Friday, December 23, 2011

Congratulations my sister!!!

A big news for the family. My baby sister Jaynina Rosli got straight A's (9A's) for PMR. Seriously its something unexpected coz I've seen the way she studies at last minute and do her homework the night before submission. Totally different from the way I studied when I was her age. During my PMR years  usually I would sleep around 12 and do lots of exercise coz I wanna compete against my classmates. So I make sure I sleep by 12 and during that time history and maths were my favourite subjects. But its fate that decide. I got 7A's only. 1B which is geography that I never get B and 1C that is arabic languange which I know I didn't work hard on that subject. But my sister loves that subject. Good for her.

So for that I'd promised to treat her at Seoul Garden (which is an all-u-can-eat korean buffet that cost rm25 per person) if she managed to beat my results. ok nina do come over here in Malacca then I'll treat u :)

my sis with all the straight A's students in her school

with beloved mom
I took this from my mom's fb status

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