Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Reason

Finally I finished my two very critical subject tests. All the late night group studying for the past two weeks really helps us performed. Alhamdulillah. Though for me it was a little tough for fluid mechanics paper hence it means that I should really put more effort after this. Another two days before meeting my family at bangi..can't wait!! :)

Then straightly after my 2nd test we went for dinner at bukit baru. My mom called and told me something that was definitely no good news for me. Related to my previous post " Moments That Made Me Happy" where I mentioned that I was that cheerful and jovial person back then, yeah things changed. First with the family problem issue (can't tell here, I might get a warning for telling so cause it will effect certain people reputation). Then the peer pressure. I think it is normal to have this kind of problem. It's either ignore the problem or face it. 

I remembered back then  when I was in form 5 where I was once isolated from my friends due to a slight misunderstanding and my homeroom teacher noticed it. We had a private talk and she said " you're only 17 and you're gonna face a lot more problems in the future". What she meant was, if you think you are facing problems like its the end of the world but think again that you will face bigger problems in the future and we can't run from them. Thank you cikgu faridah!!!

As usual, yes yes!!there's pictures.but not related with what I wrote up here. just pictures of how my days goes on.

met my matric friend and faci-mate mira( 2nd to my left). She accompanied UPM students for taekwando event. besides me, dyla faci-mate and also my junior at utem. People say that dyla and mira look alike..I agree!!hehe

the event at dewan besar, the same place I took my test last night

The 1st person to arrived class. it was kinda weird because I came only 5minutes earlier than usual, I nearly thought that class was cancel hehe.

date night with housemate banun, She was so excited to finally hang out at night after  busy completing her final year project. this was taken at dataran mbmb infront of melaka mall. Got McD takeaways and drove here.

For tomorrow and friday I only got a 2-hour  machine class in the afternoon. Really hoping that fridays class would be cancel. baru boleh balik awal jumpa family!!!

good night :)

can't wait to meet them!!!

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