Friday, November 25, 2011

11/11/11 and 20/11/2011

did something special happened that day?'s actually my cousins wedding solemnization on 11/11/11 and wedding reception on 20/11/2011. My cousin is currently finishing her housemanship at hospital tunku ampuan afzan,kuantan and her husband is an accountant at kastam johor bahru. Their wedding is simple yet just perfect for the beautiful bride and groom. Here are some pictures of the event.
congrats to my cousin Dr.nor sunihaliza

with mom,acu and cousin marsya

welcome to the family heikal

berberangan moment:
I just wrap my scarf in 2 seconds because we were in a little rush after asar prayers.
my cousin's hand-me-down kebaya cardi worn with my favorite mustard maxi skirt

the second day: me and sis were eventually the 'bidan terjun' bridesmaid as we  were responsible to hold up her dress as my cousin walks up the pelamin

with my cousins colleagues...oh my..they're doctors?especially sue ann(left) she looks exactly like wan sharmila

u see what I'm doing back there? :p

naik pelamin lagi sekali mereka ini..berberangan lg hehe

pink theme wedding. :)

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