Sunday, April 29, 2012

'Camping' at UKM

I just can't believed that I spent  4 days at UkM..apa?universiti kebangsaan malaysia ok in case u'all tak tahu la..but its kinda weird if u don't know ukm..kalau tak tahu utem masuk akal la jugak..anyways the first day I was there we went dinner with tasya's friend at some place kampung style restaurant. Afterwards she drove us to Mcd for some ice cream..and I was like "seriously?" I was so full I can't even stuff anything in my mouth..

Done with Mcd, then we went to jalan reko (kinda like uptown) just to walk around looking at stuffs then since sha (tasya's friend) brought her friend from Uthm she showed us (including me) around ukm..jalan2 dikala hujan lebat membasahi kereta..then sha's friend gave us a tip..when you're driving alone and it was raining heavily until your sight becomes so blurry then try to wear really works!! you know why?because bila hujan lebat, sunglasses tu mengkaburkan pandangan anda dari hujan lebat itu dan memfokuskan pada cahaya kereta it helps..try it

The next day, saya teringin nak jalan2 eventhough we know that public transportation is the only choice we had so be it. I called ameerah and asked her to join too. While we were waiting at the train station, I bumped into my ex-boyfriend..or well said as my first love..or the first person that I really intend to spend the rest of my life with him but jodoh tak kesampaian. Details later in my next the three of us spent a couple of hours at The Mines, Cheras. It wasn't that far from Ukm.. only takes two stations...oh then I bumped in again with my so-long ex-classmate eleiyana...da la da lama tak jumpa dia tau2 je da preggy. But u still look cute!!
le me..le ameerah and ze eleiyana..sudah lapan bulan kandungan dia..nampak cm baby boy kan2

On saturday we went touring around ukm's thing I like about ukm is that they are always active with events this and that..yela I know coz ni universiti yang da lama and besar..compared with utem yang every event berbayar memanjang je..So we head to panggung seni where they held some kind of beauty event stuff and some hijab tips..then suddenly the host was generous to give the audience free gifts for those who are wearing first I was a little hesitate to stand up since I wore was not red..kinda maroon like scarf but then the host spotted me and ask me to stand in front too..dapat lah bedak from follow me.
haiyoo da byk kali rotate pon kua kt sini senget gak..saja je nk ckp ak pakai maroon haha

My last day there all I did was terkurung kat bilik while tasya was already out watching 'the avenges' with her classmates..she invited me too but I was too tired to tag along since I slept like 4.30a.m studying heat transfer for my upcoming test next week...
U see how do I have put through this..sigh~

I safely arrived Malacca around 7.45pm..ate nasi lemak that kak na bought for me..sat on my meja jepun..didn't even lay on my comfy bed and ready to continue my 'burning the midnight oil' session...


hakimhardcore said...

how can you determine between baby girl n baby boy?still dalam perut kot

adlin said...

we girls tahu la how to differentiate baby boy or girl..tgk bentuk perut cmne hehe