Sunday, April 29, 2012

Those were the days when Blogging is the 'Thing'

Di malam..or should I say pagi yang indah ini something came up to did I start blogging? I created this blog since 2008 but I first start reading peoples blog before I thought of creating my own account. I became silent readers of people..specifically normal people and most of them are studying abroad. Why is that? well I'd like to see how Malaysian people survive at other countries, and still being a good muslim. I love their ukhwah, sisterhood stuff thing going on. Being abroad, far from your family and you only have your friends to rely on. Hence, your friends at college are your friends for life. They have such an interesting life. That's why I feel a little hesitant whenever I feel like I wanna open up my own account. It was like " what am I thinking? my life is nothing better then them"

Then I figure " what the heck" I literally opened up one. I wrote anything I like. I treated it like my personal journal. Bila bca balik post2 lama my writting seems so text message style. Too many short forms. Thats when I decided to write in english, but not fully english to be exact. Bila da lost of words then baru guna BM..

But then I start ignoring my blog since I don't have the courage to write..sebenarnya lebih pada malas..then year 2011 where I realised malaysian bloggers being famous. How?because they're pretty!!and they know how to style. But one thing that keeps spinning on my mind. Why most famous Malaysian bloggers came from a rich family?or may I say anak2 orang berada?Why can't anak petani or anak cikgu be famous for their writings? when I choose to be silent readers I didn't even choose based on their family status.

And then came the self -proclaim fashion bloggers. Kadang2 saya pon akan post bout fashion too :p. Don't get me wrong I really do like fashion. I'll buy clothes which I can only afford. I mean student kena la pandai budget2 sikit with your financial.

I was a little dissapointed when most of the blogs that I 'follow silently' are now abandoned or on hiatus. Seriously I missed their writings and I once send one of them a message at their personal facebook asking about their update. Berani sungguh kan..macam obses je..sampai si mamat ni pon pelik..sorry I bukan nak ngorat u ok.

Either way writing seems a good way to express thoughts. If blogging or this blogspot still exist in 20 years where I can still preserve this account, it may be a good stuff to read by my future children (Aminn...)
At this moment I'm still wondering whose the father of my guy came up in my dreams, someone I never met before..after several istikharah prayers I performed..lets just see how it goes. Tiba2 nak bagitau pulak kan~

Oh if you're wondering whose blogs that I used to follow, try click on these links:

1) Azreen Harus, France

2)Nadiah, Japan

3)Amin, France (blog deleted on 2008)

4)Izzu, London (blog deleted)

5)Izyan (blog deleted)

6)Naza, Japan

and much more that I can't remember for now

Ok time to hit the sack. Its a weird thing that I wrote 3 post in one night..the inspiration keeps coming and coming~

- Heat transfer test, Machine Component Design test,and Vibration project = total madness!!-

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