Friday, December 2, 2011

Interfac Games 2011

Or in malay sukan antara faculty ( SAF) that we usually called. A once a year event our university would held. this year was my 2nd time joining since last year. Game?guess what, its tennis!!yeah I know I'm not such a Maria Sharapova type and I know I don't really contribute much (seriously I don't) but hey we manage to get in 3rd place..not bad huh :p. Overall the event was fun,full of screaming and cheering, which obviously is important in any sports event. Our faculty's cheering team, 'ultras fkm' mostly were our 4th year students. they are sooo hectic and loud. Pian almost lost his voice leading the ultras.. Gonna miss those year won't be the same without them..oh did I mention that our faculty of mechanical engineering @ FKM won for this years SAF? yup2 we won with 10 golds (not sure actually)...but the winning part.. I ain't lying..we won for 2 years in a row :)..I didn't bring a camera which obviously I can't afford to have one so I only use my phone and 'stole' some pictures from my friends tagged photos from facebook.

amer and poce in action

views from the hockey field..right next to our tennis court

waiting our turns

my classmates which played softball and handball

congrats fkm!!!

3rd place!!!

the handball team..3 of my classmates participate but karen didn't show up at the last day..oh u remember my good listener friend?he's also in the picture

with khairul a.k.a tan sri

yeay!! :D

penyampaian piala pusingan

the team that and sara?yeah i know we're not in the picture..hmmphh


the ultras

so I think overall it was fun and exciting. I realised that my post was a little late since we have been busy with tests and assignments showering us. Till my next post :)


saMbalkEtukmeManGsEdaP said...

ur good listener fren??
muzakkir?? haha..:D

adlin said...

hahaha..oh tidak2..saya hanya suka baca blog dia je..cbe lg :p