Friday, November 9, 2012

Happy Birthday to Both of You

today is a special day for these two person that meant a lot to me...why is that?because both of them are my friends la of course... I don't usually memorize peoples birth date but when it comes to my close friends I'll definitely remember even though they hid it on facebook.

so happy birthday to kamal my miyazaki friend whose turning 25... he never forgets to wish my birthday every year since we met on 2007...even though we have our misunderstandings but you still want to save our friendship relation...hope everything goes well for your upcoming wedding  next year 

and happy birthday also to topek my utem friend whose turning 23 and currently is in Japan for his job training..I've known him two years ago since we were in the same team for FKM's sports event...topek, I'm waiting for my omiyagi when you arrived malaysia ok :p...

should I post a  pic of both them? nah..

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