Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Family Sick?

Most people would say homesick, Why am I not homesick?the thing is my family is not at home!! currently they're at my aunt's place at bangi. Bangi for me is like my 2nd home cause mostly all the gather events happens there. Have you ever felt so sad and depress at a sudden without knowing the real reason behind it?well I do. Honestly I don't like having that kind of feeling because you feel like crying alone. Why cry without a reason?Then I figured that I should talk to someone. I called my friend topek. At first I was a little hesitant  to ask him out since he's been busy completing his final year project but luckily he managed spend a little time for me. Thank u so much for hearing my babbling even though I noticed u were watching bola that time haha.

As soon as I arrived home my classmate kuchai asked me to join for badminton with the others. I was a little tired that time but then since esok cuti so why not la kan.

Oh I forgot to mention that last week was UteM's annual convocation ceremony and of course many events were held including faculty of mechanical engineering badminton tournament. My classmate kismera and her boyfie set up a booth selling burgers and other fried foods. I couldn't participate much because I need to study for fluid mechanics test on monday which was postponed  a few hours before the test..arghh!!!!

kis being busy attracting people hehe

me just..err being 'me' haha.. I went here straightly after the game. I felt guilty because couldn't help sorry guys

sara and am

On saturday night the six of us housemates had pizza for dinner, kak ila and kak yaya's special treat for their first month of salary working as librarians. We had the 7 cheese pizza,totally cheesy and satisfaction guarantee (ok macam promote pula kan hehe).

The point is, whenever I felt the 'familysick' thing the first thing I should do is talk to someone. When we are far apart from our family our friends play the second role. Choose the right person to talk with. Someone you feel comfortable to talk to. Doesn't matter the gender though. So bare that in mind my future son/daughter haha..ok fine I'm fantasizing too much. eh bukan saya wat blog ini nak bagi  bakal anak2 saya baca ke?:p

from left: kak yaya, diyana and lin

from right: the selebet me, banun and kak ila

7-cheese pizza!!!

kak yaya's craving expression
 So long for my one day holiday with nothing special. Sleep, eat and online. later :)
I bought this out of curiosity. so this is what macaroons taste like. not gonna buy that again..too sweet
hours of studying at mcdonalds. I've only joined them for like 4 hours but they could survive staying there for 7 hours!!like seriously?

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