Thursday, December 27, 2012

Renewable Energy Research Interest

 For my 7th semester I have been taking renewable energy subject as my elective far I'm interested in learning the subject despite the fact that our lecturer Prof Madya Juhari has piled us loads of work that even I had to submit them a little bit late ( honestly not a little..a LOT late I would say) but the interest of renewable energy has put me a little of thinking continuing my masters degree in research under renewable energy...I found some links that may put me choices on what type of renewable energy should I focus on..

Come to think about it...I have grown up in an environment of dad is a chemical engineering lecturer and currently his research are more focus on R.E..I remember this one time where he asked my sister to edit a video on his project on  'Mobile Ultrasonic Solvent Extract' (MUSE)..yeah even though it has been like more than 9 years I still can't forget the name of it...because I have been helping my sister during the editing process..and I was the one who recorded the whole process...basically from what I remember back then its a machine invented to recycle used cooking oil...the project itself has brought my dad to korea for more than a week that even he had to spent eid there...raya keempat kot baru balik far as I remember my dad has travel a lot to many countless countries that even I was a little jealous for him travelling a lot even though it was for working purpose...ayah cakap " ha belajar la betul2 kalau nak jadi macam ayah"...hmm I don't know  if my numerous days of lack of sleep for this semester could be a strong reason for me to succeed like you..macam ni pon dah rasa macam nak nangis hehe...but only now I realize how great he was for achieving awards throughout his researches..nak rasa gak nama aku ada kat list2 award ni  

As for my second reason is that my final year project is also related to RE...briquetting agriculture residue...and my supervisor is a chemical engineering basically she never taught degree students...dia ajar budak diploma je subject kimia...I don't know why dia apply utem yang tak de course chemical tak kisah la...the point is I'm interested in doing my final year project even though I noticed that I have to go through hardships and my supervisor is very detail and particular about our I know it will be hard for me to get an A for my final year project...what I get is what I deserved..

So I did a little research on RE for masters program...lots of universities offer opportunities to do masters research under   RE..these offers seems great..but the thing is, am I good enough?do I have what it takes to pursuing my masters? should I work first then continue? thinking of my age seems to be a little frustrating..most of my friends my age already graduated with a degree and having a secure job...semester 8 will be the time to decide such things...and I'm still confused...hope Allah will guide my way..

Actually it strucked me to write this post when PM Juhari gave us our last quiz that is to write a short report on RE application in the community based on the talk held last week (which I didn't get the chance to attend due to my control engineering test on that same time) so I start to make a little research for the quiz..quiz tak setel lagi tapi kau da sibuk nak tulis blog kan...sebab ini jam pukul 5 pagi masa inilah mood nak menulis datang hihi...

apa2 pon..silalah study wahai awak ni dahla 5 paper..less than 5days before your finals ok...

ok selamat subuh!!

appendices (pic2 ni tiada tujuan diupload atas dasar riak dan sebagainya yang boleh membawa kepada pelbagai spekulasi)

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