're just good friends :)

I guess thats all for this 3-day period of time writing. One of the reasons why it took so long for me to write is the limited internet coverage and the hectic schedule. I'll try to make improvements of my schedule. Inspiring people such as Aiman Azlan and Anwar Hadi also undergo busy college life yet they manage to blog, vlog and maintain good results in studies. So no such reasons as " ala xde masa la" or alasan2 sampah for not updating my blog. I write for myself. I kinda admit that I loved writting. Just have to find time doing it.

Oh ya, this week tasya is coming over here in Malacca!! She asks me to bring her to interesting places yet not well-known or crowded and I know just the place!!

p/s: pictures are kinda blur, didn't 
bring a camera that time so I just use my samsung wave phone :)


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