Saturday, October 29, 2011

Moments That Made Me Happy :D

I went scrambling my stuffs on my laptop and found some old pictures that reminds me a lot how happy I am that time.hmm..... it doesn't necessarily means that I'm practically not happy at the moment but looking at those pictures reminds me a lot how I used to be so cheerful and lively. Can I be like that again?Or did I ever change?

At school I was the timid one. Didn't know how to grab peoples attention and always participate in english quizzes like spelling bee and english camp. Oh I forgot I also once participate in choir till state championship..and that was unexpected heee :D. Yet I was afraid that if I overdo something people might take advantage or maybe isolate me. So I decided to be the quite one. I even got an award for it..seriously..dammit sapa yang buat anugerah tu haha

try to find me :p

this picture was taken during  our school's hari raya celebration 2006 

my crazy friends hehe..a few days before spm

no special pose..the hugging tree pose is only what I can think of

us hostel girls with the principal.. this was the last year of his position as our school principal

Then moving way back to 2003, my previous school at Hidayah Islamic school located at skudai. I was known well because of my sister. I entered that school in form two where my sister was form 4 that time. My sister always had my back that time. Something like " don't mess with my sister"  on her forehead hehe. My friends were also very nice and humble although they came from a super rich family (private school built from parents donations). Then after my sister finished school, I got an offer to a cluster school at kulai where I took my spm there.
with nana and mai

comey kan saya hihi

sesi bedah katak..

this was my last day here. the six of us were besties..oh how I miss those moments

with adik2s... from left wani(now taking accounting at uitm..anis(law at uitm)

Then my matriculation days. I was on a two year program. my 2 years was filled with joy. my classmates were like a family. always stick together no matter what. there's no such thing as 'selfishness' for us 

memories of 4f30 2009

oh a picture of me at brynmill primary school. I was 4 that time and the only muslim in class if I recalled.

one of the best moments.. after our drama performance. such a great memory

during our puisi drama performance

On 2007, I went for an interview for Japan student exchange program...alhamdulillah I got a golden opportunity to attend for a 10 day experience. Our group consist of 22 students and yeah totally felt like student perantauan  :p

at asakusa temple

during my experience as a matric facilitator

with cousins at port dickson.. penat panjat bukit

my roomates b1-t3-15..still remember ok!!:D

Too much pictures I guess. seeing these pictures made me smiling alone in front of my laptop..gilo ape?hehe..

okay I better study for my 2 upcoming test next week..bye2!!:)