Monday, April 23, 2012

A Date with Afiqah

Ini pon satu lagi post yang saya rasa patut da wat lama... not long after tasya and abby's arrival...on one fine weekend the both of us got really bored and fi texted me asking me to hang we went window shopping at jusco..

We're both really good at window shopping..look around..found something interesting..touch it..then on count of three..must immediately leave the item from your sight..kalau tak nti nak beli..student seharusnya berjimat ok..there are other things important to buy..

Long story short..jalan-jalan..minum kt A&W coz I couldn't stand the crowdedness at the food court so terpaksa melabur sikit wang nak beli root bear float..

opps..kantoi amek pic kt dalam fitting room


fi yang kepenatan berjalan

showing off my skirt adjustment from maxi skirt to maxi dress..credits to fi ^_^

Menyesal pakai heels..kaki sudah sakit

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