Monday, December 10, 2012

Bare with It

I realized it's been my 7th semester here and the same problem always arises everytime we have are assigned to a group work...some students may prefer choosing their own group member while me on the side always have problems choosing my own group..everytime the lecturers asked students opinions whether to choose their own group members or simply the lecturer decides, I would be the one really hoping that the lecturer would decide our own group. For me its easy and we don't have to bother on searching for one.

When it comes to forming our own group, that could be a problem for me. I remembered when I was in my 1st semester where people would quickly approach me to be their group member in japanese language class (fyi I have a moderate level of Japanese Language :p). I still remember that time I was so confused on choosing which group should I joined. In the end I choose the ones that asked me first.

Moving on to my 2nd, 3rd and so on...I had problems when it comes to forming my own group. I guess maybe its my own fault for not performing well in the task given, or maybe its my fault that the group's mark are not good, or maybe the fact that I'm just not good enough...the thoughts keep arousing me everytime.. its like people are avoiding me or something...on the other side I heard that guys prefer grouping with their own kind. Means its easy when it comes to discussion where they could easily discuss at their rooms, houses with their shirts taken off. Imagine grouping with a girl, they should meet up in a open place and can't simply move around freely.

There's another case where I found a group of people prefer on their own group..what  I meant here is that no one could join their group..its like a group of what you can called " The Top Scorers" where they can't simply let the 'Average' join the group. Total BS right....

To come think about it, I should reviewed myself on how have I been treating people during my group work. There must be some kind of reason why people somewhat refuses me to join their group. I don't expect every people to like me though..its their own choice. I just need to know what part of me that I should change for the better. If I think one the negative side (which I shouldn't)...people only approach me to be in their group for subjects that I am good for like japanese language and technical communication. Other than that, I have to search does it mean that I'm no good for other subjects?Well hello I got an A- for my Mechanics of Machines subject (I defined an A- for me is like an A++  for adlin) so I'm not much of a loser you know huh...

Forget the negative thoughts..bad adlin..bad....I should always look everything in a positive side..islam taught me that...I forgot the term called for that..relax la adlin...despite the pressure you're carrying, there are people who are willing to take you as a group member and accept with your weaknesses..indeed they are good people...thank you for that...

I really hope that this post won't offend anyone who read sorry if I did so...this semester has been really tough and full with pressuring tests so I may get a little I'm on my PMS mode so paham2 jela :p

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