Monday, October 10, 2011

do's and don'ts about relationships

Something random I thought about. But logically some of them are true.


1)Be in a relationship when u don't have enough money. Money is the root to all problems. The lack of money will lead to quarreling, unhappiness and other sort of problems. Love is blind? HELL NO. oh so could you say " uncle can I buy a pack of rice with my love?" !@#$%^&&

2) Ignore your friends once you are in a relationship. Sometimes it's sad  to see how one of your friends trust their boyfriend/girlfriend more than you even though you know her/him long enough

3) Be in a relationship just for fun. If you are not serious about getting married with the guy/girl so just forget about it.

4) Skinship. The part where most couples failed to do. At first you would say 'no' to skinship but then again syaitan keeps whispering in your head,oh how could you resist the temptation of your partner by just a little touch. A little touch sooner will lead to other parts. Do I need to say more?errr ok I'll stop here.

5) Over sulk. I hate this part but some couples like to cause they claimed  its more adventure..euww!!sikit2 nak merajuk lepas tu menyusahkan kita nak dengar rintihan..menyampah ok. Then one of your friends will be the victim to be the message girl/guy. Its ok for the 1st and 2nd time tapi kalau da selalu agak meyampah disitu.


1) Always to remind your partner for the wrongdoings

2) Make sure to meet up at a place that is open. No need to be too crowded so that it prevents you from fitnah.

3) Bring him/her to meet your family so that they will know who are you going out with. In addition, family knows whats best for you. they will justified their characteristic based on their attitude

 Either way whats best for you is that try to avoid from coupling. I know its hard cause even I once had a relationship. Twice to be exact. Honestly I just can't stand the guilt every time I'm with this guy. Isn't it just nice to know my future husband is someone I know just in a few months. Or maybe someone I've known a long time ago but didn't have the chance to talk to him.

This post  is recently about the do's and don't about relationship. The next post will be the do's and don't after a break up. I wanna vlog about it but I'm not quite sure if I had the time to do so. Vloging seems cool to express your point of view other than talking.

the smack in the head: this week I'm thinking of going to the book fair at UPM serdang with my high school friend ameerah but I also have to study for my upcoming test. 2 tests awaits me!!bummer *_*

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