Sunday, October 16, 2011

In One Week

For this post I would only put pictures of how my days goes on  through college life. All of this were unexpected/unplanned. First starts ayeen's (my classmates housemate,same faculty) surprise party, then the hungry me eating one whole manaqeesh ( an Arabian dish ) and badminton night with classmates.

Prepared by am.mumu and the rest. saya hanya tetamu terjun hihi

Happy birthday ayeen!!

bubbly bubbles

 My favorite mango milkshake. sangat pekat.  at Tash-Ma-Tash,located at bukit beruang,near kolej komuniti

the hungerness of sara,ready to eat yeah!! she ordered chicken mayo manaqeesh

I managed to finish this whole lamb cheese manaqeeh which usually I can only eat half  of it. This is what happens when you starved from morning till evening
 Then friday night was our first class event since we started our fifth semester. Thanx to afif for arranging with the court and stuff. In addition, its a preparation to choose for FKM's badminton tournament next week. Our class decided to submit 2 teams for single, double and mix categories. Even so, we didn't think much about the selection, its more to fun and a way of stress relief.

The 'dean list' team hehe :p


officially brought to you by Yonex :p

supper  straightly after the game. so much for fat burn 

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